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20 Expensive Gift for Boss

expensive gifts for boss

Expensive gifts for bosses are not a common thing that people usually look for, as gifts for bosses should be symbolic and simple so it does not look like there is a purpose behind it .. But there are exceptions to that.

Sometimes you feel that you want, need, or even have to give an expensive gift for your boss, and that happens when he just becomes not your boss anymore and you want to reciprocate… and here are only some of these exceptions…

  • You are Leaving: If you had a long work journey, and you boss support was limitless during your career, and you are just moving to another or bigger company or opening your private business, in such case your boss has much to do with your success, the last thing you can reciprocate is by finding proper practical expensive gifts for the boss as appreciation and thank you gift.
  • Boss Retirement: If you had a long work journey as well with your boss, and he is a big part of your success and leaving you in a good position in your career, you can reciprocate that by presenting an expensive gift for the boss as a boss retirement and thank you gift.
  • You Both like Partners: In some profession, the job needs a team of two or three to complete a project or a job, and one of them is the boss of the other, which could last for long time or years, and when some important occasion happen to the boss you may feel the need to present something precious especially if the occasion does not so frequently or very often like a wedding occasion.
  • In such a case if your boss is like a close friend to you, because you spend most of the days with him compared to your actual close friends, then presenting an expensive gift for your boss can be acceptable, but that does not go with birthday occasions or such frequent occasions.
  • High Work Level: Let’s say that you are already a boss, and you want to present a gift for your boss, which means presenting a gift for the boss of the boss, and you both already doing well, then choosing an expensive gift for boss on one of his infrequent occasions will be good.

In some cases, it does not look even proper to present a cheap or affordable gift for boss, if you both already get very big salaries, as this could make you look like a stingy or less evaluating your recipient, and then actually the expensive gift for others is not actually an expensive gift for you both, like $500 gift can be freaking expensive gift if it is not a full salary for some people, but for others, it is the spending budget for a day.

Now we want to give you some expensive gift ideas for boss, this could be affordable for some people but they are expensive for many others…

Buy from the following gift list as these are some of the recommend gift products that we find suitable for giving as a gift for your beloved ones, browse them and choose what suits your budget and your gift recipient.

1. Smart Luggage

This is a fun and practical gift to present, so if your boss used to go on business trips or travel a lot for entertainment this can be perfect expensive gifts for bosses.

Smart suitcases facilitate the efforts of the passenger; they are not widely used which makes it a unique kind of a gift.

We Recommend two types of smart luggage …

  • First: Electric Scooter Luggage: even this had different types, some scooter luggage the user can send on it will it is moving, which makes it a saver gift for a lady boss. The other type the user can stand on while it is moving like the ordinary electric scooters which makes it more proper to gift for male bosses.
  • Second: Electric Suitcase Automatically Follow the owner, this is a perfect gift for bosses who are so busy in calls in their travels, As they connect to the passenger’s phone via Bluetooth so it walks beside the passenger without the need to be held, and it stops when the passenger stops. 

Thus, it saves the passenger’s efforts when moving within the airport especially if the distance between the gate and the aircraft door is long. Plus, usually, it has Anti-Lost Alarm in case the user forgot it somewhere or it got stuck.

Generally, Smart suitcases can be locked firmly via phone, and it can be located as well by being connected to the passenger’s phone. And these characteristics are very important in case the suitcase is missed in the airport.

2. Drone

If the boss is an adventure or photography lover, drone are one of the expensive gifts that can be so much fun for anyone, the higher quality and more features it has the more expensive it is, So it can be perfect expensive gift for boss if he is the type of person that will already use it, but it will not be a good choice if he has not time for fun, so if you feel that he more likely will store it in some drawer then it is better to look for another kind of gift, because for sure you don’t waste money on an expensive gift for boss that he will not use.

Features that can be helpful if you are looking for an advanced expensive drone to gift.

  • Some drones can automatically return home when it is with low power or weak signal or lost, and actually this an important feature to avoid losing the drone when it is out of range, or the user didn’t mind that it has not enough power to fly for long.
  • Drones with follow me mode are amazing to use in outdoors and adventures, where the drone automatically follows the user, simultaneously capturing all the videos & photos, and it is a great feature if your boss is mountain climber or biker or other sports where he will already have his both hands busy and he needs to record of photographs at the same time.
  • One of the good features is to customize the light path for the drone, where it can fly this path alone to document or record videos for an event that is happening within this area, and it is a great feature for a boss if he is an event organizer to record it from all angles in a short time.
  • Some drones have Infrared motion sensors to detect obstacles which is a good extra protection feature.
  • There is a new control method to make it a more cool hand-operated drone. Where the user Just wears a watch and the drone will fly as he wishes. So he can control the movement of the drone by moving his fingers or waving, and it is a very good feature to use in adventures when your boss will not be able to hold the remote control all the time.
  • Most of the advanced drones have different speed levels, to be proper for kids, beginners or skilled users, and this is an important feature that you need to have in any advanced drone you will give.
  • Some drones can be controlled with smart voice control and gesture control, where the gifted person can speak to control the flying direction.
  • You can choose a waterproof drone if your boss is living near a lake or river or coast, where there is a probability that it falls in the water while he is flying it, and many rivers buried many drones underneath them already.. 
  • There are Drones for fishing, did you know that!, where they are salt water-friendly, where the driver can precise bait dropping over the water and by the camera of the drone can see the fish underwater, This is one of the most expensive drone types, and they are perfect for fishing lovers.

