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Bouquet Flowers Roses gifts هدايا ورود وزهور


Flowers Gifts and Roses Gifts are among the few gifts that could not be presented in person; and this is sometimes and in some cases even more preferable when gifting flowers or roses unlike other types of gifts. In fact, this is common in movies or series, and even in reality world, as one calls a flower shop, buys a flower bouquet, and orders to deliver it directly to a sick friend at a hospital if one is traveling and cannot perform the visit themselves; or one orders to deliver it to a beloved person as a romantic gesture on a special occasion, or to conciliate with someone.

The flower bouquet gift is a memorable gift, whether you present it yourself or by someone with a greeting card that has charming words, although it might die few days later even if it is placed in a vase with water. Mainly, it is one of the most symbolic gifts as sometimes the gifted person does not need a gift for daily use and they see a symbolic gift more valuable on some occasions such as a sickness, marriage conciliation or welcoming a friend after a travel. Also, this type of gifts is so popular to be presented to women by men as usually flowers do not have the same impact on men.  

Some people usually are hesitant to present such a gift because they feel that it is not sufficient; so one should notice that gifts of flowers are presented either on their own or attached with another gift. Likewise, when a husband presents a precious ring to his wife, he can present a flower bouquet gift with it.

Flowers gifts are like perfumes; there are different types and everyone prefers a special type. Yet, if you identify what the gifted person prefers, and you want to add a sense of humor to your gift, then you can choose a bunch of flowers with a perfume of the same smell so the gifted person would be impressed and will ask: “What I should smell first?!”

Since flowers gifts are considered symbolic gifts so the idea is not about the size of the bouquet, or the number of flowers in it, or the types of flowers that are attached; yet, sometimes presenting a solo flower would have a big influence on the gifted person. Thus, one should start thinking of presenting flowers and roses using new creative ideas rather than the traditional bouquets; and this is what we will discuss later on in this article.  

Mainly, one should know that the colors of flowers represent specific meanings so the gifted person might interpret these meanings, and especially women. Thus, if you do not have an idea about that, you can ask the shop keeper in order to tell you how to choose the appropriate flowers for the target person; for instance, a red flower bouquet represents romanticism and love, a white flower bouquet represents purity and appreciation, and a yellow flower bouquet represents jealousy. Thus, you can avoid misinterpretation by presenting a bunch of flowers gifts that has all the previous mentioned colors and by choosing several types of flowers as well. In fact, the most famous types of flowers are: damask, tulip, orchid, and clove.

When we mention flowers as gifts, first we think about natural flowers; yet, they might cost a bit more than usual for some people. In this case, one can achieve the symbolic meaning of presenting flowers gifts by presenting artificial flowers, metallic flowers, ornamental plants or aromatic plants as generally they are affordable and they last for a long time; so we will discuss few ideas on how to present each of them. 

Distinctive ideas to present natural flowers gifts and roses gifts

Present a letter-shaped or a heart-shaped bouquet of flowers.

Present a flower bouquet that is held on a piece of antique-like a small trolley or a toy.

Present a bouquet of flowers in an elegant box with another gift like chocolate or a ring.

One of the finest ideas is to present a solo rose gift that is attractively wrapped with a greeting card on which romantic or thankful words are written.

Gifts with a Flower

If you are presenting gifts for many people, you can wrap the small gifts and decorate them with one flower or more.

A Flower with Chocolate

You can present a conical flower bouquet with a piece of chocolate and one or two flowers; also you can write on the outer face of the bouquet a few words so you get a nice symbolic gift at the end.

A Rose in a Glass Box

It is one of the most amazing ideas that have recently become so popular; mainly, a Rose is placed in a glass box that is designed with lights to be a fantastic decorative gift.

Flowers with a Vase

You can present a bunch of natural flower gifts in an elegant vase and wrap them together. Actually, it would be an amazing gift for newly married couples because they might not have vases at home since vases are additional things that can be brought after marriage.

The Bride Bouquet

One of the amazing ideas is to get a flower bouquet that is decorated with pearls and other accessories and present it to a bride to carry it on her wedding night.

Flower Crown

It is one of the fantastic ideas that could be presented on girls’ birthdays as a crown of fine roses in beautiful colors to be on the head of the birthday girl.

