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14 Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

هدايا نباتات ظل وزينة داخلية منزلية


Why Plant Gifts or Planting gifts are a good choice as housewarming gifts for plant lovers?

Do you know that the green color is so comfortable for the eye? This is a truth that most of the plants fans really know so they choose it to decorate their offices and houses in order to see the natural green color through indoor green plants. They also realized that the greenery of these indoor houseplants draws negative energy from their bodies anywhere so they made sure plants existed and increased to enjoy good mental health. In this article we offer you distinctive and practical plan gift ideas suitable for plant lovers that will remind them of your love and appreciation whenever they see or use these gifts; and here are some ideas:

Tools for care of ornamental plants as Plant Gifts…

1. Bucket for Watering Plants

It is one of the tools that are used daily for lovers of indoor and outdoor natural plants; in fact, in order to water the plants inside the house, a suitable watering pot should be used to avoid clutter during watering the plants. So you can choose between many untraditional forms that give a decorative design and practical use such as an elephant-shaped watering bucket or other funny figures. Mainly, the use of a bucket dedicated to watering plants increases the pleasure of taking care of them. Also, if it will be used indoors, the mother can ask her kids to water the plants themselves without worrying that they cannot do it properly. Yet, if the workplace contains natural plants, a suitable watering device should be used to make it easier to care for the plants, which make it a good plant gift for those who like having a small plant on their desk of office.

2. Decorative Tables for Ornamental Plants

They can be presented alone or attached with your main gift of ornamental plants to be placed on the table. Yet, plant tables vary according to the type, shape and size of the plant that will be placed on them in order to suit the reception rooms, living rooms or workplaces as they add a distinctive decorative appearance. Also, they are made of different materials such as wood, metal or plastic and there are several sizes and designs that can be used as special plant gifts for lovers of decorative plants and decorations as well.

3. Planting Gloves

These are important tools for planting fans. There are types that have plastic pieces pointed at the ends of the fingers of the gloves in order to enable the person to dig and form the soil of agriculture for young plants easily and directly by hand. So you can present housewives and friends in the workplace who prefer to plant and flower themselves plastic or leather planting gloves that prevent water from reaching their hands so they keep their skin fresh and healthy; also they protect hands from any cuts or cracks while planting and caring for various ornamental plants at home or in workplaces, which makes it a practical and useful planting gifts.

4. Plants Transporter

Lovers of indoor houseplants often fell into the problem of breaking the pots of ornamental plants while transporting them from one place to another so you can present them a practical plant gifts that will solve this problem, specially for those who have many plant pots in house. It is a wheeled indoor plant transporter that carries the plant pots on it so they can be moved from one place to another inside the house or workplace.

Plant Pots as Planting Gifts…

5. Plant Pots

They are both decorative and practical planting gifts for plants lovers and flowers lovers. Yet, depending on the location of the plants or flowers in the house, the type of pot suitable for gifting vary too; you can choose a porcelain plant pot for ornamental plants as a gift if the plants will be placed in balconies and windows as porcelain can withstand the sun and does not crack. However, presenting an indoor plant pot made of plastic or stainless steel will be more suitable for indoor ornamental plants because it will not be easily broken due to any collision. And you can choose plant pots to suit the place they will be placed in; for instance, there are plant pots that are available in different sizes to fit either on the ground or on a dedicated plant table. Moreover, simple plant pots or inscribed ones are available depending on the decor and the nature of the place where the plant pots will be placed.

6. Self-Irrigation Plant Pots

Self-watering plant pots reduce the time and effort needed for care and irrigation of indoor ornamental plants as they water the plants through self-control by distillation. Actually, it is a suitable plant gifts for plant lovers in the workplaces as well; so you can present them as plant gifts for your loved ones who love natural plants and do not have enough time to care for them.

7. Indoor Suspended Plant Pots

Indoor plant pots hanging on the wall, These pots solve the issue of not having a place to grow houseplants or indoor plants in the workplace as they are attached to the wall to not occupy spaces on the ground. Also, they give a beautiful aesthetic and decorative appearance to the place. Moreover, these pots will be an excellent pillar for home ornamental plants that need props to grow like “ivy”. So this kind of plant pot is one of the special planting gifts for lovers of natural plants and decoration lovers as well.

8. Glass House for Plants

It helps to grow any small plants or houseplants that need sun and high temperature in cold weather in the balconies or workplaces as glass retains heat and prevents its easy leakage. And you can choose a glass house with a distinctive shape and put it in a valuable gift box to be a beautiful planting gift for those who love plant.