3. Virtual Reality Glasses

For some people it doesn’t matter how old they are, they will keep playing PlayStation when they have time on the weekend, and if you boss one of those people, then thinking in virtual reality glasses as an expensive gift for boss can be a good choice.

Plus, it is not only for games, but he can use it while watching movies in his relaxing times on the weekends or on his vacations. either for games or movies, it is a perfect way to give your boss a unique 3D experience that every boy likes to have in his fun time.

4. Smart Watch

This type of watch made the use of the watches go to another level, not only because of the modern and unique look that it has but because there are many features that the classic or ordinary watches do not have. So it is a great expensive gift for boss if he is a tech lover, and if he does not already have one.

You need to make sure that your boss does not have already one which is easy to know, as smart watches are different to the classic ones where the person can have different classic watches that can change between them, but the smart watches usually are not used the same way, where it is like the cell phones if the person has a good one he will just keep using this only good one. It is even more than that as the person can carry more than one mobile at the same time which is not the case with smart watches.

Smartwatches are also perfect if your boss is interested in one of the following ..

  • Fitness: So can use it as a tracker for his steps and his heartbeats, which will be perfect to use all day long.
  • Diet: smart watches work the same with those who are trying to lose weight, as counting the steps and the calories that have been burnt during the day give more motivation to do more effort and movement.

The fact that they are connected to the mobile where they can answer calls and connect with the applications makes them more awesome.

You need to mind that not all the old aged people will like such a watch, as they are used to the ordinary watch as an accessory piece and do not like the complex of this type of watches. 

5. Luxury Classic Watch

These are classic expensive gifts for boss, especially if he is an old school kind of a man, some people do not feel the smart watches are practical for them, and others are not good with the tech items, which make smart watches are not good choices, that makes the classic watches are good gifts to present.

You need to mind the need of making sure that your boss is used to wearing a watch in the first place, because if he does not like to wear watches like many others, then it does not matter if you gifted him a classic watch or a smart watch, because in both cases he will not wear them.

The good thing about the classic watches as an expensive gift for boss, that if he used to wear watches already then it does not matter how many watches he already has, because watches like ties, people keep changing between them if they have a good big collection.

6. Coffee Machine

If you boss is a coffee lover or addicted to coffee, then presenting Coffee Making Machines is perfect for him, but ones you decide that this is your gift, your homework begins, because you have to choose a well-branded coffee maker that make the kind of coffees that he likes, so if you don’t know exactly his favorite kind of coffees where you should already, you can try indirectly starting a broad conversation about coffee to know which kind of coffees he likes the most and how he drinking it at home.

There are cheap and expensive coffee machines, which depend on how many kinds of coffee it makes, and if you are looking for expensive gifts for boss, then you can choose a coffee machine that can make different kinds of coffee for your boss’s home. as there are machines that make several types of coffee that need only water to make coffee, and other machines that use water plus fresh and powdered milk. 

Generally, coffee machines for the boss’s home are one of the most practical gifts that you can present which is not so expensive a kind of gift and not cheap as well.

7. Temperature Control Smart Mug

This is a unique kind of mug, and so practical in the work environment, especially in the cold weather, as this mug makes the user heat up his hot drink to his desired temperature and maintaining the temperature for hours, which is so perfect for the very busy people who usually want to have a sip once in while without wasting time.

These kinds of mugs are not so common to have which makes it a very nice expensive gift for boss to use it on his desk.

8- Wireless Headphones

In some professions, calls is what people do, so if your boss spends so much time on the phone on work and off work and he does not have a wireless headphone, then it will be a perfect expensive gift for boss as it will make his life so easy not only in having calls but as well in his entertainment time while steaming videos and playing music. 

For his entertainment times, you can choose among different styles of headphones, so you can buy a waterproof kind of wireless headphones or sports headphones which are made specifically to be used while practicing sport in the gym or any other activities, and that depends on what the boss does off work.

9. Sunglasses

As you know there are numerous different shapes and styles of sunglasses, and all you have to do is to choose a famous brand to buy a valuable gift of glasses. And because tastes in choosing glasses differ, you can buy a coupon from an opticians shop and present it as a gift so that your boss can buy what suits them.

