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Why & How to Present Pet Birds as Gifts Over Dogs & Cats?


Presenting pet birds gifts is better or dogs & cats is better?!, Pet birds are among the most famous pets that a lot of breeding lovers and who caring for them feel it is easy to pet more than many other pets like dogs or cats, here is some reasons why ..

  • Pet birds do not occupy a big place at home as it could be placed in a cage in one of the rooms or on the balcony.
  • Also and the most important, pet birds do not leave their cages alone so they will not mess the house like other pets, and destroy your own stuff by tearing apart your cushions, or dropping the glasses and bots from over the tables.
  • There is no need to clean after them over all the place which might be over everything you have at home, specially your valuable furniture pieces like your favorite couch or chair, where it does not lead who has cleaning obsession to madness of causing dirt with their stuff everywhere.
  • They do not need extra effort to take care of them like dogs, where you have to walk them around everyday or every couple of days.
  • Pet birds are more healthier to your family, as there is no un-proper direct contact all the time with them like dogs who licking up everything and everyone, which is prohibited in some religious like islam to pray with clothes dogs has licked it up unless you wash it seven times one of them with dust.
  • Additionally, pet birds spread happiness at home with their voices and noices as they sing and peep all the day, unlike dogs who have not the voice that you would like to hear.

If the gifted person likes pets, then it is preferable to present them a pet bird, whether they are adults or kids. Yet, gifts that are related to the pet birds are different as one can present pet birds themselves or the supplies for breeding like cages, toys or related decorations. Moreover, pet birds gifts are amazing for kids who would like to care for pet birds.

In this article, we will deliver you different gift ideas that you can present them to your friends or relatives and how to please them with these bird gifts. First we will introduce the types of pet birds that you can interrogate about when going to buy one, in case you do not have an idea about them before; secondly, we will indicate some tools that could be used for pet birds breeding and you can present them individually or with the bird so keep reading the article.

Advices Before Buying Birds as Gifts ..

If you are not professional and not used to buy birds, is would be better to ask any friend has birds to give some advices on how to buy it, what you need to know before going to buy one, and it would be much better if he can come with you helping in buying the birds ..

  • If you are gifting bird couples, you need to make sure that they are male & female by knowing the signs that clears so from any resource on the internet, as in some type of birds you can know that by the color over the bird’s beak, but if you feel that is something hard on you to do then you need to try your best in buying the birds from a proper and good birds store and is so advised to buy it from a closest one to you, so you can back to them easily, as many stores give strangers who live far a way two male birds instead of male and female to get ride of the extra males that they have, they do so if they feel that it is had for you to come back ..
  • If the gifted person has never pet birds before, then you need to buy all the accessories of the bird with you, like the water containers and enough food to last few weeks, and if you gifted a bird couples it is preferable to buy a nest box attached with the cage as the birds may lay eggs in the next few days if the birds were not young aged.
  • It is preferable to ask the store to give you young aged birds, so you will look more attractive and more active, and to live longer ..
  • It would be better if you gift a breeding book with your bird, so the gifted person can know more on how to care of the birds if they are already newbies, and you need get some basic instructions from the store that you bought the birds from then you pass it to the gifted person to avoid making the birds die, like if they didn’t cover the cage at night in the cold whether which may make the birds freeze and might die.

Gifts of Pet Birds

The Budgerigar

It is one of the easiest birds to be cared for so it is recommended for beginners who do not have experience in bird breeding. Also, it is one of the cheapest birds so you can present it to kids and those who started to have pet birds at home.

Lovebirds, Agapornis

The name of these birds came as a result of the strong love between the male and the female all the time. Notably, they live pretty long, ten to fifteen years, so they are a good choice to be considered for gifting between couples on their special occasions as the birds will live a long time with them.

Zebra Finch

Zebra finch is one of the most active birds and they are small in size and so fit, but they like to live in groups so it is recommended to buy them as couples when presenting the zebra finch as a gift.

Java Sparrow

It is among the rare pet birds so it is a precious gift as it has also a sweet voice.

The Canary

The canaries are famous for their big size, beautiful colors, and sweet voice. Also, it is one of the most famous names in the world of pet birds so it would be amazing to present a canary to people who would like to show off their pets.


It is a member of the parrot family so it could be trained to spell a few words to be like a parrot and repeat what it hears. Also, it is big in size so notably, it is a fantastic gift of pet birds for kids.

Fischer Bird

It is one of the most famous pet birds around the world as they are small in size, beautiful and multi-colored. Also, they are active and they play all the time which entertains people around; so it is an amazing gift for pet bird breeding lovers, especially kids. Yet, you should consider the age when buying the bird in order to not lose it quickly.

The Goldfinch Bird

 This type of bird has a pretty sweet voice; in addition to its beautiful shape and attractive feather. Notably, a lot of people prefer to have one in order to enjoy its voice and appearance; so it is an unprecedented gift for pet birds’ lovers especially if they do not already have one.

Pet Birds Breeding Supplies as Gifts

Big Bird Cage

This is a good gift for people who have birds at home as they can accommodate several couples in one cage; and each couple has a separate door to keep food, drink, and the nest separately. Mainly, this cage is suitable for any kind of small size pet bird as it has a drawer below to gather the waste of the birds and the rest of the food; so it is a practical bird gift as it is easy to clean too. Moreover, some of the cages have swings as a toy for the birds and they have a stand to put the cage on the floor anywhere at home.

Wooden Cage for the Nest of the Bird

Different types of pet birds need a place to make their own nest inside it in order to lay eggs and sit on it; also to feed their chicks after they come out of the eggs. So you can present your gift as a wooden cage to build a pet bird’s nest. It is characterized by the presence of a cover with joints for easy opening and cleaning with a circular opening to let the birds enter and fly easily so it is suitable for all kinds of birds.

Arabesque Small Bird Cage

It is a suitable gift for breeders of small numbers of pet birds or for those who prefer to separate between different couples and not put them all in one large cage. Mainly, this cage accommodates one pair of pet birds and it comes equipped with food and drinks bowls to provide the birds with a stand to keep the cage stable and a bottom drawer to collect bird’s wastes and left food. The cage is engraved by Arabesque laser engravings on its sides that make it a unique decorative piece and an elegant gift.

A Stand to Hang the Pet Birds’ Cage

This is a practical gift for pet bird breeders as they can hang the cages anywhere in the house.

Spray for Pet Birds Feathers

It is a spray that maintains the cleanliness and shine of bird feathers and it works to eliminate fungi and inflammation. So it is a special gift for beginners in pet bird breeding who do not have the full tools appropriate to take care of birds yet.

Pet Birds' Toys

You can present your gift to the breeders of pet birds as a set of different toys that are placed in a bird’s cage to be used in the training of the bird or for entertainment. Mainly, they are appropriate for many other types of birds such as parrots, pigeons, etc… And these toys vary between swings hanging in a bird’s cage, a wooden ladder for climbing, or a colorful toy to attract bird’s attention in order to keep them active away from boredom.

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