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Usually, we wonder while choosing gifts for elderly people whether they are relatives as grandparents, parents or others. The reason behind this wonder is that we are still young to experience their age so we do not know what do they need and what could be suitable for them as elderly gifts. Therefore, in this article we will try to give you different elderly gift ideas that fit elderlies including daily needs, tools and devices that help them in their daily life needs and requirements. You want to know that? Continue reading the following:

Elderly Gifts for Daily Use…

1. Pill Bottle with KeyChain

Naturally, elders are vulnerable to diseases that need medications at specific times. However, they usually forget their medications at home while going out; so a pill bottle with a key chain is a practical gifts for elderly that allows them to keep their medications always with their key chain to avoid forgetting them. On the other side, a pill bottle with a key chain is a nice gifts for elderly for our grandparents and our parents to show how we care about them.

2. Foldable Cane

Usually, elderlies need help in walking or moving as the bones and the nerves are affected by aging factors. Also sometimes it is not available for elders to have someone who helps them in moving all the time; thus, a foldable crutch is the most convenient elderly gift ! There are different shapes of crutches but the foldable one could be the most practical. In other words, the foldable crutch is easy to be carried in a handbag whether in the car, in public transportation, at house entrance or in closed areas. Furthermore, there are other different shapes of crutches like the two-handed ones which the person can hold to stand up safely without help; the second hand can be folded while walking in order to not hinder movement or hit the body of the old person. Yet, this type of crutches is characterized by its strong basis that keeps the balance of the elderly; plus it is light weighted, foldable and, most importantly, adjustable to fit the height that the old person uses. You can see also some of these crutches with a battery-powered small flashlight to allow the elderlies move at night or in darkness without fears. As a result, it is a fantastic gifts for elderly whether they are grandparents or others.

3. Smart Watch to Locate Elderlies

Usually, grandparents are more susceptible to memory loss diseases or Alzheimer and they might get lost when leaving home. So the smartwatch helps to locate them as it is connected electronically to the iPads and iPhones of their relatives. Moreover, they can make phone calls with specific phone numbers using these watches; thus, it is practical gifts for your grandma and grandpa who are getting old.

Gifts for elderly to help in religious practices…

Elderlies usually become more interested into the spiritual acts more than other people as they became free of life concerns. Thus, gifts for elderly related to religious acts are more preferable to them whether they are the grandparents, the parents or other elderlies, and among these gifts we have:

4. Rosary

In the markets, there are different types of rosaries such as: wooden, metal, plastic or gemstones such as turquoise, onyx, crystal and pearl. To choose such a gift, you should take into account your budget, and the taste of the old person to whom the elderly gift is presented whether they are the grandparents, the parents or other elderlies.

5. Electronic Rosary

Instead of the ordinary rosary, you can present an electronic one to the elderlies whom you prefer to present a religious gift as it circles the finger so it will not fall down. Moreover, it counts the rosaries for the old person who might not be able to memorize them; plus, the electronic rosary saves the last count of the rosaries which will help elderlies practice their rituals.

6. Medical Prayer Rug

It is common that elderlies usually have different aches in backs or legs which make it hard for them to pray. Therefore, presenting a medical prayer rug will be a brilliant elderly gift for them specifically as it can be a cushion for the back during and after prayer. Also it is medically licensed to relief back and knee pains as its thickness prevent the knees of hitting the solid ground which makes it convenient for obese people to pray. It is worthy to mention that sometimes elderlies cannot perform the regular prayers or the nafils because of the pains resulted from the collision between the body, or the knees, and the ground. Moreover, the medical prayer rug is easily foldable and adjustable to movements, travels or trips.

7. A Praying Dress

The praying dresses are amazing gifts for elderly for your grandmother or any other old woman to wear it while they pray. Notably, it is available in different styles and colors in the market and your job is to choose what fits the woman to whom you are presenting your elders gift.

8. Quran Pen Reader

This is a digital pen that reads its specific designed Qur’an when it passes over the words of the Qur’an. Uniquely, the Qur’an is recorded by famous voices on the pen and it has the tafsirs books and the hadith-i sharifs; thus, it is a brilliant elderly gifts for our grandparents or parents and other elderlies as their eyesight becomes worse by aging so they become unable to read Qur’an themselves.

Gifts for Elderly Comfort…

9. Comfy Rocking Chair

Elderlies need to be comfortable while sitting to avoid back and bone pains and that make the comfy chairs amazing gifts for elderly for them. Yet, you can get a comfy rocking chair to be used at home or in the garden or even on the balcony which provides both amusement and relaxing. Identically, there are different types of these chairs in different sizes, colors and materials for indoor and outdoor usage; so you choose what fits your budget and the decor of the target house.

10. Massage Chair

The massage chair is a brilliant gifts for elderly grandparents or other elderlies as it massages automatically different parts of the body for 15-30 minutes as required. Considerably, the person does not need to be totally free to sit and enjoy the chair as it can be used during the daily activities like watching TV, talking on the phone, communicating with the family or reading books and newspapers; in other words, it does not need special concentration.

11. Foot Massager

Foot massager helps to relieve headache and fatigue and detoxification of the body as it performs a full foot massage by pressing down the foot, heels and sides of the foot together making the elderly feel completely comfortable when enjoying the massage. Also, the foot massager has different speeds that can be controlled by using the remote control. Notably, the part that makes the foot massage is washable in order to maintain cleanliness and that makes it a great gifts for elderly for both grandparents and Parents.

12. Neck Massage Pillow

Elderlies usually have neck pains which make a neck massage pillow a preferable gift for them as it massages the neck and the shoulders together. In fact, it is made of soft cotton so it gives the grandparents and the parents a sense of comfort and relaxation. Moreover, it works on battery and it has a power button on one of its sides.

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