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Gifts of Crystals

Crystal antiques are essential decorative pieces in many houses, as they are used either to decorate different places at home like walls and tables, or to beautify home such as chandeliers, candlesticks and even crystal curtains. Plus, they can be used in utensils and tableware, whether for drinks such as crystal glasses for juices or crystal tea sets, or for food such as fruit dishes and crystal dining wares. Thus, crystal gifts are always appropriate gifts in many special occasions for homes and decorations; for example, when moving to a new house, when new couples are furnishing their matrimonial house, or when changing the decoration of the house in general. In this article, we will present different gift ideas of Crystal and that can be offered to your friends and relatives on their different occasions.

Crystal Antiques Gifts

Crystal Censer: It is an elegant crystal piece that is made entirely of crystal, and it is equipped with a colorful stove that might be golden or silver in order to add a distinctive appearance to the censer that gives a pleasant smell throughout the house. So it is one of the wonderful crystal gifts for every home especially for incense and perfume fans.

Crystal Vase: Living rooms, guest rooms and dining tables are usually decorated with bouquets of flowers that need a vase to place them. Yet, crystal vases are the most elegant type of vases, so you can present a crystal vase as a gift even if it is not used for flowers.

Crystal Candlestick: It has different types and shapes according to the number of candles; so you can buy a crystal candlestick that holds a single candle to not occupy much space as a decorative piece. Also, you can buy a crystal candle holder with several candles to be a major decorative piece in one room. However, some of them are characterized by their modern design which makes them a special crystal piece that suits modern crystal decors, while others have a classic design for classic decoration fans.

Crystal hospitality gifts

Crystal Bowl: It is a bowl that is usually placed on a table in the guest room, the living room or on the dining table to give a stylish look to the dining room. Also it can be used to offer chocolate bars or candies, and even as crystal fruit dishes to serve fruit; thus, it is a multi-purpose gift that is indispensable at any home.

Crystal Bombonera: Usually, they are used in hospitality of chocolates and candies for guests as a distinctive decorative crystal piece. It also decorates tables even if it is empty. Thus, it becomes one of the most attractive crystal antiques to decorate home during any occasion.

Crystal Fruit Dishes: Crystal utensils are traditional hospitality tools. Throughout ages, serving fruit has been an essential dish on the dining table and to welcome guests. So crystal fruit dishes are perfect gifts for every home, and they vary in shapes, sizes and designs in order to add elegance and luxury. Yet, they are usually sold as crystal sets of several pieces of different sizes or individually; and you have to choose what suits your budget and the taste, or the needs, of the gifted person.

Crystal Decorative Gifts

Crystal Balls: They are transparent hand-sized round balls that can be placed on the tables or the desks, so that whoever sees them can entertain with them. Moreover, it is a way to relief stress especially when it reflects sunlight so they can enjoy seeing the spectra of light flow through it; thus, it is an impressive office gift for your co-workers.

Himalayan salt crystal lampshades: This is a rare crystal lampshades that is made of salt extracted from the Himalayas, which is the purest natural rock salt in the world. Yet, this type of crystal lampshades is manually carved so there are no two similar pieces, which makes the gift of crystal lampshades one of the unique gifts. When the Himalayas salt is exposed to the heat emitted by the lights, the salt reacts and purifies the air; thus, it is a valuable gift for nature friends.

Crystal Candlestick: The crystal candlestick varies according to its design as it can be a classic or modern crystal candlestick that goes along with modern or classic decorations. However, the bright appearance of crystal candlestick reflected by the flame of candles in dark distinguishes it, and makes it appropriate to have romantic nights on candle lights. So the crystal candlestick is a valuable unique gift for new couples.

A Hanging Crystal Chandelier: This is a chandelier from which crystal stones droop by superfine chains to form different shapes like a heart for example. Thus, it provides a sense of sophistication and elegance and fits with all kinds of decorations. Also, this type of crystal chandeliers is used to fully light the room with the sparkling crystal stones because of the lighting nearby lamps, so the glamor and the light of the chandelier increase too and this makes crystal chandeliers one of the best gifts that can be presented to homes.

