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13 Scarf Gift Ideas for Elegant Look

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Scarf gifs whether was men’s or women’s scarves or neck wraps always are unique accessories that distinguish any outfit in winter. In addition to the warmth they provide, scarves gifts are valuable that can be presented on all occasions such as birthdays, graduation celebrations, or even as a personal gift for friends on their special occasions. Generally, there is a variety of colors and designs of scarves and there are many types that differ in the production material such as knitted and crochet neck wraps, wool or fur scarves. Also, there are shapes and patterns of scarves to suit both men and women, and even children’s neck wraps; this makes scarves suitable gifts for everyone. In this article we will present gifts ideas of scarves and how to present them to your friends and acquaintances on different occasions in order to suit their tastes. So follow this article with us.

Scarf Gifts for Men

Wool Scarf

On winter special occasions, you can present a wool scarf to your male friends and acquaintances to protect them from the cold winter. And men scarves are usually in neutral colors such as black, brown, beige, blue and grey and available in magnitude and matronly designs; yet, some scarves may fit casual clothes, and others may fit suits and formal clothes, and other scarves fit all types of clothes.

Ice Cap and Scarf Kit for Men

A kit that includes an ice cap and a winter scarf can be a special gift, especially if they are in coordinated colors so that the gifted person can wear them together to feel warmth in cold winter. These scarves gift kits for men include knitting scarves and crochet scarves in various colors and designs, which make it an open-ended gift that suits all tastes.

Head scarf for men

It is a canvas scarf that can be worn as a face mask for the head and the neck. It is useful when practicing various sports activities like riding bikes, and motorbikes, or even running, which makes it a distinctive scarf gifts for youth and teenagers.

Men's Scarf for Fans of Sports Clubs

It is a special gift for fans of cheerleading specific sports clubs. Mainly, this kind of scarves has designs of clubs logos whether they are local or international clubs such as Real Madrid and Liverpool. And usually this kind of men’s scarves is produced by famous gym clothes brands like Adidas, Nike and so on.

Women's Scarves Gifts

Crochet Scarves

It is a women scarf that can be worn in winter or summer, where it adds elegance to the outfit since it is woven from cotton crochet yarns in many shapes such as the shape of a rose in the middle and tree leaves are branching from it to surround the woman’s neck, and dangle her chest, which makes it an elegant scarf gift to every girl.

Women's Beaded Scarf

This scarf is a great gift for working women and university girls as it is featured by its elegance and softness because it is embroidered with some beads in its sides with delicate shapes and cool colors. Plus, it is available in cotton so it would be suitable for summer too, or as a neck wrap in order to be worn in winter, which makes it a suitable scarf gift for all the year.

Hat and Scarf Kit for Women

A kit that includes a hat and a scarf for winter, in harmonic colors and embroideries can be your gift as it could provide warmth when wearing it in cool winter. Yet, the kits vary between knitting scarves and crochet scarves, in various colors and designs to suit different tastes.

Thin canvas scarf

It is an elegant scarf that adds modernity to the outfit; also, it is featured by its various attractive colors, small size and light weight with some medal accessories dangling from it. It is usually made of easily washable fabric whether manually or in automatic washing machines, which makes it a practical and elegant gift at the same time.

Chiffon scarf gifts

It is characterized by its attractive designs of flowers and trees in bright and cheerful colors. And because it is very light, it is often worn as a fashion accessory just for the purpose of being elegant, which makes it a unique accessory as a gift.

Knitting scarves decorated with accessories

It is a sophisticated gift because it is featured by its elegant designs and gorgeous colors with special decorations of metal accessories in various shapes such as hearts, metal balls, bells and other accessories. It can be worn in summer and winter because it can be made of cotton or wool.

Fur scarf

This scarf is featured by its softness and luxury look, plus the warmth it provides in chic colors and designs. It has simple designs of cool colors, and other embroidered designs that have prints of animals, flowers and gardens in bright colors. Also it differs in its production material; some scarves are made of natural fur of animals, and others are made of industrial fur of polyester and other materials, which is cheaper than natural fur. Thus, it allows you to choose your gift depending on the budget that you have set for buying the gift.

Scarves Gifts for Children and Young People

Winter scarf

It is a scarf to provide children with necessary warmth in winter, or to fulfill their desire is imitating adults or to increase their elegance, so you can present them crochet scarves, knitting scarves or canvas scarves. They are relatively small sized to fit the children’s sizes with embroideries of their favorite cartoons on the scarf edges, such as Disney movies characters, or their beloved animals.

Graduation scarves

If you want to present your gift to someone who is celebrating their graduation whether from the school or college, then you can present a graduation scarf. Yet, it differs from other scarves as it is usually made of polyester, and it is long so it could be worn from both sides. So it is a nice gift that can be kept as a memory of the gifted person graduation.

Scarves supplements as gifts

Scarves organizer

If the gifted person already has many scarves, then you can present them a scarves organizer to organize the scarves and neck wraps in their closet. Usually, it is designed in the shape of the upper body with many holes to put various scarves in them, like scarves of some sports, or other special occasions, or even scarves that are worn daily by women, with a hanger like clothes hanger to be placed in the closet. 

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