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32 Maternity Gifts for Pregnant Women

هدايا حوامل Pregnant Pregnancy


Presenting maternity gifts for pregnant women or wife will definitely add more joy over the joy they already have, Every woman’s joy in her pregnancy is unparalleled. From the first moment she realizes this good news, she is eagerly seeking to shop for her newborn baby and stuff for her pregnancy. And if you are the husband of a pregnant woman, or your relatives and friends are pregnant, the best gifts for pregnant women is to offer something related to pregnancy. In this article we will try to help you in this regard by providing different maternity gift ideas for pregnant women; for example pregnant clothes such as pregnancy dresses, trousers, tops and costumes for pregnant women, as well as other pregnant items such as pregnancy pillow or the needed supplies for pregnant women to enable her to get healthy eating.

Gifts for Pregnant Women & Wife…

1- Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are special gifts for pregnant women. It provides complete comfort during sleep as the pillow of pregnant women adapts to the different positions of pregnant women during sleep while pregnant. Moreover, this pillow provides double support for both the back and the abdomen. Notably, it is available in the markets in multiple colors to satisfy all tastes so you just have to choose the favorite color to suit the gifted woman to be a valuable pregnancy gift for her.

2- Seat Belt Extender

seat-beltOf course, a pregnant woman needs to drive the car to spend her daily trips; yet, the large size of her abdomen during pregnancy may confuse her when she fastens the seat belt in the car, or the seat belt may cause severe pressure on her abdomen which may harm the fetus and cause her pain. Thus, presenting this extender as gifts for pregnant women would makes it more practical for them as it will enable her to increase the length of the seat belt to provide her and her fetus comfort and safety.

3- Robot Vacuum

The Robotic VacuumIt differs from the ordinary vacuum cleaner as it moves alone to clean the house and sweep dust on the ground. Actually, it recognizes the dimensions of rooms and furniture places by infrared and it is wheeled and could be charged. Moreover, this vacuum has sensors to measure the dimensions of the place where it is going to not hit furniture and walls and it is controlled by remote control. It has a low height which enables it to walk and sweep under chairs, tables, and other furniture easily. Yet, for its small size, it can be stored easily; so it will be good to be considered as gifts for pregnant women because the vacuum will sweep the floor of the house itself in order to save effort and time for the pregnant woman and to avoid standing for a long time sweeping the house.

4- Pregnancy Corset

Many pregnant women complain about the back pain caused by pregnancy, so presenting them a special back corset for pregnancy is undoubtedly wonderful. It is specially designed for pregnant women so that it does not pressure in any way on the abdominal area; also it helps the woman to keep the activity of abdominal muscles and the rest of the back at the same time because it reduces the weight of the fetus over the vertebrae and provides the fetus with a wonderful natural growth environment. Notably, it can be worn under the clothes of pregnant women when going out of the house.

5- Postpartum Corset

This is a wonderful maternity gift for pregnant women to use post-birth as they usually complain of congestion resulting from pregnancy in the areas of the abdomen, waist, and buttocks. Mainly, this corset works to restore these areas to normal and prevents sagging. Also, it helps the uterus to return to its normal position quickly. Moreover, this corset makes the body looks thinner while wearing it under the clothes of pregnant women when being outside the home.

Maternity Gifts for Pregnancy Feeding…

Healthy eating of the pregnant woman is essential to maintain her health and the health of her fetus. To help her to commit to healthy nutrition, and there are here some gifts ideas for pregnant women that you can present:

6- Electric Steam Cooker

Pregnant women need to keep eating healthy meals full of vegetables and vitamins and they should stay away from fatty meals. However, the pregnant will not be able to stand much to prepare healthy food on her own; so presenting one of the electric cooking steam machines will achieve two goals: the first is helping her in cooking healthy food to keep her in a good health, and the second is to save time and effort! Thus, it is one of the most suitable maternity gifts for pregnant women, especially if they do not have anybody to help them at home.