9. Gifts of Plants

Plants of Shades: They can be indoor plants for houses or workplaces as they do not need sun. You can present shade plants as a plant gift in a suitable plant pot and there are many types of shade plants that serve as indoor decoration gifts for either home or workplace. Yet, they vary in the shape and size of the leaves and length of the stems so you can choose the shape and size of the shade plants according to where they will be placed. So here are some examples of shade plants that serve as indoor or outdoor ornamental plants and they are easy to care for and grow in homes or workplaces:

Asparagus: Mainly, they are shade plants which are characterized as indoor plants and they have many leaves and branches. So it can be presented as a decorative plant gifts since it will give aesthetic touch inside the home or workplace; yet, consider that it should not be exposed directly to the sun.

Codiaeum: These are shade plants whose leaves fall off a lot and they need a lot of water; so they are not suitable as indoor ornamental plants. Yet, they can be household plants that decorate balconies and windows without direct exposure to the sun.

Asplenium Nidus: It is an indoor shade plant but they differ from other shade plants because they need low temperatures and they should not be exposed directly to the sun.

Climbing ornamental plants: This type of plant climbs the walls with pillars giving a great decoration to the garden, courtyard, balconies and possibly indoors as well. In fact, there are shade plants that can be suitable as indoor plants for homes. Mainly, they give the wall an attractive green color that increase joy and comfort in the souls, especially if a large amount of them are planted to cover the entire wall. Also, there are climbing ornamental plants suitable for balconies and windows such as ivy. Thus, you can present this kind of plant gifts to lovers of indoor plants especially if they have plenty of space to grow climbing plants.

Flowering Shade Plants: They are shade plants that give good-smelling flowers along with a delightful view in their picturesque colors so it will be a delightful plant gift for the natural plant lover. Mainly, you can present them in an attractive pot for shade plants so that they are not flowery when presented, but then they bloom after care; or you can present flowering shade plants that already have mature flowers to decorate the place and perfume it directly. Since not every flowering shade plants serve this purpose, we will deliver some examples of flowering shade plants that are suitable for that such as:

Infernal Plant: It is a flowering shade plant that is characterized by its beautiful violet flowers which stretch on the surfaces and walls. Mainly, they need to be exposed to sunlight and much water in summer so they are not suitable as indoor plants.

Cut flowers: They are among the flowering shade plants and there are varieties of them such as potted flowers, herbaceous plants and bulbs. Actually they are home plants that give an atmosphere of fun and delight in the place with its many colors and forms. Also they are the longest-lived flowers among the other flowering shade plants and mainly, they can be presented as a brilliant plant gift to be indoor plants or to decorate windows and balconies.

House plants with colored leaves: Plants are very special for lovers of home ornamental plants regarding the colors of its wonderful leaves that give the home or workplace a distinctive decoration. You can give a plant gifts of indoor ornamental plants with colored leaves so that they are suitable for the decoration of the room or the place they will be in depending on the color, size and shape; for instance, Croton, Coles or Marienta. So for those who love agriculture, you can present plant gifts of some small seedlings that the gifted person can take care of them to grow up.

Cactus: This is a favorite plant for some plant lovers because they are houseplants and they withstand a great lack of water as their primary environment is desert so they do not need that much care. There are many types and forms of cactus plants including what is suitable to be houseplants in balconies and windows, and some that are suitable to be an indoor plant to be placed on tables or between furniture and offices. Thus, you can present cactus as plant gifts for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time taking care of the plants.

11. Large Indoor or Outdoor Plants

They are large indoor plants that are grown in a large single pot. You can offer this type of plants either in large size, or as small plants that grow after caring for them until they reach the large size after growing. This may give the gifted person the opportunity to enjoy its growth day after day and it is easy to carry them and present them as well. You can give one of these huge plants as a gift depending on where you will place them, including several types such as the Ornamental palm (indoor or outdoor plant) and huge cactus (indoor or outdoor plant).

12. Dried Home Decorative Plants

They give natural fragrances to the houses or workplaces and they do not need care and irrigation to retain its luster. Mainly, it is a natural air freshener that can be used instead of perfumes and industrial scents that we buy. And you can present them as a plant gifts in a special gift box suitable to be placed on the table to spread the smell in the rooms.

Artificial Ornamental Plants…

13. Artificial Ornamental Plants

Some people may love plants and they love the green color around them due to the aesthetic and decorative touch that they add. Yet, they do not want to spend time taking care of the plants and watering them and they want to avoid any mess that may arise from soil cultivation; You can give these artificial decorative plants because they will suit their needs which will be one of the distinctive decorative plant gifts inside the house.

14. Artificial Flowers

It is a plant gift for lovers of roses and flowers; and one of its advantages is that it will not shrivel or die like natural flowers. Yet, you can choose from hundreds of shapes, colors, and vases for artificial flowers that suit all types of decoration. Mainly, they are made of plastic, mixed materials, metal or even leather; and you can consider the leather material is the best among them to present as a plant gift.

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