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19 Unique Pottery Gifts


The pottery gifts  are one of the distinctive handicrafts gifts for heritage and rootage lovers due its long history. It is one of the oldest types of handcraft known to man. Pottery has appeared since ancient times, as the pottery industry dates back to the appearance of man himself. Clay pots were made of clay pottery to use for drink and food. Actually, pottery pots are distinguished  by their ability to keep liquids and food from spoiling and change the taste in a healthy way, so the clay pots were in the past an alternative to the refrigerator in our time. As time progressed and humanity evolved,the pottery industry is also beginning to design various pieces of decor in homes and palaces and so far the pottery industry can be relied on in the decoration as well as in making cooking tools and cooking food. So, pottery gifts are considered as a distinctive gifts to consider when thinking of new ideas and types of gifts.

In reality, people’s relationship to pottery in the current age is not limited to using only different pottery,  but some people also love making pottery with their hands. If anyone of your circle of acquaintances whether friends or relatives prefer to cook in pottery, use crockery as decorative pieces for their homes, or  love making pottery with their hands, so one of the best gifts you can give them on their different occasions, whether they are furnished their matrimonial home, or moved to a new home and other different kinds of occasion gifts, is “pottery gifts.”

So in the article below, we will present  you different ideas for various kinds of pottery gifts,along with ways to present them to your friends , relatives, or even children who love to play and shape pottery pastry, follow the article with us.

Pottery Decor Gifts

1. Pottery Water Fountains

A pottery decorative piece  to decorate the sides of the house or workplaces, which includes several pieces of pottery stacked on top of each other so that water can run between them and decorate in the upper pottery jar. It’s usually used by electricity and can be closed at as needed for use and some kinds are decorated with colorful plants and stones and sometimes with colorful lights to give them an aesthetic  touch from the magic of nature.Its vision is delightful and the sound of the water’s ripple makes it a great decorative pottery gift to be presented as a gift to the new home, perhaps even as a gift to the work office.

2. Pottery Vases

Although vases are traditional gifts, the pottery species are valuable gifts. Some of them are distinguished for art painting and coloring on the unique variety of pottery, which makes them a special piece of decor. It also maintains the living flowers inside it for the longest time compared to other vases, and is also suitable for use with artificial flowers, which make it a special clay  gift for all kinds of flowers .

3. Pottery Pots for Growing Plants

You can provide pottery bowls with attractive inscriptions and colors to grow different plants for the lovers of home plants. If the recipient of your gift likes to plant himself, you can provide a complete blank set of small pots, so that he can use it himself. If this is not necessary, you can give him some plants in their unique pottery. The pottery dough, unlike other species, has a good ability to drain excess water from the need of plants, which protects them from death by drowning, and keeps the soil moist, which makes it a wonderful gift for home planters.

4. Pottery Bowls with Artificial Plants

If the recipient of your gift is not a home plant growers who is unable to care for it but loving its appearance, you can give him artificial plants in colorful and colorful pottery bowls, then it will be a permanent gift with an attractive appearance that does not require special care or attention.

5. Decorative Pottery Pots

You can gift a pottery ornamental plate, which is often placed on a special stand on tables or shelves,with hand-painted, patterned colors and graphics, thus serving as one of the decorative paintings that can be placed on any table.

6. Table Bowls for Decoration

They are often placed in the center of the tables as a piece of decor and at the same time it can be used to put some wrapped candy in it to be accessible to any guests coming to the house or even to store the keys next to the door of the house or leave them empty on one of the shelves. In reality, the carvings and colors on its walls are among the most important features as a handcraft decorative pottery gifts.

7. Money Bank

Hollow pottery with a base to fix it  and a top slot to put money in and save for long periods. It’s actually  a great gift for children to encourage saving money, while also being used as a decorative piece on the wall shelves.

Pottery Gift Tools…

8. Pottery Dough Wheel

You can buy one of the two types of pottery wheels, either large for professionals or small for beginners and children,  which are the main tool in pottery where the pottery dough is placed and rotated to implement the basic form of pottery and pottery shapes. And the large ones which are for professionals are not really big in size,with only 50×40 cm wide, which can be placed on any small table during use, and works with electricity to form shapes and pottery. Actually, it’s one of the valuable pottery shaping tools gifts that you can give to all professional or adults lovers of this hobby.

Its smaller types is even smaller, which is a great educational game for children or beginners as it helps them spend their free time learning new skills. It’s  a light-plastic pottery dough wheel that is easy to control from children to make different kinds of pottery games which is battery powered to move and rotate it. The parents usually buy it for their children as a means of playing and improving their skills and hobbies, which is a training and entertaining method at the same time to form and color pottery objects. Also, Colored clay is used with it to make it more appealing to children when used, so buying it as a home entertainment gift for adults and young beginners is a good and different idea.

9. Pottery Coloring Colors

After stiffening the pottery pieces in the sun for several days or after heating them with one of the designated ovens, they will be ready for the arts of drawing and coloring. The usable colors for painting pottery are acrylic colors where the pottery is easily used in specialized brushes. So, you can present a gift from your acrylic color palette included with the pottery coloring brushes for pottery lovers, whether young and old.

10. Pottery Shaping Kit

Pottery is an art such as drawing and sculpture. In this regard, some people like to practice it themselves and make some forms of it for their own use and perhaps for sale. Of course, specialized tools are needed! If the recipient of your gift is  from these, you can give him a complete pottery formation group that contains many different small tools and several sizes to suit the recipient’s practice of this hobby.

11. Pottery Molds

One of the ways to make pottery is to pour pottery dough into ready-made molds to be formed according to the desired pottery forms. It is an easier way than making handmade pottery methods and does not need to be highly professional, which makes it a great gift for the lovers of making pottery from beginners.

Pottery Cookware Gifts…

12. Pottery Oven

There are some types of small-sized pottery ovens which may not exceed about 40 x 40 cm, in size, which makes it suitable for placing on any small table, which is used either in making pizza, bread, or any other bakery. It is suitable for home-made bakery lovers for freshly baked pastries.

13. Pottery Jug

It is used to present various drinks such as tea, milk and various juices, and it maintains the temperature and taste of different drinks inside it without being affected by external factors. It’s available in many different forms, and the art of pottery coloring and pottery painting is used in designing some parts of it, which actually makes it a wonderful gift that can be also used as a decorative piece on guest tables.

17. Pottery Plate Kit

Usually the kit consists of several small pieces of pottery plates that are sufficient to cook a full meal of pottery for one person, Where it can be placed on fire or in the oven, and then provide meals for everyone in his pottery bowl. And usually, it does not have a cover of its own, and this type of dish is very special as pottery gifts for lovers of food, meals and pottery foods because of its good flavor and privilege.

18. Pottery Jar

The pottery Jar can be used to keep the water cool, keeping the water cool inside and not much affected by the heat of the atmosphere instead of cooling it in the refrigerator. The pottery is still used in many rural houses in many countries so far, as well as by poor families who need cold water without the need to use water coolers for this purpose. Actually, they are wonderful pottery gifts for those who love rural life, return to nature and use natural resources in everyday life.

19. Pottery Water Barrel

It is a large pottery pot usually used in large rural houses to provide healthy,cold water for all family members.  It is usually decorated with unique pottery patterns, drawings and colors, which makes it an elegant gift for pottery lovers. Some modern types of water pottery are provided with a tap to extract water from it in a similar way to a modern water cooler.As one of its advantages is that it purifies water from impurities completely, so many people use it to purify and filter water in rural areas instead of water filters made from wax and other things.

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