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Is perfume a good gift?


perfume gift-هدايا عطور

So should you consider presenting perfume as a gift?

One of the best things that perfume gifts have, that it is a proper gift to give to most types of people, whether your close friends or Superficial ones, to your parents and siblings or even coworkers, needless to say, it a good choice for your beloved ones, husband or wife

Is perfume a good gift?

Definitely yes, because perfumes are one of the few gifts that can be presented to anyone on any occasion. A lot of people become confused about gifting; however, they usually end up getting perfumes as one of their escape plans, where they can choose among numerous perfumes and from famous brands in a reasonable budget. And even if you hesitate about buying it you will find yourself saying: who does not love perfumes?!

The big feature of the perfume as a gift, that it matches the big and the small gift budgets, where you can buy a good perfume with any gift budget you have.

One important thing you need to remember is that perfumes are a double-edged sword because it may fit the taste of the gifted person and then they will use and enjoy it, or they may not like it and never use it. So, when you buy perfumes as gifts make sure of two things…

Perfume-عطور1- Choosing from famous brands that are widely used by people of different tastes, because the uncommon or bizarre brands may not suit the taste of the gifted person even if you like the perfumes personally. Although tastes may differ between people in the types of perfumes they like, everyone agrees and likes perfumes to stay for a long time, which is something you should make sure of when you buy perfumes as gifts, and usually, you will find this feature in the famous brands more than others.

2- Top selling perfumes: one of the best ways to buy perfumes as a gift, to buy one of the best selling and top-rated ones .. and you can do that online from the top shopping websites, so you can select perfumes category, then sort by best-selling ones, and when you choose a perfume that tens of thousands have bought it before already, they most likely liked it then bought it again, and that is why the selling numbers are high.

Usually, the top-selling perfumes are matching many tastes, which make it much better to choose than just buying a random ones that could not be proper for the gifted person .. even if it was from a famous brand, so try to not risk buying a perfumes new launched or not on the top-selling as a gift even from top brands…

You should not be tricked by the attractive shape of the bottle, because it contains is more important, and if they shape of the bottle is so attractive and the perfume itself is not nice at all, then your gift will be useless.

Despite shopping online is a good way to know the best selling perfumes, you can buy it from the offline stores, where you can ask them about the same brand that you found online so you can smell it before buying it, or you can ask the store seller to give you one of the top-selling perfumes which are in your gift budget…

But one thing you are going to notice when you compare the same perfume between online and offline, almost all the time you will find it cheaper online where there are many other costs that are excluded already, like the salaries and the rent of the sore and so on .. so do not think that the offline store stealing from you, but just the cost calculations are different, so if you already know already the perfume that you want to buy, then you can just buy it online to get it cheaper.

On the other side buying it online will need to place your order a few days before the occasion, so you can receive it early enough to wrap it .. but on stores, you will receive it immediately, plus you can ask the shop to wrap it for you where there is no extra effort needed to be done. 

The one thing about perfumes that differentiate it from many other types of gifts, that it does not matter if the gifted person has many perfume pieces or not… even if he had the same brand that you are gifting, they are a consumed product, which makes adding one more piece is always not a bad thing .. as long as the gifted person already likes it ..

Perfume Gift Sets is another good way to present perfumes ..

Perfumes are great to gift either as one piece or as a set of perfumes, where many brands provide a sets that contain collection of different bottles with different scents, which matches many tastes at the same time, and usually, you can find that in the small-sized pocket bottles, where the single one will not last that much already, so it may not be proper to present on small piece alone.

Some sets come with even different shapes of the bottle, where one of them be fat to be placed in the bedroom, and another one thin to be proper to carry in the handbag, and others just come with the same shape but with different sizes, we recommend to think in the perfume sets that has different shapes to be able to use one before leaving home and carry the other one to use outdoors.

If you are going to present it for women, you can choose a set that has a piece of perfume with other cosmetic or body care pieces, which will make your gift a little different than the normal perfume gifts.

To Whom you can present perfumes as gifts?

Coworkers: Perfumes are a good choice to consider as a formal gift, where usually on the personal occasions for coworkers it is not preferred to present something fancy, 

Boss: May feel that you have limited options to present as a gift for your boss, but you can consider the perfume as a good choice to present whether the boss was a man or lady.

Superficial & Close Friend: some people adore perfumes than usual, where even if they will stay at home all day they will keep using the perfumes every few hours, to refresh themselves with the unique scents of it, and if one of your friends is one of those people, definitely your perfume gifts will be perfect for them, but here you need to recognize that they are almost experts and picky when it comes to perfumes, so you need to choose carefully a nice and proper one to them.

On the other hand, for the superficial friends, it will be a good gift from a man to man or from woman to woman, because your choices will be limited already to present to such relationships, and can be an affordable gift for the small or reasonable budgets.

Perfume-عطورSpouse: It is always a type of gift that you can present for your spouse for no reason, or as an apology gift. You can present it to your wife with a bouquet of nice scent flowers, where both gifts are the best type of scent gifts which will improve her mood.

For relaxing and meditation lovers: perfumes are good to use during meditation, where it will help in the soul recovery and will add some happiness feeling that help the body to relax.

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