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Gifts of Chocolate


Over time, chocolate gifts was considered among the most elegant gifts that can be used on different occasions. Most people are in love with chocolate with its several kinds, brands, and prices; so it is a proper gift for people from all classes. Mainly, there are the low-priced local chocolates that are accessible to people with limited incomes, in addition to the global brands chocolates that suit rich people with high income levels. Progressively, chocolate is not only raw chocolate, but also it became filled with different additions that increase the taste and the beauty of chocolate such as biscuits, nuts, dry fruits, coconut, caramel and gel. Moreover, there are the other sweets that are made of chocolate such as chocolate cake, chocolate tart, chocolate cup cake and chocolate cheese cake.

So presenting various kinds of chocolate in an elegant gift box to our beloveds would be a suitable and brilliant chocolate gift even though it is common. Mainly, chocolate fans can be identified easily, so your turn is to think about the type of chocolate that you would like to present them since they can identify the distinctive chocolate easily. As we know, there are several additions that can be added to chocolate as companies are producing the best kinds of chocolate with the best taste.

Moreover, chocolate can be presented with other gifts. Although exchanging chocolate gifts is something traditional, it cannot be an unsuitable gift because if the gifted person does not like chocolate, they can use it for hospitality whether in their house or office, and even to present it to their kids. Nonetheless, you should take into consideration if the gifted people are banned of eating chocolate.

Most chocolate fans prefer to self-award themselves with chocolate especially when they feel unhappy or tired, so they would like to eat their preferable sweets as chocolate increase the sense of happiness, which is one of its features. However, you should pay attention to the daily eaten amount of chocolate; on one hand, chocolate has antioxidants and helps decrease blood pressure, but on the other hand, it has many harmful effects such as obesity, high cholesterol and tooth decay. 

Since we have numerous kinds of chocolate gifts that can be exchanged between friends and relatives on different occasions, we will also introduce you to several ideas about how to prepare and decorate chocolate for cooking fans. So read this article in which you will find different gift ideas about types of chocolate gifts and its desserts, in addition to the tools used to prepare chocolate and how to present them to your friends or relatives on different occasions.

Chocolate Gifts Ideas

Different Chocolate Boxes

If the gifted person loves all kinds of chocolate, and you would like to prepare the gift box yourself, then you can get them several kinds of chocolate and place them in an elegant gift box in a very nice decorative way; for instance, you can design a tart of several chocolate layers. Likewise, you can design a box of chocolate sticks and divide it using chocolate sticks too in order to have different kinds of chocolate in one box, which makes this gift a memorable gift for chocolate fans. However, if you would like to buy ready-made chocolate boxes to save efforts, you would find numerous types and styles of chocolate boxes and tastes. And because it is a distinctive gift, there are elegant boxes like a basket, a gold or a silver plate decorated with chocolate and wrapped in an attractive and elegant way as packaging chocolate gifts is one of the most important features of the gift. Yet, there are flat wrapped boxes of cartons, where the pieces of chocolate can be placed in a geometric way to be presented on occasions such as a first home visit or a newlywed’s visit.

Chocolate Sweets as Gifts

It is a variety of sweets made from chocolate, such as chocolate tart, cheesecake, chocolate cake, chocolate cupcake decorated with sugar paste in different beautiful shapes. Also, there is a specially decorated chocolate cake to be presented as a birthday gift with words like “Happy Birthday” written in white chocolate for example. Likewise, you can find the ones to celebrate anniversaries or Valentines by writing a few words that fit the occasion, so it would be wonderful to present a chocolate tart as one of the appropriate gifts.