Ideas to present artificial flower gift

There is a metallic flower gift to be presented in an elegant box with a greeting card that has few words to express the occasion. These flowers are not only in gold or silver; yet, they are available in red, blue, pink, purple, etc…

Flowers to Decorate the Wedding Car

You can decorate a car for the wedding of your siblings or friends with a bunch of artificial flowers that are intended for this purpose, and this would be an amazing wedding gift. Yet, you do not have to do this yourself as there are specific shops to decorate wedding cars whether it is a personal car or a rented one.

Flowers Curtains

It is a distinguished idea to present a curtain of artificial flowers to be added to the decoration of the house. Also, these curtains could be used in party’s decoration such as an engagement or a birthday.

Satin Flower Bouquets

You can present satin made flowers in an elegant bouquet as a small white basket and the flowers could be in pink, for instance. Mainly, this flower gift is suitable for kids or for the friends of the bride to carry it at the wedding.

Decoration Flowers

There are many plastic fine flowers that could be used to decorate houses and they come in different shapes and designs; likewise, one could have a bunch of flower petals or flower leaves to decorate the bedroom in a romantic pattern. Moreover, one can present some artificial flowers that imitate natural ones to be placed in a vase at home.

Wall Decorative Flowers

These are wall stickers that are agglutinated to the wall to give an amazing appearance and a new style of decoration.

Moreover, you can present a metallic photo frame in the shape of a golden or a silver rose to place a wedding picture inside.

Reformulated Flower Bouquets

There are similar flowers made of plastic or other fibers and they can be reformulated to create different designs; so they would be an amazing gift as a home decoration. Yet, they can be placed in a wooden frame and hanged to the wall, or they can be agglutinated to the wall after being formed as desired.

Ornamental and Aromatic Plants as Gifts

These types of plants are featured by the aromatic oils that exist in their cells; and they can be used for eating, drinking, producing perfumes, treating sicknesses, making drugs or cosmetics. Also, you can pick a pot for the aromatic plant and present it as a gift too because having these plants at home would spread a nice natural smell in the air.

Aromatic Plants’ Seeds as Gifts

This is another different idea for gifting as you can present the seeds of aromatic plants with a pot and a fertilizer, wrap them in a distinctive design and present them together; so the gifted person can enjoy planting the seeds especially if they prefer this type of plant.

Generally, these types of gifts are available online or in any flower shop where you can ask also to get advice on what to choose among the huge amount of plants.

Shadow Plants as Gifts

These is natural indoor plants that do not need direct sunlight so they can be placed inside the house to be part of the decoration and to add a natural appearance to the rooms of the house. Notably, the conditions of the house, like the temperature, humid and lighting, are the major elements to grow indoor plants; yet, the plants themselves are good to change the atmosphere of the house, purify the air of impurities and release fresh air for breathing.

One of the main indoor plants is ivy; it is featured because it climbs walls so it gives a unique appearance to the place. Also cactus is so popular to be an indoor plant in addition to other plants like Fokienia, Alucasia, Azalea, Calathea, Chamelaucium, etc… Yet, to present such a gift, you should visit a specialized flower shop and recognize the types and colors of the plant and consider the target place and the personality of the gifted person.

Artificial Ornamental Plants as Gifts

This is the best choice when one cannot present natural plants because the artificial ones have the same appearance. Also, there are plenty of shapes, colors, types and sizes. Thus, it is a preferable choice for some people especially when the gifted person does not want to spend time farming for the plants. Moreover, artificial plants give the liberty to choose the place of the plant because it does not need specific conditions; for example sun light. So the gifted person can put the plants anywhere on any wooden shelves without being concerned about watering them unlike natural flowers, ornamental plants and indoor plants.

Plant Pots as Gifts

This is the pot that is used to grow the plant in. Mainly, there are plenty of designs, colors and sizes of pots and you can pick one to present it with the plant, whether accompanied with other agriculture materials or not, especially if the gifted person already has natural plants. Also you can present a plant pot that is already planted in order to be placed as a decoration at home, outside home, or even to be hanged on the wall of the balcony so it would be an amazing gift for pro-nature friends and agriculture lovers.

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