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40 Small Thank You Gifts

small thank you gifts

Small thank you gifts do not need a specific time to give for those around you, they are considered gifts that do not need an occasion to offer them except that you want to say to the recipient a thank you because thank you gifts are symbolic gifts, they do not need to big or expensive gifts either, the small gifts most of the time can do, even if it was a small thank you card without any tangible gift.

Presenting a small thank you gift in a creative way will increase its value more than saying thank you orally or to write it in a message sometimes. Thank you gifts are also distinguished by the non-necessity of being an expensive gift in the sense that the true value is in its moral sense more than Its physical value, so it is preferable to choose small thank you gifts that they are more symbolic than the regular gifts with the consideration of the personality of the gift recipient.

The times differ in which we can present thank you gifts based on the relationship between you and the person that you will present the small thank you gift to, like following…

Thank you gifts between spouses, as thank you gifts can be from the husband to his wife a simple symbolic gift as appreciation for her taking care of him, or the wife does so for her husband because of his taking care of her, and taking care here meaning hundreds of different things, and that could differ based on the character of the spouse, where romantic gifts are the best for many sensitive and romantic wives.

Thank you gifts can be between friends, so you should thank your friend if he gave you help in something important to you, sometimes saying thank you is not enough and you may need a small thank you gift to express your appreciation.

Thank you gifts between relatives, in many hard times the person may not find some to lay on but a sincere relative which could be a cousin or uncle, as may your relatives hosted you to spend the holiday with them or helped you in you hard times or sickness, which makes saying thank you is not enough as well, so you will need to find a small thank you gift for his help. 

Thank you gifts for parents, it is different from the thank you gifts for other people because you should not present it to them for there help in a specific something because they already taking care of you since you have born, and they already was the reason from to come to life, so presenting a present for a specific help will be such so rude.

Instead, you can present a thank you gift for your parents when there is no reason or occasion, so saying thank you then will be for all their efforts with you, again not for a specific thing, and even if you want to give a thank you gift for them after helping you in a specific something, you should wait for a big-time after it you can say weeks, then when you present your gift never say it is thank you for their help in a specific something.

and the discretionary gifts that we must give to the parents from time to time, there are many situations that need us to guide and be guided by such simple and valuable gifts morally.

Thank you gifts for Bosses, Thank you gifts are not limited to family and friends, but you can also present them to the boss for his support to you and making you in a better level of experience and professionality than most of the other bosses in his place wouldn’t give you the same level of support.

Thank you gifts for bosses should be symbolic gifts if the gift for your current boss to not appear as if there is something behind it, but if your boss is not your boss anymore, whether re retiring or leaving, or you are the one who is leaving, then if you want to present an expensive thank you gift for boss can be a proper gift.

Thank you gifts for Employees, companies can present thank you gifts for its employees after a big achievement for the companies goals, sometimes they are presented as corporate gifts for the employee, and it could gift only for the best performing employees in the company as an appreciation of their efforts and their dedication to work and encouraging them for doing more, and to motivate others to do the same.

Thank you gifts for coworkers and work colleagues, co-workers can exchange thank you gifts with each other for helping each other in the various tasks related to work, and the small thank you gifts are the best to present for coworkers.

In this article, we will provide you with some small thank you gifts that you can put in your consideration when you buy a gift as you may buy one of them already… 

1. Leather Notebook

It is a nice, simple, and small thank you gift to present for many people, whether family members, friends, or coworkers, and here we will talk little about some people that it can be a perfect thank you gift for them…

Travel Lovers: It is perfect small thank you gift for travelers, You can say that it’s made for them already, as some they even called leather traveling notebooks, where they can write down their diaries and important notes, even to use them in drawing and designing, and the leather cover makes it proper to be put in the handbags without any creases, plus, holding it for a long time will not make the sweat of the hands damages the papers as the leather cover is perfect for that.

Teachers: You can give it as a thank you gift for teachers in the university or school to move with an elegant leather notebook or diary in lectures.