Chocolate Fountains as Gifts

Who does not like chocolate? Imagine a fountain of chocolate, in which liquid chocolate mixed with cocoa better flows intensively to drown the Gaufres, crepes, fruits, and other sweet that attached with a wooden stick inside the floating chocolate to get an amazing taste, which makes the chocolate fountain one of the most renewable and brilliant gift ideas. Mainly, it is a fountain with a pump in which melted chocolate is placed, so that the pump pushes the chocolate up to pour down as a wonderful fountain just like water fountains, but with the distinctive color of chocolate which is brown! So it is useful to have one during invitations, parties and late morning breakfasts as it grabs the attention of all guests. Plus, using this kind of fountains to offer hospitality is better than using traditional chocolate plates and especially for dipping fruits like strawberries or sweets like marshmallows. However, it is recommended to buy a box of marshmallows and offer it with the fountain. Moreover, consider getting a domestic fountain with a convenient size for indoor usage; usually, it is made of stainless steel with multiple layers and it can accommodate enough amounts of chocolate for all your guests.  Additionally, they are available in beautiful red and they add so much pleasure to the family gatherings during which children and youth enjoy them a lot.

Chocolate Bouquet

It is an alternative to the flower bouquet for chocolate fans. Mainly, you can design an elegant bouquet of plastic, cardboard, or silicon in delightful colors and designs to be filled with different chocolate brands.

Chocolate Box

Different kinds of chocolate can also be served in an elegant wicker plate that is decorated with colored gift ribbons with a large bow tie, or it can be decorated with colorful satin cloth gift ribbons.

Tools for chocolate fans to make chocolate at Home

If the gifted person is a chocolate lover who prefers to make different chocolate sweets, like chocolate cake, cheesecake or cupcake, at home, so presenting a tool that facilitates their work would be appropriate; so here are few ideas to help you: 

Chocolate Pens for Decoration

The last step of chocolate tart preparation is to decorate it with white or brown chocolate by drawing different shapes on the surface of the tart, or writing congratulations or the name of the chocolate lover to be presented on the concerned occasion. Thus, a convenient decorating tool that helps to accomplish this task is required; likewise, you can present a chocolate decorating pen to be easy and different from the traditional decorating cones. Also, it can also be used to draw cream or ice cream decorations as it works by filling it with cream or chocolate, then you can draw over sweets as if you are drawing on a piece of paper. Therefore, you write the phrases you want on the cake or you make lines and drawings to give a special hand-crafted touch, which makes this pen one of the unique gifts that you can present to home-confectionery fans.

Chocolate Cup Cake Templates

They are suitable for chocolate lovers who prefer to make cupcakes by themselves at home. Yet, cupcake templates have different types and shapes; for instance, cupcakes are formed in many forms including circular and engraved forms of roses, hearts, and small houses, and many other accurate forms that are difficult to implement manually, so this requires special templates to prepare chocolate cupcakes. However, these templates are different according to their materials as there are cupcake templates made of butter paper that can be placed in a metal tray for baking in the oven; and there are metal chocolate cupcake templates that can be painted with an oily material before pouring chocolate cake mixture. Also, there are other small silicone templates in wonderful forms for festivals, birthdays, and crowded parties. Consequently, a group of these templates would be the greatest gift for lovers of cupcake chocolate home preparation.

Yet, along with these templates you can present packaging papers as a gift too since baked cupcake needs colorful packaging papers to get a charming appearance especially during occasions and ceremonies, and these papers are available in several sizes and colors in the market.

Chocolate Silicone Templates

It is one of the beautiful gifts that would help the housewife to make wonderful chocolate cakes. Mainly, silicone templates are designed in different shapes to form delicious chocolate cake dough with a charming appearance as if the cake is ready-made.

Chocolate Carving Tool

Generally, it is for professionals in confectionery and especially in making chocolate cakes in order to help them decorate their cakes with carved pieces of chocolate. Thus, this tool is a treasure for all cooking, drawing and chocolate lovers and fans.

A Book to Teach how to Make Chocolate

It is good to present a general book that introduces the chocolate lover to different ways of making chocolate sweets at home. Mainly, it will help them make chocolate, and it will state different accurate recipes to make several sweet dishes such as chocolate cake, chocolate biscuit, chocolate cupcake, chocolate tart, chocolate cheesecake, and chocolate ice cream. In general, it is a unique book that worthy to be added to the library of sweet-making lovers.

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