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Greeting cards ideas

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Sometimes, a gift alone is not sufficient because the gift’s value wouldn’t be high without a nice greeting card decorated with some kind expressions to express love and intimacy. After we used to present simple white greeting cards with some expressions and put them in a simple envelope, the designing ideas of greeting cards for different occasions has recently evolved. They turned into a whole new world, unique in shapes, colors, and in flat or stereo designs which we are going to discuss later on.

On the other side, there are the other types of cards that represent the main gift itself; for example, free shopping gift cards specified for shopping and getting free services such as booking a hotel room or a table for two in a restaurant.

We are going to present some ideas about greeting cards for different occasions, such as wedding cards and birthday wishes cards; and we will state few expressions that go along with different occasions.

Free Shopping and Services Gift Cards as the main gift

First, we are going to talk about gift cards which are considered as the main gift.

Gift Cards for Websites

Giving someone a gift card for online shopping is a nice, different, and valuable gift. It is an E-card loaded with a sum of money to present as a gift with a greeting card of some kind expressions. If the gift card is specified for a website, it is preferable to make sure that the gifted person likes shopping on this website, whether it is a fashion or electronics one. You can simply know that by indirectly asking the gifted persons about the websites they prefer; Therefore, a gift card is considered a different and unique gift as it allows the gifted to choose whatever they want.

Smartphone Gift Cards

You can buy Smartphone gift cards from electronics stores as they provide E-books or audio E-books, audio, applications, and videos using a code that you can redeem to get these options. It would be great to present such cards as a gift with greeting cards or birthday cards where kind expressions are written.

Cards for Free Services

These cards come in the form of a coupon providing free services to be used in restaurants, hotels, etc… They are used during holidays and vacations; for example, Emaar cards can be used in more than 1600 stores, 400 restaurants, and 10 hotels in Dubai, which gives a huge variety of places for the gifted person to use the card in. This kind of gift can be suitable as wedding gifts where the couple can use them during their honeymoon.

Shopping Cards

Shopping cards are used to buy goods from malls and big stores, such as the IKEA gift card -the famous furniture store- that you can give as a present on the occasion of an engagement where the couple can use it when furnishing their new house.

Coupon Cards

Coupons provide us with good sales allowing us to buy more goods or benefit from discounts on products we buy. You can also find Coupon cards presenting good discounts on some specific brands. Mainly, you can give these cards as a gift and you can get them from companies providing them. In this case, you also have to make sure that the gifted person likes to shop from these stores or websites; otherwise, it would not be important for the gifted to get discounts from places they don’t prefer to buy from anyway.

Greeting cards that are attached to the main gifts

The second kind of card is greeting cards that are attached to other gifts. They also come in two different types:

  • The first type: Flat greeting cards that come in the form of colored, white, patterned, or plaid cardboards where some messages and wishes are written on their cover. These are the traditional greeting cards.
  • The second type: Stereo greeting cards which when you open, you see stereo shapes of great and colorful designs. As an example, they come in the form of a tree, a flower, a bouquet, etc… It is preferable to present such cards on birthdays and Christmas for the lovers of flowers, trees, and general nature. Yet, they are considered as a gift itself.

Wishing Greeting Cards

Wishing Greeting Cards are offered to parents and friends on different occasions and holidays such as Mothers’ day, Christmas, wedding anniversaries, Eid AL-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, and other special occasions. It would be very interesting to present different gifts with greeting cards in such occasions, with writing some suitable expressions as: “Happy New Year”, “Happy Eid”, “Blessed Eid”, “May Allah accept your Hajj & give you a chance to perform it next year”, and other expressions. For example, if someone was returning from Hajj, it is better to offer them greeting cards with the expressions:” Hadjun mabrur, Sacyun mashkur, wa damban maghfuur”, “ welcome back”, or “May Allah accept the good deeds from you and from us”, so that the greeting can be influential and appropriate to the situation.

Birthday Cards

The idea of another important card is to present a birthday greeting card along with the gift, with appropriate expressions like “happy Birthday!”, “I wish you all the best in your upcoming years”, etc, with adding your personal touch to show how important the gifted person means to you. There are also ready Christmas greeting cards with printed expressions in different designs. One of the new ideas that have emerged recently is to write love expressions or write the person’s characteristics, for example, on small birthday cards that are equal to the age of the person and put them in a box and present it. One other idea is to present gifts that are equal to the age of the birthday person, with greeting cards appropriate to their age and sex. And day by day a lot of renewed and creative ideas are emerging; so it is crucial to search in a large number of birthday cards to find the one matching the personality of the gifted person.

Wedding Cards

You can find two types of wedding cards. The first one is wedding invitation cards and the second is wedding cards offered to the couple along with a suitable gift such as a bouquet, elegant chocolate box, gold or silver jewelry. Yet, the gifts vary according to what suits you and suit the newly married couple. It would be nice to write on the wedding greeting card some kind expressions such as: “May God Bless you and your union.”, “Congratulations!”, “May you enrich your life with a child”, “May God grant you all of life’s blessings”, and other expressions suitable for this occasion.

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