Coworkers & Boss: the leather diary is a special and simple small thank you gift that can be presented to a work colleague, and they can be used for outdoor meetings with clients or conferences, where the fancy look that it has makes it perfect for the formal meetings. Plus, It is a great formal thank you gift for boss, where usually you will feel overwhelmed by thinking about the right gift for your boss. 

Drawing Lovers: Drawing lovers can use it to record their nice moments in drawing whether in their travel trips or in the unique places that they visit, which makes it a nice small thank you gift for them.

Students: It is a good small thank you gift between youths and university students to move with a notebook or elegant leather diary in lectures.

2. Thermal Mug or Cup

Winter becomes more enjoyable with hot drinks such as hot cocoa, coffee, and tea to help with the cold. However, the pleasure of drinking increases when using a proper thermal mug that keeps the hot drinks hot for longer. And the good thing about presenting such a small thank you gift, that not everyone has a thermal mug or cup, so it will be so nice presenting something the recipient does not have one of.

You need to minds that it is a good gift in winter, but it is not the perfect choice in the summertime, as for summer the gifted person has to keep if to the winter to be able to use it, and it is not perfect as well for the hot countries that don’t have winter more than a couple of week in the year.

For the cold countries, They are good for indoor and outdoor use and perfect for car use as well, which makes a perfect small thank you gift for everyone who likes hot drinks. Whether friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, …

3. Water Bottle

It is a good small thank you gift for indoor and outdoor use, if it is for the outdoors use, you need to make sure to buy a stainless steel one to be protected from breaking in case it falls, there are many types of water bottles to present which fits so many people as thank you gift, and here below will give you a sample of people who you can present it to…

For coworkers or bosses, it is a perfect thank you gift to use on their desks if you have an office work environment. And it is easy to tell if the gifted person already needs one or not in the office.

For sports lovers, it is a good small thank you gift for all sports lovers whether indoor or outdoor and in this case, you need to avoid the ordinary water bottles and make sure to present a sports one to be practical to use, whether in Gym, Yoga, Cycling,…

For Travelers and adventure lovers, water bottles can be considered a necessity for them, and if the recipient doesn’t have a good one, then it is your chance to present it if you are looking for a small thank you gift.

4. Handmade Bracelets

Some men and women like to wear wooden or leather bracelets as accessories, being handmade makes it even more valuable to present. It is one of the simplest and small thank you gifts which makes them affordable for the low gift budget.

They are suitable gift ideas that can be presented between friends or coworkers. Mainly, bracelets suit people who are used to wearing them, so before buying a bracelet as a gift you should make sure that the gifted person usually wears this kind of accessories.

5. KeyChains

They are indispensable accessories to any man or woman; It could be aesthetic looking even if you choose an affordable one. Which adds more elegance to the appearance of its holder; It is one of the most simple and small thank you gift to present, which makes so affordable kind of gift for young aged people who usually do not have big budgets for gifts.

There are hundreds of shapes and types of key chains that you can choose from; also they can be presented with other gifts in one box as a complete kit. Likewise, you can attach the key chains with a pen or a wallet or other gifts which makes it a nicer gift if you wanted to present a collection of small gifts together.

Keychains are nice small thank you gifts for coworkers. Plus it is a perfect gift if the gifted person has bought a car recently, and a good thank you gift between friends and for everyone who has a very low gift budget.


It is one of the bes symbolic gifts you can present for the reading or book lovers, which makes it a perfect small thank you gift if you already know that the recipient likes the physical books for reading, as it will not be a proper choice for those who used to read from kindles or tablets, or even for those who do not read at all, that is why it is a more suitable thank you gift for people who are close to you as it will be easier for you to know they are physical books reading lovers or not.

7. Perfumes

They are one of the first things that appear in your mind when thinking of gifts as they suit everybody. They are a good choice as a small thank you gift for the superficial friends or coworkers who you are not sure what kind of gift you can present them for appreciation.

What makes perfumes different from other kinds of gifts that you can buy with any budget you have, big gift budget or small, and even if you wanted to buy a branded one as your small thank you gift, you can choose a small-sized bottle to be your symbolic gift for the recipient.

