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14 Swimming Gifts for Swimming lovers


You will not be right if you think that presenting some swimming gifts for swimming lovers suitable them in summer only. Although swimming is a seasonal sport, whether in the sea or pools, it’s one of the most enjoyable sports. Some people practice swimming when going to the beaches in the summer only, however, others go to indoor swimming pools to practice and enjoy it throughout the year. Plus, it is one of the most popular sports after football that parents urge their children to play it. Its importance and enjoyment differ from one person to another according to his place of living, so people who live in coastal cities more in love with them because of their upbringing by the sea. Therefore, this makes you think of presenting a suitable gift for swimming or diving lovers if he is a fan of this kind of sport. Here are some swimming gift ideas for swimming lovers that you can use.

Accessories Gifts for Swimming Lover…

1. Waterproof Watch

If someone loves swimming and spends a lot of time into the sea or catches fish or even travels a lot by boats, definitely he will prefer a waterproof watch rather than any other type of watches. But you should make sure that it is a waterproof and not water-resistant watch because the waterproof watches are completely preventing water from entering it when swimming in the sea or the pool, and afford to water pressure when diving into the depths of the sea. Moreover, the good brands of them afford more meters of depth, which means more risk, capacity, and efficiency. And you can know that from the instructions that you will find it written in the watch specifications before buying. As water-resistant watches can afford the water falling on them during daily activities only, whether from the tap or while taking a shower, but they can’t afford to be under the water them several meters or even centimeters. So, make sure to study the differences between the two types well before gifting something that may be unsuitable.

2. Swimming Goggles

Although we all can’t look well under the water, whether inside the pool or the sea, and our eyes suffer from sea salty water, few of us take the initiative to purchase swimming goggles to enjoy in the pool or when come ashore. Despite many types are inexpensive, presenting swimming goggles for both adults and children will be a unique swimming gifts for swimming lovers that increases the swimmer’s enjoyment.

3. Water Shoes

They are a rubber shoe made especially for swimming. It protects the foot from deep plankton, and at the same time it does not save water inside it, so water comes out directly from small holes in it. Therefore, it is a suitable swimming gifts for those who love the canyoning adventures in the mountains, as they walk between the ponds and swamps, and also may be needed by fishermen or boat riders and lovers of rowing who entry and exit from the water and move between the beach and the sea.

4. Waterproof Digital Camera

Some people may need to record some adventure and entertainment moments on the beach or inside the sea or the pool with friends or family as a souvenir. it will not be appropriate to risk using a not waterproof camera or a mobile phone, in addition to, swimming lovers sometimes want to take some underwater pictures with fish. Presenting a waterproof camera will be a perfect swimming gift for lovers of swimming, water sports, scuba diving, and fishing trips, for that the receiver can get high-quality photos up to several meters under the sea or the pool, and it will be one of the main facilities accompanying him in his summer adventures.

5.Equipment Bag for Swimming Lovers

They are waterproof bags and protect their contents when swimming. lovers of canyoning mountains cross ponds and lakes that impede their path, so they use swim bags that they are bound or surrounded by the body to accompany them While swimming. The bag contains equipment for hiking, food, drink and other needs.

Besides, bags necessary for many to protect their needs from any wetness or damage on the beach, they can also wash them with water from the sand after the end of their day.

Additionally, lovers of fishing or kayaking use them to keep their tools and snacks without getting wet. Some of them contain multiple pockets to keep the mobile phone, clothes and other tools, they are tightly closed so the water doesn’t reach them, and they do not dive into the water even if they fall from the boat. Consequently, it will be great swimming gifts for lovers of swimming, fishing, and sailing adventure enthusiasts.

6. Swimwear

Swimwear may not be the perfect choice for gifting adults, because everyone needs to buy it by himself to make sure it is appropriate for him. Conversely, it can be a suitable swimming gift for the children, and it is a way to tell them the family is ready to travel to the resort.

