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Furniture Sheets & Covers as Gifts


Furniture sheets are among the best decorating pieces to decorate our furniture; they differ in shapes and materials according to the types of furniture that they will cover, whether tables, dining tables, beds, couches or chairs. Although sheets give the furniture more beauty and elegance, they protect the furniture’s surface from dirt or scratches due to daily usage. Moreover, they give a warm touch in winter and a cool touch in summer depending on the material they are made of; actually, for the same piece of furniture, you may find winter and summer sheets. Thus, the furniture sheets are practical and valuable gift ideas for houses or workplaces. Yet, regarding the variety of furniture, we will deliver different ideas of sheets and covers to be presented as distinctive gifts.

Furniture Sheets and Covers

Furniture sheets are used either as decoration to increase the beauty and luster of furniture or to protect it; for example, we have tablecloths, chairs and sofas’ cloths. In addition, they are available for bedrooms and kids rooms. Thus, if you are planning to buy a gift of furniture sheets and covers, it is preferable to be one of the decorative placemats with engravings and attractive drawings or sheets of valuable materials. Here are great ideas for presenting a gift that will be a decoration for any place in your home or workplace:

Plastic Traps for Dining Tables

 They are the best types of sheets for daily use. Mainly, they are used as tablecloths so the dining table is perfectly preserved and clean. Their drawings and patterns vary according to the type and location of the table on which they will be placed. Yet, they are the best for kids’ dining tables as you can buy many attractive and delightful drawings that increase the fun while eating. Consequently, they are special gifts at affordable prices.

Linen Dining Tablecloths

Linen has a wonderful texture that is not too soft and not too rough; so linen covers are suitable for tables in the offices as well. In general, they are suitable for summer and winter and they are available in several sizes and designs that can cover all or part of the surface depending on the decoration that fits. Also, they are among the gifts that suit different types of tables such as tablecloths, dining tablecloths, cupboard and dressing sheets and that is according to the design of linen sheets and the types of tables that designed for this purpose. Yet, before presenting them as gifts, you should be aware that linen sheets are not suitable for children’s table because stains and wetness are clearly visible over the sheets, which is not preferable for children’s tablecloths that supposedly should partially, or completely, hide the wetness and stains that may be caused due to being used by kids.

Crochet Furniture Covers

One of the best things about crochet covers is that they are handmade; and any hand-made product has a special value for the effort and time spent. Mainly, crochet covers are usually used as a table decoration rather than to protect it so that crochet covers do not usually cover the entire table surfaces. Also, they are suitable for many types of tables including small table or coffee tables, as well as dining tables and babies; yet, babies’ ones should be in delightful colors and with cartoon figures in order to attract kids and increase the fun and joy in the room. Furthermore, crochet furniture covers are available for bedrooms so they are among the distinctive gifts of winter because of the texture and warmth. Although it may be relatively expensive compared to other types of covers, many people prefer crochet covers because of their value and their attractive classic appearance. So do not hesitate to have a crochet cover as a gift for a friend and for yourself too.

Cotton Dining Tablecloths

This type of tablecloths is characterized by its rapid absorption of droplets of liquid falling or remaining on the tables, especially wooden tables that do not have a glass surface. Mainly, it protects the table surfaces from stains and it is suitable for dining tables, children’s table or coffee tables. Moreover, it is practical as it is easy to clean and wash; and it gives a soft and cool texture in summer. Likewise, it is suitable for all types of tables whether wooden, metal or plastic and they are usually designed to cover the entire table surface.

Net Fabric Dining Tablecloths

 Net fabric covers are beaded tablecloths that are used with niche or in the dining room or at reception. Mainly, they give a decorative character especially if they are multicolored; so they are excellent gifts for newly married or for couples. Yet, net fabric covers are not suitable to serve as tablecloths for frequently used tables such as living room or children’s room tables because these covers are thin and easy to tear.


You can present a bedspread as a gift for newly married couples or for those moving to a new home. In fact, they are available in many types in the market depending on the materials of which they are made. Yet, these are very special gifts so it is preferable to present them only to your close circle. And here are some of the ideas of bedspreads gifts that you can use:

Velvet Bedspreads

Velvet bedspreads always give a soft and warm feel in winter and a bright look for furniture. They are often designed to cover furniture surfaces completely and they suit all tables and furniture in all rooms of the house depending on the type of furniture. Also, they are available for kids’ rooms carved in fruit shapes and drawings of cartoons.

Cotton Bedspreads

Cotton bedspreads are very comfortable to sleep on, especially in summer, as they absorb sweat and give a sense of cool to the bed. Mainly, you can present a cotton bedspread as a gift with cotton covers for pillows in different colors, designs and sizes depending on the target bed. Also cotton bedspreads are available for kids’ beds; so they are a practical and affordable gift as well.

Crochet Bedspreads

Crochet bedspread is made of wool or thick thread suitable for winter, and used to give a sense of warmth. Yet, crochet bedspreads are available in different shapes, colors and sizes; similarly, some of them have visible shapes and designs and usually pillows covers are available too. So they are suitable gifts for winter. On the other side, baby crochet bedspreads are available in smaller sizes; thus, they can be presented as a gift for the new home, for newly married couples, or for those who are refurnishing their bedrooms.


Winter Bedspreads

They are made of different materials such as wool, fur or synthetic fibers, in various colors, designs, sizes and weights. Actually, these are valuable and practical gifts in winter, whether they are adult blankets or kids’ ones. Yet, you should take into consideration the climate and the temperature in winter in the target country, and the power of heating of the bedspread in order to be used for a pretty long time during the year.  Likewise, do not buy heavy blankets if the gifted person lives in hot countries!

Quilts are Indispensable in Winter

There are two types of quilts; the first is the cotton ones that can be used as heavy winter bedding and it gives great warmth. The second type is the thermal fiber quilt that can be used as a light cover and it is easy to be carried, but it gives high heat because fiber absorbs heat and keeps it for a long time. This type of quilts can be presented as a valuable winter gift, with pillows covers of the same quilt color, or you can buy a small fiber quilt as kids’ bedspreads.

Satin Bedspreads

Satin bedspreads are shiny and they give a pleasant look to the beds; and you can choose from hundreds of shapes, colors and designs for a delightful satin bedspread that suits every taste. In addition, they are available with pillows’ covers and you can present them as a gift in an elegant box to give it a distinctive appearance. They are also great gifts for newly married couples or for those who are getting married. Yet, it is rare to find satin bedspreads for kids’ rooms because stains appear clearly on satin and this is not suitable for any bedspread.

Net Fabric Bedspread

A net fabric bedspread with pillows’ ones in a distinctive gift box would be a valuable gift for your loved people as net fabric gives a delightful look to the bed. So you can choose them as a gift that suits the gifted person and from different colors, designs and sizes. Similarly, it can be a gift to be presented to a friend who is preparing for her wedding while she is busy preparing other things needed for her wedding.

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