Try to get one of the most sold perfumes from the chosen brand or on your gift budget because you will guarantee that the smell of this perfume suits most tastes.

8. Leather Wallets

They are of the essential accessories for both men and women, so when presenting a wallet as a thank you gift you should make sure that it is good quality, you do not have to by a branded one which will be expensive, but you need to pick a nice one that can be used over what the gifted person already has.

As for men, all wallets nearly have the same size so that they would fit in their pants pockets, and wallets can be presented as small thank you gifts from any man to another, whether friends, coworkers, family, brothers. 

As for women, wallets have various sizes because women can hold them in their hands or they can put the wallets in their bags, and they are different from purses, as the purses have different inside pocket order.

9. Sunglasses

The good thing about sunglasses as gifts is that you do not have to present a branded sunglasses, as the affordable sunglasses can do the same job of the branded ones, and sometimes they have even more elegance, which makes it a good small thank you gift to present for outdoor lovers, or who drive a lot.

If the gifted person has sunglasses already, then extra sunglasses as a thank you gift could be a good addition so that they can use them in their car while driving and leave them in the car until they need to use them again.

10. Bluetooth Speaker

It is a very practical small thank you gift for music lovers. It enlarges the sound to very high and pure levels, and it can be connected to the recipient mobile phone or computer via Bluetooth anywhere. This speaker is wireless which gives the gifted person more flexibility to move around the house without worrying about connecting the speaker with an electric plug. 

There are many types of speakers which are the size of a hand palm, and this makes them suitable to be carried in any suitcase; so the gifted person can enjoy listening in high levels of sound while travelling or in journeys. 

Also, there are types of speakers that are waterproof and anti-shock, which makes them a typical small thank you gift for adventures, as they can use speakers safely without being worried that it might be damaged due to water drops outdoors.

11. Leather Cap

It is a suitable small thank you gift for winter more than summer as the gifted person can wear it to protect themselves against rain and to warm their head, besides staying stylish and attractive at the same time. However, leather caps should not be worn in summer since hot sun rays may damage the leather. 

Leather caps are distinguished because they are more formal compared to traditional sports caps. Furthermore, leather caps can be worn with uniforms and suits when needed, so leather caps can be presented as thank you gifts to colleagues and friends. 

It is better to peasant leather caps that are simple and do not contain inscriptions or decorations, but on the other hand, they require more preservation to maintain their luster, as it may be damaged or spoiled by the abundance of dust or by frequent use.

12. Canvas Hat

It is the common men’s cap. it is preferable when presenting a traditional cap to be from a famous brand to increase its value, such as Nike or Adidas or other fashion brands. But if you have a small budget, then you can present a non-branded one with a reasonable price as a thank you gift.

13. Mugs

It is one of the simplest gifts to present as a small thank you gift for all coffee lovers or hot drinks, unlike the thermal mugs they are indoor type of mugs, and they perfect in the good or weather times, when there is no worry of the hot drink being cold in moments, and it will be nicer to present mugs with special shapes like in shape of heart, bird or even a flower, or paintings as your small thank you gift, to stand out among all the other mugs that the recipient have.

You can even customize a printed mug by buying a plain colored mug and paint it with a special picture or quote for the recipients which will make you mug not an ordinary mug for him.

For Women there are small wallets that suit the size of a hand palm, and there are other big wallets that have more storage. As a result, you should make sure that you notice the size of the wallets that are owned by the gifted person to get a practical and suitable small thank you gift for them.

14. Scarves

It is a nice thank you gift for both men and women in winter, and female summer ones are nice for summer times as a gift as well. you can present a wool scarf to your male friends and acquaintances to protect them from the cold winter. And men’s scarves are usually in neutral colors such as black, brown, beige, blue, and grey in magnitude and matronly designs. 

Some scarves may fit casual clothes more than formal, and others may fit suits and formal clothes, and others fit all types of clothes. As for women scarves, they are either in cool colors or scarves with carvings, and bright colors to give a feminine touch to who is wearing it.

It is one of the simple and small thank you gifts for him and her, especially for those who are interested in fashion, as it will give them an extra elegance.