Branded sunglasses are a perfect expensive gift for the boss to use if he works most of the time outdoors or driving, as the sunglasses can be considered as an essential accessory for him, especially in sunny countries and cities. 

10. Outdoors Experience Tickets

Giving your boss and experience tickets to use in his annual leave is a great idea, and these are so many types of experience and you can decide which is the best based on the character of your boss, and the type of activities that he can do or is willing to do.

These types of expensive gifts for boss are special compared to the other kind of physical gift ideas, but it will be useless if he is not the type of person who would like to spend his vacation in outdoor activities and would like to stay with the family to relax.

The following gifts are outdoors entertainment gift ideas can be presented from you personally to him, or by a group of coworkers to their boss who shares the cost of the gift and presents it to the boss, that is in case you found it expensive to provide with your own gift budget, and in some cases, it could be better than if each friend brings a small gift individually; and examples include:

  • Booking at a luxury restaurant.
  • Book a one day use at a beach hotel with activities.
  • Buy and present tickets for a cruise
  • Book a balloon flight adventure
  • Fishing Adventure Tickets
  • Camping adventure tickets
  • Book a Sky Diving Adventure
  • Book at one of the Karting Races
  • Book a horse riding adventure
  • Book at the Aqua Park
  • Book kayaking adventure hours
  • Book trekking and hiking adventures
  • Book the adventures of shooting – Archery.
  • Book a diving adventure.
  • Snow Adventure Skiing
  • Book a water motorcycle adventure – Jet Ski
  • Book a Safari Trip with car buggy driving
  • Book a trip to a tourist city within the country for a few days.

11. Professional Camera

If your boss is a photography lover or even a vlogger, then presenting a nice professional camera will be a perfect idea, but you need to make sure that it is much more advanced than what he already has, otherwise your gift will not be a good choice.

And if he already has a professional camera you can present other unique types of cameras that he does not have, like 360 camera to record the all angles outdoors or underwater camera that he can use in his swimming, diving, or sailing adventures. Plus you can present a nice wide-angle camera that is usually used in adventures which can shoot a wider angle than the ordinary professional cameras and can be fixed on hand or hamlet without the need of holding it.

12. Camera Stabilizer

It is a perfect gift idea for vloggers or those who like records in movement, as its features make it so required for recording professional videos outdoors, as it allows the user to shoot incredibly smooth shots even while going to extremes like running up & downstairs, cycling outdoors or traveling over rugged terrain, it usually is an Anti-Shake which creates more possibility in photography for action cameras, and reflecting all movements of the targeted objects within seconds.

The good thing is that most stabilizers can be used either with phones or with cameras, which makes it a perfect expensive gift for bosses who like outdoor activities or vlogging.

13- Perfume

know what to buy, by the way, this is not a bad thing, sometimes buying a very ordinary gift be better than buying a useless gift, if you feel like all the gift ideas that you thought of my not be good for your boss, then going for a very classic gift idea like perfume will be a good idea.

The good thing about perfume as gifts is that you can buy a cheap or expensive one, so if you were thinking of buying an expensive gift for boss, you can choose a branded perfume gift.

14. Hand Massager

Who does not like to have one of these, this is a good gift choice specially for the hard workers, and if you bought an advanced and branded one it will be good expensive gifts for boss that he can use whether at work in his relaxing breaks, or at home after a long hard day of work.

15. Suit Accessories Set

For the formal environment workplaces, choosing a nice and expensive set of accessories will be a good choice, as you can buy a set that has ( Tie, Cufflinks, Tie Pen, Brooch, ..), such an expensive gift for boss can be used not only at work, but in the formal occasion outside the work as well, 

Suit accessories Set is a good choice only if the recipients used to wear formal clothes very often, not one or two times a year, so we strongly do not recommend presenting this gift if your boss wears suits rarely or on just a couple of occasions a year, as you need to present a practical gift, especially if it will be already an expensive one.

16. Executive Gift Set

It is one of the classic and formal gifts that can be perfect expensive gifts for boss, because it is basically made for such formal occasions.

You can choose a nice branded executive gift set that has two or three of the following items ( Pen, Wallet, Keychain, Pocket Diary, Leather Bookmark, Leather Notebook, cufflinks, ….)

In the market, you can find these sets with different items, and you can choose the best based on what you think fits your boss the most.

17. Shaving Machine

Buying a high quality shaving machines can be really expensive, as you can buy a really good expensive one with over $1000, what makes it a special gift for men bosses, that it is so practical kind of gift, that he can used every day, which makes one of the good and practical expensive gifts for boss.

18. Makeup Set

From Ladies to ladies, a branded makeup set is a good expensive gift for boss to buy, but it is only proper from lady to lady, so if you are a man, then you need to know that it is not the perfect choice to buy, and you may need to look for something else to gift.

