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Are Monetary Gifts Better Than Other Types of Gifts?

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Are Monetary gifts and cash gifts better than other types of gifts?

Actually, no one denies the fact that money is always the root solution to most of the problems that humans may face, as most of life matters depends on money. We are looking for work to make money and we want money to buy things. Also, when we want to go hiking and travel, there must be money.

Thinking about the ideas of buying the suitable gifts for friends and family on occasions and holidays is a complicated thing, as you need to think about each individual’s personality, what he loves and what gift will suit him. Then, comes the role of your own budget which will prevent you from choosing expensive gifts and your choices will be restricted on a specific gift list in order not to spend a lot.  So, what if you shorten all this thinking and make your gift a Monetary gift?

The quick answer to this is: Yes, sometimes or often is the right choice .. In reality, choosing cash gifts keeps you from hard-thinking in choosing ideas for different gifts. So, whether you know well the personality of your gift’s recipient or not,  money will certainly suit everyone, so you will also be assured that your money is valuable and useful at the same time. It is very possible that your gift would help one of your family members to get rid of a certain debt or buy something they lacked, so they will choose their gift themselves.

However, the issue of cash gifts  is not entirely related to how much you will give. You must keep in mind that the main purpose for gifts is to make their recipients happy. So, you can determine the amount of money you have and then instead of presenting it in a traditional way, you can offer it in new, innovative and cute ways to delight those who will receive your gifts.

Monetary Gifts & Cash Gifts Occasions

The choice of your gift to be a monetary gift that will not change the value of the gift for some occasions, but on other occasions it may not be appropriate for your gift to be a cash gift.

When are monetary gifts appropriate? 

There are many occasions where cash gifts can be given such as ..

  • Newborn occasions
  • Marriage occasion
  • Graduation occasion
  • Holiday’s events
  • Educational success
  • Birthday’s occasion provided that the gift’s giver must be old and the recipient young.
  • get well soon occasions
  • Farewell, marriage, or newborn gifts for coworkers: Gifting money depends on the recipient of the gift, his status and many other things. On some occasions such saying goodbye to a co-worker  especially if he was a labour and the company laid him off, the appropriate farewell gift may be cash gifts that will be most beneficial to him.

You can observe in many of these occasions such as graduation, marriage, newborn and patient visits that the cash gift may be the most suitable as it helps the recipient of the gift  in these decisive stages of his life. Each stage has heavy burdens which the gifted may need more than symbolic or luxury gifts that he may not need or unnecessary and which are not compatible with his priorities ..   On other occasions, such as holidays and birthdays, cash gifts are appropriate if the gift provider feels that other types of gifts will not be more suitable than monetary gifts, especially if the gifted person is a young man or a girl and their requirements and needs may not be known.

 When cash gifts are an inappropriate gift? …

Presented from very young to the elderly: It may not be appropriate for a young person to give cash gifts to the elderly on his birthday or any other occasion.This is only suitable for middle-aged adults or from grown-ups to youngsters.

Coworkers events: Such as birthdays or promotions, co-worker’s gifts are based on symbolic gifts. In this regard,  gifting money may only be appropriate if you are not at one of the occasions mentioned in the previous paragraph

Superficial friends or acquaintances: It would not be appropriate to give cash gifts to someone you don’t know well but  should attend their event celebration, then the best option is symbolic gifts.

Occasions for children under the legal age or under ten years  in a large amount: This is because they may not have the wisdom to spend the money, otherwise, the money can be offered to parents to save it for the children or you can provide a token sum. Thus, the best gifts for them are games or what pleases them directly in a way such as trips and other things.

Monetary gifts also indicate that you have helped the recipient choose his gift, rather than giving it something he doesn’t want, especially no one will be bothered because you gave him money, but the idea here is how to present your cash gift?

Are cash gifts suitable for children as well?

cash gifts-هدايا نقدية

Actually, cash gifts are not only special to adults or on holidays and special events , you can’t teach your child how to handle money properly by giving them monetary gifts at an appropriate value, not a large amount. This actually will be as we mentioned earlier “ at the right age”, that is after the age of nine or ten, as cash gifts are primarily a motivating and joyful matter for children, because they feel that they finally have their own money just like adults.  Here comes your role in making your cash gift beneficial to your child without helping him to be wasteful or spend it on what might harm him or making him love the money too much. Therefore, monetary gifts should not be overgiven.

So, monetary gifts for children are a useful factor for motivation, holiday celebration or success, so you can delight your child by giving him cash gifts so that he can rely on himself and spend them on what he loves and decide whether he wants to save them or not. On the other hand, you can help and encourage him to save and spend his money properly.

