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Gifts for Soccer Fans

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Many boys, young men and men – and sometimes even girls – love to play football; and this passion can have benefits when buying a gift for them as we can think of products related to soccer as gifts which will certainly delight them. Yet, soccer fans’ gifts range from football itself to other belongings such as soccer shoes and T-shirts or football training tools. Also you can present souvenirs dedicated to football lovers with untraditional wrapping that would delight them in order to present a different gift to your friends or relatives who adore football. In this article, we will get to know these kinds of gifts which are divided into three categories: 

  • Gifts for Soccer Practitioners
  • Training Tools for Soccer Practitioners as Gifts
  • Souvenirs for Soccer Fans

We will introduce various ideas related to these kinds after delivering few ways to package and wrap the gift.

Packaging and Wrapping Soccer Gifts…

Gift Packaging and Wrapping: You can create innovative ways of packaging and wrapping soccer fans’ gifts as you can design a gift box in the shape of a ball. Also you can substitute the white or the colored foam that decorate the gift box with plastic green grass.

Presenting A Soccer Ball: This does not need to be packaged or wrapped! Simply you can tie it with a silky ribbon on its circular surface directly with the gift bow and so it’s ready to be presented.

Gifts for Soccer Practitioners…

1- Soccer Ball

Once you present a soccer ball, your gift will be unique, especially for kids because generally, they cannot afford to get a high-quality ball and the only way to get it is to get it as a gift!

As for the adults, although there are different types of football spread in the markets of different brands, there is a football with the signatures of different players and coaches but the price is much higher than normal football; yet, the moral value of this football for the fans is higher too. Moreover, you can buy soccer balls with a distinctive shape for a particular tournament such as the 2018 Champions League, the 2018 World Cup since each tournament has a ball with a special and different shape.

2- Soccer T-Shirt

The soccer t-shirt is one of the best gifts you can present to fans of playing football, especially if you can give them the original version of their favorite player; yet, if you cannot buy the original for a high price, you can buy a non-original copy at a lower price and they will be pleased as well. Furthermore, you can present them a football t-shirt with the logo of their favorite club, or a football t-shirt for one of their international teams. However, you can also present your country’s national football t-shirt, especially if there is an international competition that your national team will take part in and they will certainly go to encourage the team in the stadium.

3- Soccer Shoes

In fact, presenting soccer shoes that are different in designs and brands is a good choice. It is preferable to present football shoes from famous brands such as Adidas or Nike in order to get a precious gift. Yet, there are two types of shoes: a type that suits just the stadiums where they have some prominence at the bottom of the shoes to keep balance on the pitch and not to slip while running. Mainly, it is good for frequent practitioners to present such a gift. The other type is the shoes with the shapes and colors of traditional football shoes, but they do not have prominences so they can be worn both in and off the pitch. It is a very practical gift for those who do not play the game continuously but they love it and all its belongings, so that it can be used at all times.

Training tools for Soccer practitioners as gifts…

Usually, for many kids, they only play football in the form of exercises because mostly it is not available to create kids team if they were below 7-8 y/o. Therefore, using some football tools like a soccer ball for kids is a good thing.

Adult football enthusiasts are very interested in permanent training so football training tools will be among their most desirable gifts. Thus, here are the most important football training tools you may find in the market, which you can buy to present to football fans:

4- Small Crossbar

It is small compared to the real ones in the pitch and it is used within football training tools so players practice accuracy and concentration to gain goals professionally.

5- Plastic Goal

It is similar to the real goal in the stadium but smaller in size and suitable for children and designed for plastic material. Through this goal, the child exercises on shooting goals.

6- Exercise Umbrella

It is an umbrella that is fixed to the body and you can run with it so that the umbrella opens against the direction of running to resist the resulting air. This generates a greater resistance to the body of the trainee while running so the muscles are strengthening; the speed and fitness are increasing too.

7- Resistance Training Belt

The ball is tied from one end of the robe and the other end is tied to the waist of the trainee so that the ball does not go far when trained to work acrobatic movements with the ball.

8- Goalkeeper Gloves

In case the gifted person likes to stand as a goalkeeper, the goalkeeper’s gloves will be a good gift to protect their hands when catching the ball.

9- Foot Protector

As we know that trachea injuries are frequent while playing football for adults and children; so foot protectors can be presented to your friend or your child who have frequent injuries.

Souvenirs for Soccer Fans…

These are gifts that a football fan will not use while playing the game, but they reflect their love for the game.

10- Figures

You can present them with special office decorations such as a football or soccer shoes.

11- Coffee or Tea Cups

You can present these cups in the shape of a soccer ball or other designs that are related only to football.

12- Pillow

They can be used either for sleeping or decorating the sofa with pictures of favorite club logos, or they can be in the form of a football.

13- Stickers and Wallpapers

There are stickers and wallpaper with different designs that represent football so that people can decorate their own rooms or offices.

14- Necklaces

They carry the logos of various international football clubs, international teams or a football miniature, as well as silver armbands decorated with football.

15- PlayStation Gifts for Soccer Fans

PlayStation is the perfect gift for football lovers, kids, and adults; yet, it is preferable to attach the latest versions of football games with the PlayStation in order to not charge the gifted person with an extra cost and certainly, your gift is the proper one that will keep you in their minds.

16- Live attendance gifts for football fans

You can present your loved one a special invitation to attend one of their favorite club matches, or you can organize a private meeting with their favorite player or coach in order to be an unforgettable gift from you.

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