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Gifts for Beach Lovers


Beaches are a great place to present gifts for beach lovers. nice mode, nice place and nice gift ! .. for sure it will be a memorable gift.

Beaches are a favorite destination for many people in summer, either for swimming or for having fun on the sand with friends or family, and maybe for relaxation or recreation in front of the charming view of the sea and to rapture in the sound of the crashing waves. In order to increase our amusement while we are spending our time on the beach, we must prepare all our needs and equipment, whether they are equipment for food or drinks, or for sports and activities that we usually do on the beach, either inside the sea, or outside it on the sand. In addition, we need to prepare the means of relaxation and recreation in the moments of leisure and meditation on the beach, so you can choose a gift that increases the enjoyment of the gifted person on the beach if they are beach lovers, and we will help you in that by giving some quick hints about beach gift ideas that you might consider buying. 

Beach Gifts for Food & Drinks…

1- Ice Box

This box is featured because it preserves food and drinks for about 48 hours, and it is one of the most suitable gifts for beach lovers, and for those who like to spend a long time to enjoy at sea, or camping on the beach. Mainly, this box can be filled with ice, and then you can put the drinks and food in it, then you shut the box very well till you need to open it again to take something and it will maintain the cold temperature of the food and drinks for a sufficient period. Also, this box is available in many shapes according to the number of the box users, and the number of things that will be put in it. Therefore, you should choose the suitable capacity for the gifted person, because boxes with big sizes may not fit in the regular cars, so make sure to choose a box with a suitable size for the gifted person’s car.

2- Grill

It is a suitable gift for people who go to the beach especially in their cars, whether they were a group of friends or a family. Yet, it might not be a suitable gift for people who go to the beach without their private cars as carrying the grill is not easy. So you should make sure to buy grills that could be disengaged and restructured again, or the ones that can be folded because they can be easily moved and carried. Generally, this type of grills is coal grills most of the time, where the other energy sources outside the house are limited, so if the grill is one of the gifts that you are considering to buy as a gift for beach lovers, then remember very well that the suitable choice is coal grills.

3- Thermos

Although cold drinks are usually taken to the beach, you shouldn’t miss the need for some hot drinks too. Therefore, the thermos is a special gift for beach lovers, because it will guarantee that the gifted person will have their favorite hot drink like tea or coffee, especially after few snacks or small meals after swimming or after playing beach games.

Accessories as Gifts for Beach Lovers…

They include clothes, bags, shoes, beach games, beach chairs and so on, and we will present them as follows:

4- Waterproof Bags

Beach bags usually are waterproof bags to protect things on the beach such as personal objects or electronic devices in order to avoid getting wet or damaged. Also, you can wash it with water after using them. Yet, this bag can be used by lovers of fishing, or rowing or any other sports on the beach as well since it keeps private tools and snacks without being worried that the objects might get wet. Some kinds of this bag have several pockets for the cellphone, clothes and other equipment, and this bag is airtight where water can’t get inside it. Moreover, it doesn’t sink in water, even if it falls out of the boat in the sea. That is why it would be great gifts for beach lovers, and for people who love swimming adventures in addition to fishing and sailing.

5- Water Shoes

It is a rubbery shoe that is made especially for swimming, in order to be worn when getting in the sea or to the lake. It protects the legs from the planktons deep down the sea and it does not keep water inside as it has openings in order to let the water gets out directly. For this reason, these shoes is considered a suitable gift for lovers of canoeing adventures in the mountains where participants walk between lakes and swamps. Moreover, these shoes may be necessary for fishermen, or boaters, and lovers of rowing who enter the water much, and for people who move a lot between the beach and the sea.

6- Swimming Glasses

Although all of us struggle because of our sore eyes when we enter the salt water of the sea, or we might not be able to see well below the water surface whether inside a swimming pool or in the sea, and even though many glasses types are non-expensive, but only few of us who initiate and buy a swimming glasses in order to increase their pleasure in the pool or the beach. Thus, presenting swimming glasses as gifts for beach lovers for either adults or kids would be a special beach gift that increases the amusement of the gifted person while swimming.

7- Waterproof Watch

If the gifted person loves spending long times in the water, then they will definitely need a waterproof watch and not an ordinary one. Generally, spending a whole day on the beach and in the sea, people need to prepare their objects without risking in damaging them, and that is why waterproof watches are great gifts for those people. However, when you buy one of these watches you should make sure that they are waterproof and not water-resistant as waterproof watches are pretty airtight to prevent water from entering it while the person is inside the sea or the pool. Plus, it tolerates water pressure when the person who is wearing it dives deep down the sea, and good brands of waterproof watches can tolerate deeper meters which is something better, where tolerating diving in deeper distances means more safety, capacity and efficiency. You can figure out the number of depth meters that the watch can tolerate from the instructions that are written in the watch’s features before the purchase. As for water-resistance watches, they can tolerate little splash of water in the daily activities only, whether from the faucet or while having a shower. Yet, they may not tolerate getting under the water for meters or even centimeters, so make sure to figure out the differences well between the two types of watches before the purchase of a gift, because it might not be suitable for the gifted person as much as you think.

