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Is a belt a good gift?



Yes, it is, whether the gifted person used to wear classic or casual, in both cases, you can present a high-quality belt that fits his style, you just need to choose the right material and type and color that can to be suitable to wear with the most pieces of the gifted person’s clothes.

Gifting a belt to any man will be a good gift choice, but the material or the style of the belt could be the reason for making your gift, not a good gift. If the gifted person never wears classic pants, then gifting a classic belt will not be a good gift, and if you presented a green or red belt and the gifted person does not wear such colors, then your gift will not be proper to him.

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We can highlight some points to you to make sure the belt is a good gift.

Style: You need to decide either the belt will be for a classic style or for the casual style, and you can do that based on the dressing style that the gifted person used to wear, but if you hesitate which one to gift, then you can present a casual one, because most of the people wear casual a lot, but not all wear classic, so do not limit your options.

Color: If you are not sure if the gifted person like the colored belts, then you should buy a neutral colored ones because the colored belts will limit the gifted person’s option, where he will need to wear it with certain styles which may not match his taste at all, so you can gift a black or dark gray ones as a gift to be on the safe side.

Material: Classical or formal belts usually are leather, so your options will be already limited here, but for casual, there are so many materials like Leather, Stretch braided, web (cotton), Canvas or Nylon, and choosing the material here will depend on the style of the gifted person if he like to change to other types of belts or not, but if you are not sure then you can buy the most common type which is leather, at the end, it will depend on your evaluation, but it is not recommended to gift a belt that is not the same style that you saw the gifted person wear before.

Buckle Shape: It is not recommended at all to present belts that have a Buckle that has a specific unusual shape, like the brand shape ex. Belts from Calvin Klein brand that has (CK) on in big size, or even Nike shape, where not everyone likes wearing that, because many people care so much about not wearing any piece of fashion that had the brand all over it weather clothes or accessories, as well avoid any other not neutral shapes like cycles or flags or signs and so on .. unless you know already that the gifted person will like a certain type of belt.

Belt set: you can buy a set of belts, where they usually have different colors any maybe different shapes as well, so you will give the gifted person options to choose what he likes to wear with each pant.

What do you need to care about while buying a belt as a gift?

It should come with it is own box: If you are going to present a belt then it is preferred to choose one that comes with it is own decent box, which makes it nice and proper to gift, I am saying that because if you are buying a belt online, you might get surprised that you will receive only wrapped with a plastic bag even if it was an expensive belt, so make sure that in the description they mentioned that it will come in a box, otherwise you will need to find a proper gift box to put you belt in.

Choose a proper size: If you are a man and will gift it to a man, you probably aware that there are different sizes for belts, but actually not all the women do where some women never wear pants, so one important thing is choosing a good size, for sure it will be hard to choose the right one, but for belts, the long ones always better than the short especially if you are going to gift it and you do not know the proper size, because the long one can shorten in a minute from the metal side of the belt, so the gifted person can make it fit to him based on his waist size, but the short ones they can not make it longer, and then your gift will be useless.


Genuine Leather: If you decided to present a leather belt as a gift, then you should choose a high quality one, and the belts any way are not the kind of expensive gifts, so you can get a good one with reasonable price, so you need to make sure that it is mentioned in the description that it is made of genuine leather if you are buying it online.

Buy It Online: we recommend for some gifts to buy online rather than the mall for different reasons, but the one thing that makes us recommend buying belts online is the huge variety of shapes and colors that you can find online compared to offline, where offline you will find a limited shapes for limited brands, so you need to spend much more time to choose a good one that you like or think that it may fit the gifted person, so the online stores will not limit your options, but you just will need to choose your gift post of the occasion by enough time to make sure that you will receive it on time and to give yourself extra days in case you needed to replace or return it.

To whom you can present Belts?

Family members: it is a good gift for them but it is recommended to present only if he already needs it, especially for family members, whether they were brothers, husband, or son, and you will be able to know that easily if he does not have enough or proper belts or not, otherwise you can choose different gift with the same budget, because not all men like women in terms of preferring to have so many options of fashion accessories, they may be fine with having the only couple of belts that they already have, so choosing different gift could be more appreciated that a belt.
Coworkers, Boss: Almost every man wears belts, and at work, whether the dressing code is formal or casual, the belt will be a good a nice present that fits most of the occasions which are related to the work environment.

Dad, Grand Dad: The good thing about gifting belts that you can present it to old or young men, and it is a good choice to present for your father or grandfather, but for sure you will not need to gift a fancy one, where you need to choose one fits his age and his style.

Friends: Most fashion accessories are a good choice to gift to friends if you choose the right pieces, so if you are invited to an occasion of a friend and you find the fashion accessories is a good category to choose from, then definitely belt is a good option to gift.

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