19. Travel Manicure Grooming Kit

The expensive set of this product can reach over $6000, and for most ladies they definitely already have one, but usually they do not have or buy a very luxurious expensive one for themself, so it will be good expensive gifts for boss from lady to lady as well.

20- Leather Handbag

Presenting a luxurious branded hand bag for men or women is so practical, as this gift is perfect for everyday use, and for women bosses if he already has many, it does not harm at all having an extra nice and expensive one, which makes it so perfect as expensive gifts for boss. 

Top & Recommended General Gifts

Pick a Gift
1 Carbon Fiber Wallets
2 Music Hat
3 Airpod Case
4 Handheld Electric Massager
5 Heavy Duty Keychain
6 Sleep Aid Device
7 Tile Pro
8 Headband with Music
9 Heated Travel Mug
10 Hidden Book Safe
11 Thermal Cup
12 Lampeez Lamps
13 Mobile Game Controller
14 Thermos Food Jar
15 Drone
16 Electric Toothbrush
17 Camera Stabilizer
18 Versatile Massager
19 Pocket Knife
20 Fingerprint Gym Padlock
21 Smartphone Sanitizer
22 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
23 Military Hiking Rigger Belt
24 Metal Bookmarks
25 Digital Bookmark
26 Metal Rose
27 Dual-Chamber Water Bottle
28 Wireless Charger
29 Temperature Control Smart Mug
30 Smart Ring
31 Calendar Ring
32 Desk Robot
33 Hand Warmer Rechargeable
34 Hidden Car Cam
35 Smart Car Charger
36 Virtual Reality Glasses
37 Hoverboard Electric Scooter
38 Electric Blanket
39 Sports Headphone
40 Emoji Pillow
41 Solar Charger
42 Non-Slip Grip Socks
43 Foldable Phone Stand
44 Popcorn Maker
45 Ice Cream Maker
46 Memory Foam Seat Cushion Pad for Desk Chair
47 Pocket Multi-Use Tools
48 Winter Slippers
49 Stabilizer with Integrated Camera
50 Waterproof Action Camera
51 Head Massager
52 3D Printer
53 3D Printing Pen
54 Foot Massager
55 Face Massager
56 Galaxy Rose
57 Giant Teddy Bear
58 Heating Pad
59 Smart Charging Stand
60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
61 Stainless Steel Water Bottle
63 Leather Journal Notebook
64 Waterproof Shaving Machine
65 Car Seat Massager
66 Crystal Car Ornament
67 Wireless Scanner Pen
68 Wireless Gaming Mouse
69 Carabiner Clip and Hook
70 Neck Massager
71 Beach Personal Blender
72 Remote Control Car
73 Waterproof Shoes Covers
74 Waterproof Gloves for Men
75 Waterproof Dry Bag
76 Wooden Jewelry box
77 Wooden Painting Case
78 Milk Steamer and Frother
79 Mobile Cellular
80 Lunch Box Bag
81 Collapsible Portable Cooler Bag
82 Survival Bracelet
83 Fanny Pack
84 Mug Warmer
85 Wooden Watch
86 Massage Mat
87 Gaming Chair
88 Foam Massage Roller
89 Adjustable Digital Counting Jump Rope
90 Graphics Drawing Tablet
91 Flashlight
92 Slipper Socks
93 Professional Inline Skates
94 Water Shoes
95 Bean Bag Laptop Table
96 Cute Shaped Cushion
97 Mom Coffee Mug
98 Roller Bar Mouse
99 Military Tactical Pen
100 Cotton Candy Maker
101 Succulent
102 Wireless Earphones
103 Harvest 360 Indoor Garden
104 Credit Card Tool
105 Activity Tracker
106 Keyboard Vaccum
107 Wireless Desk Lamp
108 Bracelet for Men
109 Book Weight
110 Wireless Caregiver
111 Powder Shaker & Stencils
112 Arm Chair Organizers
113 Luxury Nail Clipper Sets
114 Steering Wheel with Pedals
115 Air Purifier
116 Binoculars
117 Robot Vacuum
118 Hot Air Brush
119 Illuminated Magnifying Glass
120 Auto-follow Suitcase
121 Digital Fat Scale
122 Smart Tape Measure Body
123 Rechargeable Foldable Desk Fan
124 Wearable Blanket
125 Electric Face Brush
126 Camera Belt
127 Smart Mirror
128 Travel Cable Organizer Bag
129 Slim Wallet with Money Clip
130 Inflatable Travel Pillow
131 Cap
132 Kindle
133 Cosmetics Set
134 Gardening Tools
135 Amazon Gift Cards
136 Chocolate Candy Gift Box
137 Handmade Bubble Bath Gift Set
138 Vide Cooker
139 Wooden Docking Station
140 Water Leak and Climate Detector

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