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Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry gifts are considered as the most valuable material or moral gifts for women. Jewelry is not meant to be for women only, as there are jewelry brands specialized for men as well, which make jewelry gift ideas appropriate for all occasions and persons from different ages. In this article we will try to inform you about various jewelry brands, whether they are for gold, diamond or silver jewelry sets such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants and watches. We will also inform you how to offer these gifts for your friends and relatives on their different occasions. Therefore, follow along with us.

Bracelets gifts

Open bangles: An open bangle is either made of gold or silver. Its design is characterized by its opening; and its ends are encrusted with precious gems such as Turquoise, Agate, Onyx and Diamond accents. It varies between yellow, rose-gold and white gold, which makes it an elegant jewelry gifts for any woman who loves both gold and diamond jewelry.

Cool bracelets: This type of bracelets has cool designs such as an octopus, jellyfish, dolphin and turtle. These bracelets are often encrusted with precious gems such as Quartz, Turquoise, Coral, Ruby and Opal, which make them a fine jewelry gifts for any woman. They are available in famous brands of gold or silver jewelry.

Earrings gifts

Dangle earrings: Some earrings of this type are characterized by their longitudinal design. Many women prefer dangle earrings than wide hoop earrings for elegance and simplicity as they suit their round and oval faces. These earrings are available in many shapes in most of jewelry brands, whether the brand is known by making gold, diamond or silver jewelry, which make them jewelry gifts fitting all tastes and needs. You just have to choose what is best for your budget and the recipient’s taste.

Hoop earrings: Hoop earrings are for those who love buying jewelry characterized by circular or oval designs, and they are suitable for long face and hair. Multiple metallic ores are available for this type of earrings, so you can choose one for the lovers of gold, diamond or silver jewelry, making them one of the greatest jewelry gifts for women with long hair and oblong face shape.

Necklaces gifts

Diamond necklace: A diamond necklace is one of the best jewelry gifts, as any jewelry or specifically any diamond brand is the preferred type for many women, and it is hard to get at the same time. It is usually so expensive; therefore, such types of jewelry are bought by rich or by couples only on their wedding day or some other occasions. However, diamond necklaces are always a great gift for women.

Silver necklaces with name pendants: These necklaces are made from silver and come along with a silver name pendant carrying the name of the recipient or the namesake, making the necklace a personalized gift to let the gifted person feels the intimacy between them and the gift giver.

Rings gifts

Silver rings: Silver rings are the most prevelant type of rings due to their low price compared to the prices of gold rings and other jewelry. These rings are suitable for both men and women, but for sure the design of men’s rings differs from those of women as men’s rings are big and women’s rings are delicate and usually encrusted with diamond accents such as Agate, Coral, Ruby and others. Therefore, silver rings are considered as suitable gifts for anyone. You just have to choose what suits your budget and the recipients’ taste before buying jewelry gifts for them.

Gold Rings: Gold rings are one of the most important forms of women’s rings in the market. Actually, they cannot disappear from the jewelry of any woman. Although their prices are higher than silver rings, they are indispensable for any woman. Also, it is also one of the most important elements of marriage jewelry as most engagement and marriage rings are of gold, whether yellow gold or white gold. Thus, if the gifted person is a girl of your friends or a relative or you intend to ask a girl for marriage, the gold ring is certainly a great jewelry gift.

Diamond Rings: Diamond rings are considered the most precious jewelry so they are luxurious gifts because of the high price of diamond compared to other types of rings. It is also suitable to be a valuable engagement and marriage ring that every girl dreams of in her wedding jewelry.

Gifts of Jewelry Sets

Gold Jewelry Sets: Jewelry sets usually consist of a necklace and a bracelet of gold, and sometimes a ring as well. And mainly presenting sets of gold jewelry with multi pieces of well-known and famous brands is a wonderful jewelry gifts from the husband to the wife.

Diamond Jewelry Sets: A diamond jewelry set is an expensive gift so diamond jewelry is usually bought as a gift only among the wealthy people or in the family, or from the man to his wife. The diamond jewelry set usually consists of a necklace, bracelet, earring, rings and watch.

Gold gifts and various jewelries

Brooch: Many use gold brooch as jewelry accessories to decorate their clothes. And usually it takes different jewelry forms such as animals, birds, flowers and delicate butterflies inlaid with various gemstones. Thus, it is a wonderful gold jewelry gift and it is available with diamond too in order to fit with diamond necklaces.

Head crowns: It is one of the distinctive jewelry gifts of gold and diamond that is usually worn for engagement parties, weddings and evening parties. They add tenderness and attractiveness to women so it is a wonderful jewelry gift for her. Also, it is available of metal types for children to wear them at their birthday parties

Jewelry Boxes as Gifts: Some of jewelry boxes are padded with velvet and made of wood or metal. They are available in the market in different colors and sizes that might fit a full jewelry set or only one piece of jewelry such as chains, rings, earrings and others. Yet, it is a decorative accessory suitable and practical for ladies’ bedrooms.

Book Shape Jewelry Boxes: Jewelry boxes of this type are intended to protect precious jewelry from being stolen as they are placed in the bedroom library between books so the thief does not recognize them if the place was stolen. Yet, they are characterized by the elegant appearance that gives classic decoration for the place.

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