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Is Luggage a good gift?

If you want to know if the luggage a good gift to give or not, you need to answer first these two question, how many times the gifted person will use it per year and does he already have one?, Does he already need it and he may buy one to use it in the short term?, if it is one these to cases then the luggage will be a good gift.

How many times the gifted person will use it per year and does he already have one?

Luggage is the type of products you should not gift unless the person is really in need for it, so if the gifted person used to go for short trips either for work or fun or any other reason, then you should choose the carry on size luggage so the gifted person can carry it with him on the plane, but you will need to make sure that your gift is better than what he has, or he does not have a proper suitcase to use already, otherwise, your gift will be useless.

If you found that the gifted person already need a new one even if he has one already, then it will be a good gift to give, and you don’t have to worry about the fact that it is not a common gift or a weird gift, because it is a practical item that the gifted person will already use, so as long as you saving him the money that he would spend to buy a new one, plus it is not a personal thing, then it is a good gift to give.

Will the gifted person need the luggage in the short term?

If the gifted person is a student for instance and will need to relocate to the dorm, then the suitcase will be a necessary item, especially if the gifted person doesn’t have his own suitcase already. Despite the gifted person will not use the luggage so often but in this case, it will be a proper gift because in a way or another he will have one eventually.

And the same applies to all those who will travel for the first time and do not have a proper case to use, and in such cases, you need to choose a big size one, because they will not move for a short time, so they will take so many items with them.

Which is better to gift, Canvas or Hardside luggage?

Mainly, suitcases are different in styles and sizes according to their use; for instance, bags that accompany the passenger to the aircraft are different from ones that are placed inside the aircraft baggage store according to the size and the weight.
Hardside Luggage can bear more pressure on the sides, which the gifted person may need if the luggage will be packed with other luggage as we see in flights where the suitcases be stored over each other, so the hard sides of the suitcase absorbed the pressure and prevent most of it to reach to what the suitcase contains, which provides protection to them.

One more fun feature of the hard sides suitcases, that when someone put it in the standing position, it is hard enough to use it as a seat by sitting on it, which may be the gifted person need when he has a waiting time.

Canvas Luggage can not bear the pressure like the hard side luggage, but that could be a feature in some cases, so if the luggage is not full of items then it does not need to take the whole space of the luggage dimensions, so it can be fit in smaller areas based on the amount that it has, which is a big advantage for who travels a lot in his car where he needs to save spaces to other things, that makes it perfect for camping trips as well, and for this purpose it so much practical compared to the hard sides luggage.

So based on the kind of travels that the gifted person used to have, you can decide which type of luggage is more proper to him.

Smart Luggage can be a good gift if you have a high gift budget...

It is more preferable to buy a suitcase different from the ordinary ones, since the gifted person might have one already. Nowadays, there are smart suitcases that facilitate the efforts of the passenger; yet, they are not widely used which gives the passenger special distinctions such as: 

  • Smart suitcases connect to the passenger’s phone via Bluetooth so it walks beside the passenger without the need to be held, and it stops when the passenger stops. Thus, it saves the passenger’s efforts when moving within the airport specially if the distance between the gate and the aircraft door is long.
  • Smart suitcases can be locked firmly via phone, and it can be located as well by being connected to the passenger’s phone. And these characteristics are very important in case the suitcase is missed in the airport.
  • Smart suitcases have a big pocket to place the laptop in without the need to open the main bag. Moreover, it has a plug to charge the phone via an external power plug without opening the bag.
  • Smart suitcases have an upper pad to be as a table and to place the laptop on it; so passengers can work on their laptop comfortably while sitting in the lounge.

Luggage is a good gift for those traveling lovers…

The type of luggage that you should choose as a gift will depend on the type of travel trips of the gifted person, if the gifted person traveling for adventures and camping, then the pre-mentioned camping bags which can accommodate the whole stuff needed for journeys and camping. Also, these bags can be carried as backpacks while traveling even if it is not an adventure in order to facilitate movement.

Plus, most of them do not have wheels. But for the hotel kind of travel, then the ordinary wheeled suitcases will be the proper choice.
Feminine luggage is a good gift for women who like to travel.

Moreover, suitcases are varied in brands, styles, and colors. So if you are gifting a fashion fan girl, it is preferable to choose a suitcase with bright recent-trendy colors like blue or green. However, make sure that the suitcase is light weighted and resistant at the same time. Also, consider the resizing and expanding feature to accommodate several things without exceeding the allowed luggage. Yet, it is better to buy famous branded bags even if it is not expensive since famous branded bags guarantee the security of suitcases in order to avoid damage while traveling.

Good gifts to attache or put inside your luggage gift.

Luggage scale…
If the gifted person a traveler, whether for business or for fun or even because he has to, and he used to take flights for that, then he will need to manage the weight of his luggage properly to avoid paying fines or to match his targeted paid weights, and to do that he has to do a use a proper weight scale, despite there is many of them are so cheap, but not every home has a proper scale for use for luggage, so attaching such a gift with your main luggage gift will be a good idea.

Smart Tracker…
It is a small piece of electronic device that can be connected to the phone so the luggage owner can track the luggage through in case he lost it or it got stolen. The good thing about this device that it is not a common device, which makes the thieves think in finding it and get rid of it. That makes it a good secondary gift where you can attach to the luggage to give extra security to the gifted person in his personal stuff. And the same tracker can be used with many other items later like keychain or wallet.

Luggage Tags…
It is a nice secondary gift to put inside the luggage, where you can gift a set of them with the shapes that you like so the gifted person can use them every time he travels as a percussion in case he lost the suitcase.

Locker or Luggage Strap with a locker…
Both are a good way to give an extra level of security to the luggage, whether it has already built-in locker or not, and in some cases, the user may need that, but it is up to you to know if it is recommended or not, but these are a good secondary gift to Put inside the luggage when you gift it.

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