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Normally, we do not wonder if the house has a table or not! But the question is: how many tables are there? Tables are essential for the furniture of the house as every house should have any type of tables. So when you feel confused about what to present as a gift for a house, consider tables among your choices. Yet, you should know what type fits the decoration of the house as each type of tables have a specific purpose; for instance, you can have a small coffee table next to the entrée, a dining room in the middle of the living room, a TV table in the living room or in the bedroom, or even a small table for the phone. Thus, if you want to visit a friend or a relative, and they do not have one of the table types, then getting a table as a gift to be added to the furniture of the house would be perfect. Moreover, it can be a marriage gift to newly married couples or to those who are moving to a new house.

Before you start buying tables as gifts, you should first understand that home tables are divided into two parts: major tables and non-major tables. Here you should also realize that it will not be appropriate to buy a table as a major one without notifying the gifted person and sharing their taste as it will be a major piece in the decoration of the house. And among these tables, you can choose the living room table or the TV table. However, other non-major tables can be presented as gifts without notifying the gifted person. Yet, it is preferable if you have an idea about what they prefer. Mainly, you can present tables such as computer tables, aside decoration tables to place decoration accessories or the telephone, small hospitality tables whether fixed or portable, or tables for the balcony or the garden. Hence, in this article we will introduce different ideas to present tables as gifts to your relatives or friends so keep reading:

Computer Tables as Gifts

Portable Computer Tables

They are small-wheeled modern tables for easy mobility, and they are designed to carry laptops and other accessories such as the mouse and work tools. In fact, it is a practical gift for those who move while working between the rooms of the house. Also, it enables users to take their laptop to the bedroom and put it on the table next to the bed as they lay down.

Bed Table for the Laptop

Those are modern small tables that can be placed over the bed when you want to continue working in bed. These tables are equipped with cooling fans to avoid laptop overheating; plus, they have places for cups of drinks, pens, and the mouse. Yet, this kind of table may be appropriate as a gift for a patient as well as patients may not be able to leave the bed for a long time while at the same time they have to work on their laptops.

A Car Laptop Table

This is a small plastic table dedicated to the laptop to keep it stable while driving in the car in order to protect it from crashes that may lead to breakage or damage. Yet, it has two holders or two stands by which the table is attached to the steering wheel. Mainly, it is a great gift for those who always do their business through their laptops and they have to move a lot by car, so they can work and avoid wasting their time.

Coffee tables as gifts

Portable Coffee Tables

They are wheeled carts and tables to be easily moved from one place to another around the house, especially when preparing coffee in the kitchen and then serving it in the living room or any other room. However, it can accommodate all the tools to prepare the coffee such as cups and other stuff. Normally, it consists of two different shelves to accommodate all the hospitality tools if there are a large number of guests. So it is a wonderful gift, especially for coffee lovers.

Stable Coffee Tables

These tables are usually placed in the middle of the room before the entree in the reception rooms, and they are the most common reception tables with hundreds of shapes and styles; for instance, there are tables of glass, wood, marble, and metal, and they can be one large piece or several pieces assembled together. However, some of these tables are used only for coffee. Moreover, other types can be used as a small library since they have drawers and shelves; or they can be used to keep stuff like towels and sheets for guests, or to keep magazines and newspapers. So, you can buy one of the tables and present it as a gift to decorate the living room or the reception.

Reception Tables Set

Usually, this set consists of four tables that have the same design but in different sizes and together they occupy the space of one table. Yet, this set is practical when there are a large number of guests as tables can be separated to serve the guests. Also, they can be used in a different rooms when needed as they are not heavy or big; likewise, they are practical to serve coffee, tea, or other hospitality.

Hand Made Reception Tables

This type of reception table is made of hand-made mats. Yet, it is considered an aside table for floor seating as it is short in length and usually available with floor seats like cushions of the same material. In fact, it is a great gift for handicrafts fans and for those who prefer to sit on the floor to drink coffee or tea, or to have breakfast.

Decoration Tables

Flower Tables

These tables can be placed around the house or at the reception with an elegant vase and some natural or fake flowers. Yet, they are available in different lengths that differ according to their place in the house; for instance, it is preferable to have a high flower table next to another decorative piece or they can be placed solo in a corner in the house.

Telephone Tables

These are tables to place the telephone with a notebook on them. Yet, you should consider the place of the table and if it will be close to classic or modern furniture in order to match the decoration of the house.

Decorating Tables

They can be placed anywhere in the house according to the type and the need; for instance, they can be next to the door to put the keys on it, or an aside table to put the tissues on it. Also, these tables can be used to carry some accessories are other decoration pieces such as a table watch, a small water fountain, a calendar, etc.

TV Tables

Living Room TV Tables

To present this kind of table, you should consider the size of the TV that will be placed over it; you can ask the gifted people directly or identify that in an indirect way. The table size should fit the TV size; additionally, you should consider the space that the table occupies. In fact, this type of table can be offered to relatives or close friends as you can identify the required measurements easily. Moreover, you should know if the gifted person really needs the table or not in case they mention that they will get a new TV. Yet, the living room table usually is fixed with multi shelves in order to accommodate some accessories from the reception room, so your role is to choose among hundreds of shapes and models of TV tables that match all tastes.

Moveable TV Tables for the Bedrooms

This type of table might be suitable to all the other rooms and not only the bedroom. Mainly, this table is wheeled to move easily and it has a movable tablet to place the TV on and change the direction of the TV toward the bed or the chair. Also, this table is a little bit high in order to suit vision when lying down in the bed.

Hospitality Catering Carts

These are glass, metal or wooden movable tables that are equipped with small wheels in order to be moved from one place to another. Some of them have multi shelves to be multi-function; likewise, the bottom shelves can be used to keep stuff like books, magazines or files, and the top shelves can be used to serve food and drinks for guests. Yet, you can use the table to put some accessories on it, so it is a multi-function table.

Dining Tables

Couple Dining Table

These tables are only for two people and they can serve as a dining table to avoid sitting on the big ones. Yet, this kind of gift is suitable for newly married couples as they usually eat their food alone without a third party; and mainly these tables are made of wood with two chairs only.

Major Dining Tables

These dining tables can be presented to the newly married couples too as the marriage gift from the parents and after arranging that with the spouses.

Kitchen Tables

If the kitchen is big enough to accommodate a dining table or an aside table, you can buy a suitable one to be there after asking the gifted people if they are willing to have a table in the kitchen or not.

Foldable Dining Table

This kind of table is suitable for houses that do not have much space as they can be easily moved from one room to another. Likewise, the foldable table is suitable for those who do not like to eat in one place since they can unfold the table and use it when needed. Also, it can be used as a decorating table in the house when it is not used for eating. Thus, it is a practical table in the house as it does not take too much space and it is available in different sizes, up to six people at least.

Wall Foldable Table

This table is fixed from one side to the wall and it can be unfolded when needed. Usually, the bottom side of the table has a portrait or a landscape in order to act as a painting when it is folded. Yet, it can be fixed to any wall in the house upon the need; for instance, it can serve as a coffee or tea table in the living room, or as a dining table in the kitchen, and even as an office desk or a computer table in the offices. Thus, it is a special gift for people who have a small house.

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