7- Fruit Squeezer

fruit-squeezer-عصارة-فواكهFruit squeezer is one of the essential pieces in modern kitchens which pregnant woman might need it more than anything else in order to prepare fresh fruit juice to obtain the vitamins and various benefits from it. Likewise, it is preferable when choosing a fruit squeezer as gifts for pregnant women to get one that squeezes many types of fruits to be more distinctive than buying a squeezer for a specific type; similarly, it is not appropriate to present an orange squeezer because it will be used only in the season of orange! However, you should consider what the woman has already to identify her need and choose a gift that satisfies her.

8- Gifts of Pregnancy Cloths

It is known that every woman cares about her appearance and elegance at all times; and pregnancy is one of the most difficult times as women are confused about choosing stylish pregnant clothes that do not over-show her puffy abdomen or show her as a fat person. Thus, fashion specialists have created fashion pregnant women clothes that are specially designed to show their beauty and elegance during pregnancy to raise their morale. So the gift of pregnant clothes for pregnant women is a great one and you can read the following to provide you with different ideas for pregnant clothes that you can offer to your wife or relatives and friends of pregnant women:

9- Pregnancy Blouses

These are t-shirts for pregnant women and they are characterized by their wideness in the abdominal area. Notably, they carry various drawings related to pregnancy and fetus, such as the head of the fetus overlooking the belly of the pregnant woman or the marks of the feet, as well as welcoming phrases indicating the presence of the fetus and usually written in English as “coming soon” and “baby inside”. Moreover, pregnant tops are available in various colors and designs to satisfy all tastes, making it a wonderful maternity gift from pregnant clothes.

10- Pregnancy Dresses

Pregnancy dresses are one of the most important elements of pregnant clothes that are indispensable to any pregnant woman because pregnant dresses give the body of the pregnant woman elegance and comfort at the same time. Mainly, pregnant dresses vary in colors, models, and fabrics as there are cotton dresses for daily outings and chiffon or silk for occasions.

11- Pregnancy Nightgowns Dresses

Of course, a pregnant woman needs pregnancy clothes at home and pregnant dresses for sleep are suitable gifts for pregnant women as a piece of home clothing. Mainly, they look like lingerie and regular sleep dresses; but it is distinguished by being broad and loose more in order to not put pressure on the woman’s abdomen. Also, they vary in their forms, designs, and colors to satisfy all tastes and they represent a wonderful gift among close friends. Yet, it is unacceptable to present such a gift from a man to one of his relatives or friends.

12- Pregnancy Trousers

Many pregnant women rely on wearing pregnant trousers as a piece of their own pregnant clothes during pregnancy for the ease of movement. Mainly, it is good for working women because they have to go out daily to work. In fact, pregnancy trousers are characterized by being made of rubber materials that give free movement. It also works to warm the lower part of the body of the pregnant woman significantly and some types of these trousers have an upper part to carry the belly of the pregnant woman. Notably, it is available in the market in multiple colors to satisfy all tastes so it is a wonderful gift of pregnancy clothes.

13- Pregnancy Sweater

It is a special type of pregnant clothes that hides the size of the large belly to make pregnant women look as elegant as ordinary women. They are available in the market in different shapes, designs, and colors to satisfy all tastes so it is a wonderful gift of pregnancy fashion.

14- Pregnancy Overalls

It is a very practical and comfortable gift for pregnant women because the pregnant woman wears it as one piece and it provides a wide space for the abdomen; so it gives comfort, safety, and freedom of movement. Also, some of them are for outdoor trips and the indoor ones are available too.

15- Books

Guidance and awareness books on daily life during pregnancy and post-birth…

Presenting Books as maternity gifts for pregnant women is a great idea to increase her awareness of how to raise and care for babies or to manage her time and life before and after giving born..

  • Books about healthy food recipes for pregnant women.
  • Books about how to manage a home with young children.
  • Books about how to raise and care for children.
  • Books about how to develop children’s skills and education.
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