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Are socks a good gift?



Sucks may not be a common gift in hot countries, but actually they are a good gift if you choose a unique type of sucks that the gifted person may not have or they may already need, like sport or anti-skid socks.

Are Socks a good gift?

Yes, they are a good gift choice if you choose unique ones, like waterproof socks, non-slip socks, hiking, and sports socks or even a thermal socks, because not everyone has such kinds of socks, and if they already have, they do not have many of them, which make it a good practical choice to gift to men or women, and this type of gift is not proper to gift the normal ones that everyone wears daily where that will not give excitement to the gifted person.

So it is so advised to choose the proper kind of socks based on the need of the gifted person, if he is athlete then the sport and hiking socks are a perfect choice, and if they used to spend long times outdoors in the rainy days, then the waterproof socks are the best for them, and if they are elders or pregnant then the Non-Slip Socks are a good choice, so we will talk in more details in the article regarding each type of socks so you choose the right choice for the gifted person.

You need to remember before you buy the socks as a gift, that you are buying it for another person, not for you, which means the socks that you like does not mean that they are proper to the gifted person or he will like, so if you like the bright and colorful ones, and you are going to gift the socks to a man, you should avoid your taste because most of the men do not wear such colors, so make sure that your gift is useable especially for men, you need to choose the neutral colors and the ones that do not have many Inscriptions.

Now we will give a brief about the types of socks that can make a good gift…

Waterproof Socks are a good gift for rainy days.

Not everyone has waterproof socks, which makes it a different and practical gift to use in winter If you know that the gifted person used to be outdoors in the rainy days going to work or supermarket or even in practicing sport or outdoor activities, then picking a pair of waterproof socks to be your gift will be a good choice.

Some people care about having a waterproof shoe then they wear it on normal socks, that could be ok for long neck shoes, but for the short neck shoes they need pair of waterproof socks as well to prevent the water from making the legs wet in the rainy days, as it happens that some water get inside if the wearer step in deep water spot, and usually the waterproof sucks are breathable so they will not harm the leg if they have been worn for hours, they just do not let the water get in, but they allow the legs to breathe through, so for rainy countries gifting waterproof socks will be a perfect gift for men and women.

Non-Slip (Anti-Skid) Socks are a good gift for indoor use..

What makes this type of socks a good choice is that it can be worn at home without the need for slippers, where they have anti-skid fractions on the bottom, which differentiate it from any other type of socks.

You can gift it to Yoga lovers, where it makes it safe for practicing yoga directly on the floor, and it is a good gift for indoor workouts and gym as well.

Plus, it is a good gift for elderly, pregnant women and hospital patients, where it provides extra security to them during moving inside the house or the hospital.

And because they are not so common, they will be a good and unique gift that the gifted person may already need.

Hiking and outdoors Socks are a good gift for athletes..

athletic-socks-جوارب-رياضيةAll the outdoors activities whether they were a sport activities like cycling or running, or they were fun activities like hiking and trekking and climbing they need a special cloth, and it will not be practical to use the normal socks for those activities, so if the gifted person used to do such activities or sports then getting him sport socks will be a good choice..

And what makes it a unique gift to use compared to the normal socks that it is moisture-wicking and reduces friction and prevents blisters, where it can keep the feet cool and dry all day.

You can choose the proper pairs for the gifted person based on the type of sport or activity that he used to do, where there are low cut and long cut socks to fit the different type of shoes for the different sports, plus, if the gifted person is a female then you can choose women socks that has bright and feminine colors and Inscriptions.

Thermal socks are a good gift for winter outdoors..

Thermal socks can be used for hiking and outdoor sports, but they are usually Ultra Thick to provide good insulation, and to create a comfortable temperature balance so the feet always be dry and warm, where they remove excess moisture and dry quickly, and they are perfect to gift in the freezing weathers, where the normal hiking or outdoor socks usually made to reduces friction and prevents blisters and to moisture-wicking but not to provide warmth, That is why the thermal socks have an extra feature by insulating the warmth of the feet from the outside weather.

Thick wool socks are a good winter gift…

They are perfect gifts for men or women in cold winter, where they protect feet from the cold wind in winter seasons, and it is better to gift them in a set of different colors, and the fluffy knitted ones in the neural colors can be matched with any type of pants. And the gifted person can use them indoors and outdoors as well.

Socks are a good gift for those people..

Pregnant Women: Anti-skid socks is good gift choice as they are important for the pregnant women to be extra safe while moving in the house, especially in the last months of the pregnancy, and anti-skid socks are not so common as a gift for pregnant women, which will make your gift stand out of all other gifts that the gifted person will receive.

Elderly & Patients: Anti-skid socks are a good get well soon gift because they make who wear them feel extra safe while moving in his room in the hospital or at home, and at the same time they will keep their feet warm and can be used instead of the slippers to move around.

Athletes or Gym Lovers: Gifting a sport sock that is made especially for moisture-wicking and dry quickly for the sports lovers will be definitely a good choice, especially that there are many sport lovers use the normal socks instead as they do not have any sport socks already, which will make you gift nice and practical at the same time.

socks-جواربAdventure lovers: whether the gifted person is in a hot country or in a cold country, you can present hiking socks for outdoor activities based on the weather of their countries, where for the cold weather you can choose the ultra-thick ones to give their feet extra warmth to their feet…

Socks are a very important piece for adventure lovers because they are hiking, trekking, climbing or touring for long hours, and may do the activity for over 8 hours continuously, which require a good pair of socks that provide protection and comfort to their feet, otherwise, their feed could get friction and blisters quickly with the normal socks.

Parents: you can gift thick wool socks for the cold nights for your parents to wear inside the house while they watch TV or for relaxing times.

Outdoor Workers: In cold winter weather the normal socks are not usually good enough, especially if the worker has to walk in the cold wind or under the rain, and for those people, you can gift waterproof socks or thermal socks to protect their feet in such weather from the water or wind and to isolate the warmth of their feet from the outside weather.

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