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Gifts for Pies & pastries lovers

Pastries Gifts are one of the best dish gifts to present to your neighbors, and if you are looking for a present for a pastry lover woman that likes to make it very often, then gifting pastry makers and tools will be a great choice. 

And what makes it so a practical gift that Pastries and Pies of various kinds are one of the most favorite meals for many people, It can be part of delicious breakfast for both adults and children, which makes having pastries and pies makers are a necessity for many homes, and it will be your chance to present the proper pastries tools for those who do not have it or do not have the proper ones.

It is a proper housewarming gift for friends or married family members and will be even better if you can present both Pastries, Pies tools, and ready-made pastries, whether by purchasing them from bakeries or cooking them yourself to present them as a special gift.

In this article, we will try to give different pastries and pies preparation equipment and tools that you can present to your friends or acquaintances on various occasions; so follow the article with us.

Pastry and Pie Makers as Gifts…

1. Waffle Maker Machine

It is one of the best wedding or housewarming gifts,for waffle lovers, as it is a small-sized that will not take much space, plus, it is a cheap kind of machine, which makes it a great gift idea for making breakfast for waffle lovers especially in homes with children, especially if they do not have the proper waffle maker at home.

it is perfect for quick-preparing waffles by placing the waffle dough on flipside which is usually divided into four or five divisions to make waffles from waffles in the form of hearts or flowers with an inner surface of Tefal that is not sticky, to have the perfect and delicious waffles for the family.

2. Crepe Pancakes Maker

It is a nice gift idea for the kitchen for making the crepe pancakes where the dough is spread to the not sticky Tefal surface after it is connected to electricity and the appropriate temperature is set. 

Usually, the crepe maker has a light indicator that indicates reaching the appropriate temperature for cooking which makes it easier to use on the proper time, Some types of Crepe makers come with a spoon to spread the dough and a stick to turn the pie on both sides during cooking, which makes it a suitable gift idea for crepe lovers and for all kitchens.

3. Cupcake and Muffin Maker

Cupcakes and Muffins are one of the best desserts to make at home for children, Plus, it is an easy dessert to make for parties and to present for visitors, and using a cupcake maker will make it super easy and quick to cook it at home, which makes it a perfect gift idea for the families that have kids.

4. Pizza Maker

It is a great way of cooking fast pizza at home by putting the dough with its additions in the plate and connecting it with electricity until it reaches full maturity. Also, usually, pizza makers are good for pastries and pies to be heated with it as well if it was already cooked.

Almost all pizza makers are characterized by being coated with an insulating layer that prevents food from sticking to it, and it can also be used in cooking Vegetables with meat or chicken, as well as grilling or frying different types of meat and fish in it, which makes it a wonderful practical gifts for all homes.

5. Electric Pastries and Pies Oven

Despite it is not a cheap kind of gift, it is one of the most practical gifts for any kitchen, especially for the pastries lovers to make pies, pastries, and pizza of various kinds which can accommodate pancakes pieces to be prepared within ten minutes only, and it is usually accompanied by four tablespoons of pies and pizza to be brought into the oven and taken out of it, and is suitable to put on the table during eating to get delicious hot quick pies, which makes it a great gift idea for pie and pastry lovers.

6. Tefal Grill

It is a suitable gift for fans of toasted sandwiches and grilled meat sandwiches, it is intended for roasting sandwiches, toast and waffle and making quick pancakes, which makes it a wonderful gift for mothers as well, as it helps them to prepare school lunch boxes for their children. 

Usually, it is designed from Tefal, which prevents food from sticking on it, which makes it easy to clean, and using it for heating food when it is needed, and having a temperature adjust the control to set the temperature according to the thickness of the food inside makes it so practical.

7. Home Baking Machine

Bread is one of the main types of pies and pastries, and many prefer to eat homemade bread, and baking bread using traditional methods usually consumes a long time. Therefore, home baking machines save a lot of time in preparing it. Home bakers can also be used to make pies and pastries, differently quickly and easily, which makes it a suitable gift for home bread lovers.

Pie & Pastry Tools as Gifts…

8. Tart and Cupcake Decorating Pen

It is the fun part of making desert to decorate tarts and cupcakes with shanté cream or sugar dough by drawing different shapes on the surface of the cupcakes, the mother can do it by herself, or she can let her kids have fun in doing it themself..

And it is a great complementary way to write greeting phrases or the name of who will be presented to him in the parties or for the home visitors.and for doing that decorating pen are needed which are available on the market in sizes and shapes.

And there are many decorating pens made of different materials, some are metal that is not rust-proof and others are made of plastic, so you can choose the proper one to gift for the mother that has kids who are cupcakes and muffin lovers.

9. Pastry Tools Set

It is so practical to present pastry tools set that has party scrapers, spatula, brush or blender or even pastry wrappers .. all of these tools are a perfect gift to present to help the gifted women to prepare her pastry with the right tools, especially if they came together as a set, Plus it is not an expensive gift to give where you can find it in a reasonable price online.

10. Pastry and Pizza Cutting Knife

Having the proper tools for slicing and cutting the pastry is recommended especially in house parties because for sure every woman likes to present her food and dessert in the right way. That makes presenting cutting tools and knives are good gift choice to present for those who used to make pastry frequently.

Pastry knife is different from the ordinary knife as it is intended for pizza and pastries as it is a wheel with a metal or wooden handle passed on the pie or pizza or any type of pastry to cut into the desired parts, making it a suitable gift for all lovers of pies and pastries.

11. Baking and Pastry Pans

Whether it was a crepe pan, cupcake pan, waffle pan, cake pan or any other kinds of pastry, It is a good gift because presenting a pan which is made for a certain type of pastry makes the gifted person able to make his favorite type of pastry by the right way.

Presenting the pans for cakes for instance in the shape of fish or flowers or other unique shapes makes baking and presenting the cakes more fun and brings joy for the kids at home.

Cupcakes are hard to make without a special pan, where the cupcake pan gifts the unique cupcake shape otherwise people will not even consider it as cupcakes.

12. Pastries Trays, Stands, and Dishes as Gifts

Serving Pastries in a fancy and practical tray or stands is something that opens appetite more for eating the pastries, and presenting some of those serving tools as a housewarming gift definitely is a good gift choice especially for those who used to have house parties or those who have kids.

You need first to know which pastries that the gifted person likes and makes the most, so you can present a tray or stand proper for it, where you can present a cupcake stand that is so special for present cupcakes only or stands for with covers for tarts .. or even stands of with different level to place a different kind of deserts on each level.

we recommend presenting stands and trays that can be used for all pastries to be more practical and be used very often, and the most common ones are the ones with class covers to protect the pastries for a couple of days from any insects and the multi-level stands to present a big amount for the visitors and the family in the big gatherings.

These trays and stands vary in their shapes and materials, where they are usually made of porcelain, acrylic, ceramic, and metal or even wood, so you can choose the ones that have a unique look and make a perfect and attractive gift for the gifted woman to use over any pastry stand she already has.

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