Also, it’s important to be creative in the way of giving gifts to children. Actually, the more the money was attached, for example, with symbolic games, cash boxes, or accompanied by stimulus cards, you have helped to change the meaning of the gift from purely materialistic to material and moral. This actually  will make a difference in the recipient’s awareness and increase his happiness.

How do you give Monetary Gifts?

You have spent  a lot of time thinking about the type of gift, searching among many websites, and moving between stores. Then you chose the short way to all this and decided that your gift will be money. Then, the most important role will come, which is how to present it.

Here you must present your monetary gift in an innovative and gentle way so that you do not embarrass your gift’s recipient as if you give him a donation or advance.  But you can present it inside a thank you card or a greeting card accompanied by words that coincide with the occasion, or you can give it with some flowers and chocolates, and many different and innovative ideas that we will talk about in this article .

Here are some options and ideas to help you present your cash gift more creatively …

Funny ways for giving money gifts

Your cash gift will be more unique if presented in a fun and unconventional way as the first purpose of the gifts is to surprise the recipient of the gifts and to be unconventional and cheerful. Your choice of gift to be a cash one is normal and circulated  and is a special gift on holidays, but the idea is how you will present your gift? So, if you want to give your cash gift, there are many different ideas that you can create yourself or find funny tricks and search games that you can practice with your family to find the place of money.Or you can hide money in one of your child’s toys  and ask them to search for it, solve a specific puzzle in order to get it , or do one of the funny tricks that you can practice with your friends, and lots of ideas to help you present your cash in an innovative way, and here are some ideas…
gold coins-عملات ذهبية
Gold, Silver or Bronze coins: Although it is not money that can be spent directly, it  may be considered as one of the valuable gifts that the gifted can sell and benefit from their value whenever he wants. Also, it can be gifted in a small luxury box that is suitable for gifting.

Money Wallet: You can give your friends a gift in the form of an elegant leather wallet with some cash that he will be surprised about when opening the wallet. Thus, he will be given two gifts at the same time.

Dictionary with money in it: You will see the shock on your brother’s face if you give him a dictionary on one occasion, but it will be a surprise when he opens it and finds money inside it

Greeting Cards: You can put the amount of cash you want to give to a family member in an envelope with gratitude and thank you cards.

Digital Money Bank: With a digital screen to calculate the number of coins inside it.  You can give it to children to motivate them to save money, but give it to him with some coins in it and whenever he adds other money it will be calculated on the digital screen.

Money in different currencies: If you know that a friend or family member intends to travel soon to any country, you can give him a gift that is the currency of the country that he intends to visit.

Chocolate box: You can present your cash gift in a pleasant way by placing it in a symmetrical way in a box filled with chocolates, which you can offer as a gift to your sister or wife.

Magic Money Box: Let your friends think about the trick of the magic box and the one who can solve the puzzle,  is the owner of the cash gift inside the box.

Helping: If one of your family, friends or spouse is a food and fast food lover,you  can buy a meal from one of their favorite restaurants and put money inside it, such as replacing the potato fingers in their own Beckett and putting the money in the same shape.

Rose garland: You can make it yourself, bring a wreath of rose, shape the banknotes in the rose form, and place them next to the rose, or instead, becoming a cash wreath instead of the rose.

Maze puzzle: A funny game that you can give to your children, which is a box in the form of a maze with  money inside it, and the solution to get the money in it is to solve the maze puzzle first.

Balloons: On holidays, you can bring several balloons and fill them first with cash.  At the end of the celebration, ask the owner of the gift to pop the balloons to get the cash.

Candy box: A good idea for children.  Give your cash gift inside a box filled with sweets and nuts, which your baby will be happy because you gave him the  things he loves the most. 

Gift Cards and Coupons to Buy

Your cash gift is not required to be cash or money, there are many other ideas that you can use to make your gift innovative and unconventional as well. You can offer cash gifts in the form of cards, discount coupons for shops or a restaurant instead of providing cash. Actually, The recipient of the gift will benefit, because you may have helped him with something he will not buy for himself and these ideas include:

Website Gift Cards: If the recipient of the gift loves to shop from the various electronic commercial sites, you can find out what his favorite sites and give him cards to buy from sites like Amazon or other sites,especially when these sites offer different discounts on products.

Paid tickets: You can offer one of your family members prepaid tickets for one of the trips he would have liked to go, or tickets for singing or theater parties or to watch a movie.

Savings account: A suitable gift for children whether young or old, it is a smart glimpse that will help your children save their money and have a special account that they can rely on themselves to manage, but help them in the beginning by teaching them the importance of saving and how to deal with their account.

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