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Are cufflinks a good gift?

Cufflinks gifts

Are cufflinks a good gift?

Yes, definitely it is a nice formal gift for those who used to wear formal a lot, whether they wear formals at work, formal parties, or even to attend formal occasions like weddings, conferences or meetings.x

It is recommended to gift cufflinks only to those who wear formal more than one time a month, because if you presented cufflinks gifts that can’t be used but one time a year, then the gifted person can consider your gift as a useless one .. which for sure you need to avoid, so make sure that the gifted person wearing formal frequently.

They are usually sold as a complete set that has two identical buttons, either by themselves or attached with a tie or a tie pen, or attached with a tie clip that has the same engravings on the cufflinks so that they form a complete set together which increases the value of your multi-part gift.

You can buy as well set of many cufflinks, where there is gift sets that has about four pairs of cufflinks with different colors and styles, to match the different looks that the gifted person would like to have, and usually they are in different colors as well, Ex; golden, silver, black gray .. or any other colors, and despite is more expensive than gifting only one pair of cufflinks, but it will be precious if you are gifting it to someone used to wear formal, but he has a limited pieces of the cufflinks already.

But you may ask ..

Can you wear cufflinks with any shirt?

Yes, if you will use adapter with the shirts with buttons, Where the french Double cuff shirts that have no buttons are the perfect ones for cufflinks, but cufflinks can be worn with the normal shirts too if you link adapter to the bottom of the shirt thin link the cufflink with this adaber, and you will present cufflinks as a gift, it is recommended to include adapter to it to be proper to use with all kind of shirts.

Plus you need to consider a neutral colored cufflinks and a simple looking ones that has no Inscriptions on it, so it is recommended when you buy cufflinks gifts to choose the ones that are not colored with red or blue ect.., because if you did, it means that you are limiting the type or the colors of the shirts and sures that can be dressed with, where In many official occasions the dress code is the neutral colors.

But you can gift cufflinks that reflects the character of the gifted person, if you find that will make him happy, like choosing cufflinks with geek chapes, or cufflinks with alphabet letter, or even with gears installed on it, despite it is not proper to be used in all kind of occasions, but the gifted person will like to have them for some other occasions.

Cufflinks are usually made of metal materials that are scuff-resistance. Furthermore, cufflinks might be made of silver to increase their value. However, they are available of several famous brands like Diamond Moon, Nieto Marani, and Dahnag with various models that have countless embroidered, which add more elegance and sophistication to suits. 

Cufflinks can be presented in their fancy pockets, which make them special birthday gifts for men who wear suits and for coworkers on various occasions. Yet, wife can present cufflinks to their husbands on their marriage anniversary.

Some people wear formal a lot, but they do not like the cufflinks, so if you already saw the gifted person wearing a cufflinks, then it is a perfect sign that he will like your cufflinks gift if you choose a unique one.

What is the point of cufflinks?

On formal occasions cufflinks add extra elegance to shirts, and they work as an alternative to the buttons, and because the nice way of wearing suits require that the suits sleeves to not be too long, where about one cm of the shirt should be showing underneath it, so the buttons of the sleeves of the shirt will be shown any time the suit wearer extends his arm, which will happen while he is picking up a drink or eating in a restaurant or even typing on computer, and her your fancy cufflinks gift will give him the extra elegance before others.

To whom you can present cufflinks..

Coworkers: It is one of the formal gift ideas for coworkers, which is either presented individually or with other accessories such as a necktie. 

Boss: It is suitable for presenting to managers on their own occasions, where in such occasions you need to choose mainly the formal kind of gifts.

Party Lovers: Usually part lovers like to be involved or invited to any kind of party, and for sure not all the parties are not a casual kind of parties, so even if the gifted person does not wear suits in his work but he goes to many parties, then your cufflinks gift will be proper to him.

Family (Dad – Brothers): because you are a family member so may already know that your brother or dad has no single cufflinks already, so even if does not wear suits for work and he is not a party lover, you can gift it to him to attend the formal occasions with even it will be one time a year.

Superficial Friend: Sometimes it is hard to choose the proper kind of gift to a superficial friend, so if you know that his work if office type of work, even if you didn’t know if you wears a suits or formal or not, you can make the cufflinks your gift, and it will be accepted as well because he does not know well neither, but in this case you need to buy a neutral ones to match all tastes.

Friends: as we mentioned previously if you know your friend will like a certain kind of cufflinks that shaped with something he like or reflects his character, then it will be a proper gift, even if he does not wear the suits on the daily based, otherwise it is better to choose other type of gift which more casual.

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