15. USB Flash Memory

You may say that for sure the gifted person has already a USB, but it will be a good small thank you gift if you gifted him a unique shaped USP that makes it different from any other ones he probably has, so you can choose a wooden style one that can look attractive to carry, or you can buy a funny shaped one that makes the gifted person smile when he uses it remembering you, So you just need to choose a unique one to be you nice small thank you gift for your friends or coworkers.

16. Belts

Choosing this gift as a small thank gift for your friend depends on the style of the gifted person and what clothes he usually wears. So if his main clothes are casual then you can give him a leather denim belt that suits his pants. However, if his work requires wearing uniforms much then you can choose a belt that can be worn with suits and formal clothes. 

Belts from famous brands can be so expensive, but you can choose nice ones with a reasonable price to be your small gift.

17. Books

Presenting books is one of the most precious thank you gift gift ideas, although you can get it at a very reasonable price, but at the same time you need to be careful while you are choosing the books in order to choose books that suit the gifted person. Plus, you need to make sure he is a reading lover or at least he reads a little bit, but it will not be a proper gift for those who do not read books at all.

If he is a reader, this requires your research to figure out the interests of the gifted person, besides knowing what is suitable for them. 

You can present books to people who are passionate about reading as a thank you gift by choosing a group of rare books or the latest versions for the favorite authors of the gifted person. As for people who are not so passionate about reading or just reading a little, then you can give them books written about specific domains that they care about, whether these books were about their occupational fields or personal hobbies like books about healthy diets or fashion and so on.

18. Pocket Flashlight

It is a good choice to present as small thank you gift for those who like outdoors, Since flashlights are one of good emergency tools that can be placed in the car to be used on the way, or to used in camp or in the yard, then they need to be practical in all weather conditions, so you can present a waterproof flashlight to your simple and small thank you gift to your friends, or coworkers.

19. Car Mirror Ornament

This is one of the best car accessories gifts, and you can not think of other small thank you gifts other than a keychain, so if the gifted person already has a nice keychain and does not have a car mirror hanging, then car mirror hanging will be the best choice.

There are many shapes and types of them, where the hanging might be a rosary or a chain that has a decorative model at its end. Also, it might have the first letter of the gifted person’s name. 

These car hangings are attractive decorative pieces that are suitable for private cars for men and women, which make them suitable small thank you gifts for both of them alike. These car hangings are also featured in their reasonable price compared to most other car accessories which makes them affordable gifts for everyone. 

20. Waist Bag

It is a wide pouch that can be closed tightly, and it can be put on the waist where men often use it in their journeys or while they are walking around with their friends. What makes it a nice thank you gift for traveling lovers is that it is practical for short travels so that men can use it to keep their belongings in and be comfortable without the need to put their objects in their pockets. 

Also, men use waist bags in order to avoid forgetting any of their objects like keys, cellphone, or their headphones due to not arranging them in the bag. Moreover, men can keep their passports and ID cards in it when they travel so that they can reach them easily, which makes waist bags suitable as small thank gifts for men.

21. Power Bank

Nowadays, electronic devices are indispensable to anyone and it is necessary for use at work and for entertainment. Yet, because it is always vulnerable to its batteries depletion of energy, it would be a great idea to present a practical gift as the pocket power bank to recharge electronic devices. 

The power bank is a practical small thank you gift for those who travel a lot as it charges their electronic devices, whether they are mobiles, wireless headphones, digital cameras, or tablets. You can gift a big one that can be good for charging the laptops.

You need to consider the solar power banks as your small thank you gift instead of the ordinary ones for the travellers and the outdoor lovers to be more practical and effective for them. If they are used to being outdoors for long times or days.

It is a good small thank you gift for coworkers, siblings, or friends who used to spend so much time on mobiles or laptops outside, and they are perfect for vloggers who always face hard times managing the filming of all the shots they need outdoors before their batteries die.

