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21 Pocket Gifts are Simple and Practical

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When presenting a gift to a friend or a relative, all we hope to accomplish is their approbation so we push them to keep our gift always within their reach; and pocket gifts can achieve this goal because they are always in its recipient’s pocket. Also, they are useful in meeting several frequent needs during the day as they might be electronic gifts for the pocket, clothing accessories, and perfumes, etc. In this article, we will present many gifts ideas for pockets to be presented as personal gifts on various occasions.

Here are some pocket gifts that you can present them to your beloved ones…

Pocket gifts for daily needs

Keychain with Medicine Preservative

If you want to present a gift to someone who takes medicine at specific times frequently, then you could present a keychain with medicine preservative that allows gifted people to keep their medicines with them easily upon leaving the house without worrying about forgetting to take those medicines on time. Also, it is a nice gift that shows your care of the gifted person’s health and leisure, and it is also special for patients and elderly people.


Many people need a pen in their pockets to write down their daily needs, ideas, reflections and notes. Although there are many electronic devices that can accomplish this goal such as mobiles or tablets, but using pen in taking personal notes still has priority over electronic screens, in addition to the need to complete some documentary and paperwork which can only be done using pens. So you can present pens to many people on many occasions. There are several types of pens that you can present as a gift such as liquid ink pens, dry ink pens and mechanical pencils; they also differ much in their shapes, colors, ink colors, designs and brands, which puts you in front of open ended choices while choosing your gift. Pen gifts are featured by their simplicity and usually the gift comes in a special unique box which might be luxurious, making it a main gift to be considered when thinking about gifts ideas.

Pocket Diary

Some people need to write down some notes, ideas and reflections in their diaries which they keep always in their pockets, so if you want to present a pocket gift to one of those people, then a pocket diary would be a great gift. It is featured by its various shapes and designs to satisfy all needs. Yet, you can choose a unique diary with an attractive metal cover for example, or a leather cover with a fancy look to be an appropriate gift. You can also choose diaries with the colors and inscriptions that suit men and women; likewise, diaries with simple designs and inscriptions suit men, and colorful diaries with stark colors would suit women.

Cards Holder

They are gifts that can be presented to people who hold many cards with them including professional cards, credit cards, bank cards or ID cards or any other kinds; and you can choose a holder that is made of waterproof plastic, or leather or metal materials in order to protect the cards totally from and possible damage, and this kind of holders is different from traditional ones.

Pocket Knives

There are many people who need those small knives in their outdoor daily needs especially lovers of camping, safaris and journeys in general. So you can present pocket knives as a gift to them so they will take it on their journeys. Plus, it is available in various sizes and shapes in the market.

Refillable Perfume Bottle

It is a small perfume bottle with a sprayer and it can be filled with the favorite perfume of its owner in order to carry it always whether in travelling, or in daily outdoor activities, which facilitates putting perfume anywhere and anytime.

Foldable Eyeglasses for Reading

If you want to present a gift as reading eyeglasses, then you can present a foldable one. These eyeglasses are featured because it can be folded into two halves when you are not using them; so it is easy to carry them in the pocket or the bag without taking much space.


It is one of the most popular accessories which can be put in the pocket easily, or it can be suspended on the shirt buttons of the gifted person. There are many types, shapes, designs, and various colors of sunglasses in the market and from different brands so you only have to choose what suits the gifted person’s taste and within your gift budget.

Silver Keychain

It is one of the most valuable gifts especially for men when they buy a new car or a house. Mainly, it is featured by its highest material and esthetic value of all other kinds of key chains. It is available in the market with various shapes and designs, and you only have to choose what suits your budget, the taste and needs of the gifted person.

Keychain with a Photo Frame

It is unique gift because it allows its holder to put a photo in the frame that is attached to it; this photo would be a personal photo, or a photo of one of their beloved ones like the partner, children, or parents, which makes it a nice gift. It is available in the market with various shapes and designs.

Leather Wallet

It is one of the pocket accessories that is kept with many people all day, where it carries what they need of money, bank cards, ID cards, and important papers. So presenting a leather wallet as a pocket gift is amazing especially because such wallets are classy and elegant, so you only have to choose the brand and color that are suitable for the gifted person.

Classic Pocket Watch

There are people who like buying classic pocket watches to wear it with suits on occasions, regardless of traditional wristwatches, in order to appear in a different classic look. In fact, pocket watches were the beginning of wristwatches and they are available in various designs and shapes including metal, bronze, silver, and even gold watches. And they are usually decorated with graphics and designs that add more elegance, such as graphic designs of archeological and historical places around the world, or geometric designs and graphics. So if the gifted person is a lover of classic and authentic gifts, then a classic pocket watch would be absolutely great in any occasion.

Pocket Mirror

Many women, and sometimes men, need to check their good appearance during the day, especially if they are going on outdoor journeys such as camping and safari where you cannot find mirrors in these places or even during travelling. So it would be a great thing to present them a pocket mirror as a gift which might be very suitable. They are available in models including the traditional mirror for the pocket and the illuminated pocket mirror which is attached with small illumination lamps on its sides to provide a clearer vision at night and in the dark places; thus, it would be appropriate for women’s use in their cars at night.

Electronic Gifts for Pockets

Personal Objects Tracker

This tracker can be connected via Bluetooth to the cellphone using a special app. It warns its owner in case they forgot any important objects such as bags, wallets, key chains or other stuff through sending a warning to the cellphone attached to a map that shows the place of the missing object; so it is a great gift for forgetful people.

Wireless Headphones

They are headphones that work via Bluetooth and can be connected to various smart electronic devices such as the computer, the tablet, and different versions of cellphones to listen to music and various audio programs easily and freely. It is featured by its low consumption of energy; plus, it could provide up to five continuous hours of listening after a single full charging, which makes it a great gift for lovers of enjoying and listening to music during the day.

Power Bank

Nowadays, electronic devices are indispensable to anyone and it is necessary for using at work and for entertainment. Yet, because it is always vulnerable to its batteries depletion of energy, it would be a great thing to present a practical gift as the pocket power bank to recharge electronic devices. The power bank is a practical gift for people who travel a lot as it charges their electronic devices fully up to 6 hours giving its holder more security in ensuring that they will not lose means of communication to others through their devices outside home or office.

Selfie Stick

It is a special gift for lovers of selfies and memorial photos everywhere especially for travelling and journeys lovers; so you can present them a small extendable selfie stick for the pocket which size does not exceed the size of the forehand. Yet, it is extensible when desired to use it for taking photos and its length may reach one meter, which facilitates carrying it in the pocket.

Mobile Phone

Of course, there is nothing greater than receiving modern mobile phone as a gift. In fact, markets are full of endless brands and versions of them, whether it was a smart phone, a tablet, or an iPhones. However, the gift would be more special and appreciated if you already know what type of mobiles the gifted person desires to buy.


If the gifted person is an outdoor sports practitioner, like mountaineering, cycling or a lover of safaris and camping, or even someone who needs a compass in their car, then you can present them a compass to recognize directions and the place of the sun; so it is a functional amazing gift.

Pocket Flashlight

You can present a flashlight for those who are driven by circumstances to do various activities at night or in dark places because it is easily carried and can illuminate the ways at dark times. Yet, some kinds of it can be attached to its holder keychain.

Fishing Pole in a Pen Size

You can present this pole on various occasions to your friends and acquaintances who love fishing. Mainly, it is featured by its folding possibility until it reaches to a small size that equals the size of a pen; and usually it does not weigh more than 55 grams so it is easy to carry it in the pocket which makes it among the considerable gifts for fishing lovers.

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