Crystal Lighting Tree: It is a tree with a delicate design of crystal flowers accompanied by dim lights which makes it a special piece at night; plus, the beauty of its appearance makes it a wonderful decorative piece even when it is not lightened. So this is a special gift for nature lovers.

Crystal Office Lamps: Office Crystal Lamps are characterized by their elegance and classic as they give a touch of pleasant to the office; thus it is a wonderful gift for all offices and for the fans of decorative lampshades

Crystal Chandeliers: It is the traditional form of crystal chandeliers as it looks like a crystal candlestick, but instead of candles, bulbs are placed. Yet, this is a classic type of crystal chandeliers so it is suitable in the salons and luxury places. Thus, consider agreeing with the gifted person on their taste in order to present them a valuable gift.

Crystal Ground Chandeliers: These are crystal chandeliers that are fixed on columns to be placed on the floor and to lighten the whole room. Yet, this type of crystal chandeliers is easy to move from one room to another; plus, they have an elegant and classic appearance.

Crystal Mural Chandelier: Crystal mural chandelier differs from the one that droops from the roof in its small size in order to be easily fixed on the wall and to not occupy much space. However, this means that we need full sets of crystal mural chandelier to illuminate the whole room; yet, it can be used for dim lighting to get a romantic atmosphere. Consequently, crystal mural chandeliers are a good choice to present a gift that would be part of the reception rooms and bedrooms, especially for new couples.

 Crystal Curtains: Despite the elegance appearance of crystal curtains in decorations, they are not popular enough, so it would be great to present a gift of crystal curtains for those who are furnishing their homes or changing the decor whether they are relatives or friends, as these curtains are suitable for corridors between rooms or between other parts of the house.

Crystal Modern Chandelier: It is a suitable gift with modern home decorations as it has simple appearance and not too much glamor because of crystal stones as it depends mostly on the large beads.

Crystal Food & Drinks tools – Crystal Dinnerware: It is indispensable in every kitchen as it gives luxury to soup service of various kinds, rice, meat and other types of food. Also, it has an elegant classical appearance, and it is sold in full crystal sets of several pieces or individually, and you choose what suits your budget, and the taste or the needs of the gifted person.

Crystal Glasses: Crystal glasses are one of the most important drinking tools at home to drink juices, soft drinks, natural drinks and others. Yet, crystal glasses have various shapes and sizes, and they are usually sold as full crystal sets; one set has at least two crystal glasses and it is rare to find crystal glasses individually. So when choosing a gift of crystal glasses to one of your relatives or friends, consider the taste of the gifted person by guessing that from the general dining ware of glasses and dishes that they normally use at home, if you have a chance to do so.

Crystal Tea Set: Crystal tea set is a unique tool at most homes. Although they are very elegant, most people prefer the Chinese and the porcelain sets. So presenting a crystal tea set as a gift will be something new and unique, and will make your gift unordinary. Yet, the tea set is usually a tray, jug and a spoon of crystal with several crystal cups that vary in count from one set to another.

Crystal Cups: Crystal cups are available in different shapes and sizes, including special crystal cups for tea or coffee, and those for juices, milk and soft drinks. Also, the designs of crystal cups are varied as we have the pure cups, classical designed cups with soft colors, and the funny modern designed cups; thus, crystal cups are an appropriate gift to satisfy all tastes.

Crystal gifts of personal accessories

Brooch inlaid with crystals: Brooch is one of the cloths accessories that many people prefer to use, whether men or women. However, types and shapes of brooches are different depending on the gender since we have metallic, silver, gold and even diamond brooches; for women, most brooches are inlaid with crystal stones which increase elegance and beauty, and make the brooch a precious crystal gift.

Crystal Necklace: If you intend to present crystal gifts to a woman of your relatives or friends, consider a silver necklace with crystal stones among your choices in order to be an impressive gift. Yet, there are different attractive shapes to choose among them.

Antiques Crystal Gifts: Usually, these are decorative crystal pieces such as a crystal bear or a violin inlaid with crystal or any other shape. So you can choose among hundreds of crystal figures that are available in different shapes in the market and online. Yet, they are a unique piece to be used in decorating our houses, offices, tables or anywhere in order to give a splendor appearance to the place; so that it is a wonderful gift that you can consider.

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