Gifts for Swimming Enthusiasts…

7. Inflatable Pool

Certainly, we all want a house with a pool, but it is one of the luxury options for the rich, yet we can own one of the inflatable pools for our children to enjoy swimming in the summer instead of going to the beach. The inflatable swimming pool is distinguished by not taking a large space in the house, when not using it can be emptied of air and folded to become like the size of a piece of clothing and put it in any storage cabinet, and when you want to use it, it can be inflated with a special blower and placed in home garden or yard. It is one of the special swimming gifts in the summer for families with children, and you can choose between different capacities and sizes compatible with the number of children and their ages.

8. Pool Float

If you gift children an attractive float, although they may have their floats, they will use the new and leave the old. Baby floats are available in hundreds of shapes and colors that are suitable as children’s swimming gifts when going to the beach, some of them are in the form of animals or vehicles, etc. It is one of the special swimming gifts for children, therefore you can buy one as a gift according to the age and gender of the child or buy what suits one child or several people at the same time. 

Beach Activities Gifts…

9. Inflatable Rowing Boat or Kayak

Kayaking is One of the sports-related to the swimming sport. Sometimes swimming lovers like to swim offshore, other times they like to dive in areas that contain coral reefs and colorful fish, which are usually far from the beach, so they rowing and leave their little boat offshore and swimming to reach these areas. Nevertheless, they face the difficulty of obtaining a private boat and carrying and transporting it on land. you can choose an inflatable rowing boat made of inflatable and foldable rubber plastic material if you want to present a gift for rowing lovers. The first advantage of them, It can be empty the air and folded it when moving on to does not take up a lot of space, and carry it easily in the hand or store it in the car.

Secondly, It can be accompanied by a hand pump for fast pumping when using and rowing either on the beach or in the swimming pool. Thirdly, it can accommodate two or more people as it has two seats with adjustable backrests, and with aluminum oars.

Finally, it is not required for its user to be able to float, as long as he wears a life vest. In all cases, it is preferable to wear a life vest because these airboats are vulnerable to swing when collided with the waves. Thus, if someone does not have a life vest, you should advise him to buy one or you can give him a life vest with the inflatable boat.

10. Hook

The best time for fishing is one of the most enjoyable water activities when swimming lovers need recreation after swimming and diving. Although it needs patience and many beginners may not succeed in catching a single fish, but everyone wants to try even once. Fishing enthusiasts may be fishing directly from the suitable areas on the beach, which is a part of rock extending deep into the sea away from the sandy beach, or from a fishing boat rented by some friends to spend a full day inside the sea, or even from a small inflatable boat. A hook is a great gift for fishing enthusiasts, especially many types of them available on the market, which can be comfortably folded and transported.

11. Beach Ball

No doubt playing beach ball on the sand or while swimming whether swimming lover is young or old is considered one of the most enjoyable and famous entertainments on the beach. It is distinguished from other types of the ball by being foldable after emptying from the air, and pumping it with a simple manual blower when using. Therefore, you can buy one as a gift for the beach and swimming lovers, to be more enjoyable, whether on a trip with friends or his family.

Diving Equipment Gifts…

Diving equipment is technical, so if you and the gift’s receiver are not familiar with the equipment well, you should avoid present it as a diving gift. It needs a specialist to buy and use it, but if you are one of these, and the gift’s receiver needs one of them, it may be an appropriate gift. including for example:

12. Snorkel Mask

Snorkel face mask is a great diving gift because it’s made of silicone to protect the face from water changes during the diving. It’s attached with a hole to install the oxygen cylinder for supplying the person with necessary oxygen for diving sports.

13. Heart Rate Monitor

It is a specialized watch to measure the heartbeat under the water, as sometimes people suffer heart attacks under the water due to the lack of oxygen and fresh air. It is a great gift for diving practitioners as it quickly warns them of a slight change in their heartbeat.

14. Wetsuit

It is one of the most important diving equipment, so no one can dive without it especially in the great depths of the sea. It is also a suitable diving gift from parents for their children who love swimming and diving to encourage them. 

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