22. Wooden Docking Station

It is a nice decor and practical piece at the same time on the desk, where the gifted person can save his small personal accessories on it like the keys, watch, glasses, wallet, and mobile phone, etc… It is not common as a gift, but it is so nice to present especially because the wooden look and the color of the wood give a luxurious look in the office.

It is a very nice small thank you gift for coworkers and work colleagues, it is a perfect thank you gift for the boss too. Plus, it is a good small thank you gift for friends as well for the home office. 

23. Gloves

They are winter accessories that many people do not buy despite being in need of them, especially people who work at night and move around a lot in the freezing cold; or even women where they can use gloves to protect their hands from getting dirty while moving outdoors. As a result, it would be a very suitable small thank gift to present to your beloved ones to keep their hands warm. 

Gloves prices vary based on the quality and the use, so if you have a high gift budget you can buy waterproof gloves that protect its user’s hands in winter rainy days, and if you don’t have that big budget you can find nice gloves to give in affordable prices as well.

It would be preferred to choose gloves of a neutral color to suit all winter clothes and outfits of the gifted person. Moreover, you may take into consideration that young men prefer leather gloves, while young ladies prefer velvet gloves. Therefore, gloves can be appropriate small thank you gifts that can be presented only in winter especially for countries in which gloves might be used daily in cold weather.

24. Shaving Machine

It is one of the most popular gift ideas for men. If you decide to buy a shaving machine as a small thank you gift then you should buy what suits the gifted person the most, as there are types of shaving machines for trimming the chin, and other types for shaving the chin and smoothing it completely. 

In addition to other shaving machines that have different levels for shaving, you should pay attention in order to choose the shaving machine that suits the shape and the use of the gifted person. Moreover, it is preferable to buy a wireless and waterproof shaving machine because it has most of the features that the gifted person would desire. Thus, shaving machines are special small thank you gift ideas to friends. 

25. Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are a very special small thank you gift because they are the oldest pens that have been used to write on paper; though they are used now as special pens for signatures, writing diaries, or scribers to write on panels. Some of these kinds are:

  • Quill pens: They are feathers with pointed heads and artificial quills that were used to write in the past. They are one of the suitable small thank you gifts for lovers of heritage and authenticity. In addition, quill fountain pens give a great impression. It’s a unique home office gift as it can be put on the office as a décor.
  • Fountain Pens with inkstand: They are liquid fountain pens which you indulge their end in liquid ink, then you can write with them like the quill, they are not commonly used in our time but they are very nice as small thank you gifts as decor pieces on the home office and to be used when the person of the gift likes to write a special memory or greeting phrases. The fountain pens are available with a traditional inkstand for daily use. Some of them are specially made for scribers who love handwriting painting.
  • Traditional fountain pens: It is the most common kind of fountain pens these days, and the most practical ones for daily use. They are like the quill pen; however, they can’t be indulged in ink. They have an internal pipe to be filled with ink or ink refill converter. Which makes it easy to carry in the pocket to be used everywhere and at any time.  And If you choose a luxurious looking one, it will be perfect as a small thank you gift for those who used to write very often or who used to carry pens around.

26. Cufflinks

One of the best small thank you gifts for coworkers and boss, a nice gift too for those who used to wear formal very often, They are usually sold as a complete set that has two identical buttons, either by themselves or attached with a tie or a tie pen, or attached with a pen that has the same engravings on the cufflinks so that they form a complete set together which increases the value of your multi-part gift. 

As a small thank you gift, you do not need to pick super fancy or branded cufflinks, where you can pick nice ones at an affordable price.

27. Stuffed Toys

Some gifts keep their glamour and popularity over time. Among these gifts, there are stuffed toys that are still popular with their various shapes and kinds. Stuffed toys are good small thank you gifts only for women, so you need to mind that it is not proper for men 99% of the time. As for adults, bears toys are distinguished due to their beautiful shape and soft texture in order to grab the admiration of women. Also, you can present bears toys without any occasion to your wife to express your sincere love maybe with some flowers.

28. Stuffed Toys for Cars

They are suitable thank you gifts for women mainly for those who own cars, because of their love to use such toys to add more fun to their cars. Stuffed toys can be put on the car interior dashboard, or by using bigger toys to be put on the car seats.