8- Sunglasses

Beach lovers might need to have some relaxation and recreation moments, and maybe they need to sleep on the beach. So they need sunglasses to enjoy doing those activities or to walk around the beach in order to enjoy the sand and the sounds of the waves. Thus, buying sunglasses as a gift for beach lovers would be a suitable choice especially for people who do not have ones already.

9- Foldable Beach Chair

Beach lovers might like to have all their needs with them including chairs and camping equipment; yet, they might have to get that equipment to avoid renting them on the beach. So presenting a foldable beach chair would be a special beach gift, but you should consider the size of the chair when you buy it because it must fit in the gifted person’s car because it will not be appropriate to present a gift that can be hardly used or moved.

10- Inflatable Camping Couch

It is a couch made of waterproof nylon and it is a special gift for beach lovers who go to the beach a lot. Chiefly, this couch can be inflated in few seconds by grabbing its opening and then moving the couch in the air so it would be inflated with air by itself, then the gifted person can shut it. What features this couch is that it could be put in any small bag as it does not take much space in storage after folding it. So it can be bought as a gift instead of the foldable chairs if the gifted person does not have a car to carry the chair in it.

11- Waterproof Digital Camera

Some people might need to record their adventures and entertaining on the beach or inside the sea with their friends or their family as memories. Yet, it is hard to do that using a camera or a mobile that are not waterproof; plus, swimming lovers sometimes like to take some pictures with the fish under the water. So presenting a waterproof camera would be a typical gift for swimming and water sports lovers, and for people who like diving and fishing trips. This camera allows the gifted person to have high quality pictures even for several meters under the sea, or in the swimming pool; likewise, it would be one of the essentials that could accompany the gifted person on their vacations by seaside or inside the sea.

Beach Activities and Sports as Gifts…

12- Inflatable Kayak

Rowing is one of the famous water sports that some people admire.
However, the difficulty of getting a special kayak in addition to the difficulty of carrying it and moving with it on the land represents an obstacle against practicing rowing by the fans of this sport. So if the gifted person is a kayaking fan, you can present them an inflatable kayak that is made of rubbery plastic material that can be inflated and folded. Mainly, the gifted person can discharge the kayak from the air while they are on the land and fold it so it will not take much space and it would be easily carried in the hand or stored in the car.

This foldable kayak is usually attached with a manual pump for inflating it quickly when the gifted person wants to use it in the sea, or in the swimming pool. Moreover, it usually fits two people or more as it has two seats and adjustable back seats in addition to two aluminum paddles. It is not required from the kayak passenger to be able to swim as long as they wear the life jacket. Nonetheless, it is preferable to wear a life jacket because these aerobic kayaks may swing strongly when it crashes the waves. So if the gifted person does not have a life jacket, then you should advise them to buy one, or you can present a life jacket as well.

13- Beach Ball

Playing with a beach ball on the sand or in the water is definitely one of the most entertaining and popular things to do on the beach for both adults and kids. Yet, if the gifted person is not using it, they can discharge it from air and fold it as it can be inflated again with a simple manual inflator. So you can purchase one of the beach balls as a gift for swimming and beach lovers in order to increase their enjoyment on their vacations with friends or with the family.

14- Float

Although children might have their own floats, but if you present them a float with attractive colors and different shapes as a gift so they will enjoy playing with the new one. Mainly, children’s floats are available in hundred shapes and colors that can be presented as gifts for children, especially when they go to the beach on summer vacation. There are different shapes of floats such as animals and vehicles so you can buy what suits the age and the sex of the kid; also you can purchase what suits a single child or several children at the same time as it is a very special gift that you can buy for children in summer.

15- Racket Tennis

It is one of the most popular beach games whether it was racket tennis or badminton. And tennis is one of the beach games that can be played by the family members together or friends, so it will be a suitable gift for both adults and kids.

16- Surfboard

There are several beach activities and one of the most exciting activities is surfing on surfboards, so they might be a special gift for swimming lovers and for people who like to spend fun time on the beach.

17- Beach Bicycle

They are bikes with wide tires that can be driven on the sand without instilling. Plus, they are designed for the beach so they will not rust due to exposure to sea water while riding it on the beach. Also they are available for both kids and adults so they are special gifts for beach lovers.

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