29. Wooden Gift Box

It is so nice small thank you gift ideas specially for ladies, they are simple and can be even customized if you want to, and here different types of wooden boxes that you can percent as a small thank you gift.

30. Small Jewelry Box

These are the classic and simple wooden jewelry gift boxes that are perfect small thank you gifts for women, usually, they have only one section to put all pieces of jewelry mixed together, and they are usually small-sized where they can be saved anywhere in the room, as the lady can even store it in any wardrobe or drawer or even a personal save to secure her jewelry.

If you want to add value to this kind of gift, you can choose a handmade one, which contains some Inscriptions and drawings that can be personalized to the gifted person, which some love quotes and words. And you need to mind the difference between the small jewelry box and the keepsake boxes, as the jewellery boxes should be padded with velvet to protect the jewelry from scratches.

31. Wooden Treasure Chest Box

This type of boxes specifically is so unique compared to the ordinary wooden boxes, as it looks like an authentic Pirate Treasure Box, which makes it a perfect decorative masterpiece for any table or shelf, especially for those who like vintage antiques.

Some of the wooden treasure chest boxes have only a wooden body with metal clasp, and others have a decorative iron plating and buttons that adds extra glamour to it and to give it a real treasure chest feel, which make it a perfect small thank you gift for men or women, as it can be used as an antique for the home office, or even as a nice private keepsake box of the special belongings.

32. Keepsake Wooden Box

They can be handmade boxes painted with some drawing that you did yourself, or you can buy a nice ready one, but the DIY one can be a unique, simple and small thank you gift idea to present for your beloved one.

33. Candles

They are very nice small thank you gifts for women, but they are not the perfect thank you gift for men, regardless of the reasons you can notice that it is not the type of manly gifts that men will be happy to receive.

On the other hand, candles, especially the scent candles can be a very nice thank you gift for women, especially for yoga or meditation lovers, who like to have a calm and relaxing atmosphere during practicing their workouts, meditations, or recreation. It is a romantic gift idea as well for women who like making a romantic atmosphere for their husbands or even for themself.

34. Flowers

It is another perfect small thank you gift for women, and not a manly kind of gift. It is a good choice whether from woman to woman, or from men to women. It could be a bouquet of flowers or just a nice single flower, it could be even a metal flower that can be used as a decor piece on a desk or a table.

35. Chocolate

Nice, simple and more than that it is delicious small thank you gifts for everyone, if you know the gifted person adores a particular chocolates band then this brand can be your gift, otherwise you can present collection of chocolates and present it in a gift basket, or even you can present a nice looking gift box where you will not to worry about packing the gift in another box.

This kind of gift is not perfect all the time, as if the gifted person has a fitness or diet obsession then it will be better choosing other types of gifts to present as your small thank you gift, especially if the recipient already close person to you, as he will already wonder why you are presenting to him chocolate as a gift while you already know that he is trying to avoid it, and if you are not sure if the gifted person will like it or not, then we recommend that you look for other types of small thank you gifts that can be best for the recipient.

36. Succulence

If you are looking for a nice small thank you gifts for any plant lover, succulence is a perfect choice. Presenting a succulence in a nice ceramic pot will make it a nice decorative piece to be placed on the desk of the recipient if the gift was for a coworker, or to be placed on a side shelf at home.

37. Makeup

Whether it was a makeup balletes, brushes or accessories, they are so nice and simple small thank you gift between ladies, and it could be attached with another simple and small thank you gift if you wanted to, like fragrance or candle.

38. Funny or smiley face back cushions

For those who sit for a long time as a part of the nature of their work, whether they were friends or coworkers, you can gift them a funny or nice cushion to use as a small thank you gift if you were looking for an appreciation gift, choosing the popular smiley face pillow that comes with different patterns will be both fun and practical as a gift, especially among female communities.

Usually, females will accept that kind of gift more than men, so try not to present to men as most of them will not like to use it in the work environment in contrast to women who like such gifts unless you are going to present it as a thank you gift for a friend for home use.

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