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Massage Gifts

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Massage gifts could be one of the best gifts some people like to receive, because massage is one of the best means for relaxation and recreation because few minutes of massage would be the best to help on relaxing the body and revitalizing the blood circulation after a long and hard day, or after a long journey. Traditionally, massage for many people means paying money to have few minutes of massage in a massage parlor when needed, but you can save all that money by buying massage machines so that you can use them all the time in your house, either by buying massage machines for the whole body, or by buying a machine that could be used for a single body part, such as feet massager.       

Accordingly, presenting a massage machine as a gift will distinguish your gift; it is also a special gift that can be presented for friends and relatives for relaxation, for elderly people and parents, or for patients too as massage machines are means of physical therapy. Many studies and modern medical research have revealed about the benefits of massage, especially for people who suffer from lower backache, muscles aches and some chronic pains. Furthermore, doing a massage for the body improves the immune system, especially for women who suffer from breast cancer, and it reduces the asthma symptoms for children. Massage is also very beneficial even for healthy people because it detoxifies the body and revitalizes the blood circulation.

Since massage has several benefits, then any of its needs will be considered a great gift that shows how much you care about the gifted person’s health. In this article, we will try to spotlight on some ideas of devices and tools that can be presented as massage gifts, and we will present these devices briefly on points:

  • Massage Chair
  • Massage Chair for Cars
  • Medical Back Chair
  • Feet Massager
  • Electric Eyes Massage Machine
  • Electric Head Massager
  • Neck Massage Cushion
  • Mattress Massager
  • Feet Spa Bath Massager
  • Back Massager
  • Massage Cushion

1. Massage Chair

It is a versatile device as it massages different body parts including the neck, the upper and the lower part of the back, arms, elbows, feet, legs, external femur and ankles. Mainly, it massages about fifteen to thirty minutes as desired and it can be used corresponding to the needs of the gifted person so it is a typical chair for relaxation and recreation. Also, it is considered a medical chair to reduce the muscles sores and to revitalize the blood circulation. The gifted person can enjoy sitting on the massage chair during the day while watching TV, talking on the phone, or even interacting with the family, and maybe it can be used while reading books and newspapers, because using this chair does not need any special concentration.

2. Feet Massager

It is considered as the easiest and the fastest way to have feet massage after a long and hard day as it helps in headache treatment, body detox and fitness maintenance. The feet massager does massage to the whole feet by pressing on the bottom of the feet, the heel and the two sides of the feet together, which makes the person feels totally comfortable. Plus, this device has different speeds to switch between them in order to suit the need and the comfort of the user. You can control switching between the speeds using a remote control. Also, the part that does feet massage is washable to maintain the ongoing hygiene. All the former features make the feet massager great massage gift to every hardworking person, who does not have the adequate time to sit down to relief their legs during work.

3. Versatile Massager

It is usually a small device for massaging which can be used by hands, and it has several heads that can be switched to massage different parts of the body like feet, back, head and neck using several speeds. Generally, this device is a cheaper alternative for the massage chair and the rest of massage devices including the feet massager, the electric head massager, the neck massage cushion, and the back massager. And since the versatile massager is small sized, then it can be put in the travelling bag in order to use it everywhere, which makes it a practical massage gift for massage lovers.

4. Body Massage Machine

It is a versatile massage machine that has 4 fluctuated heads for different uses. Mainly, using this machine for doing massage helps in resisting the impact of fluid retention in the body. It also helps in body slimming and fats burning. Furthermore, it helps the body to absorb the slimming creams and lotions as it works on renewing the skin cells and on reducing the muscles stress, in addition to the revitalization of the blood circulation especially when the gifted person uses it for massaging the back. So you can consider buying this body massage machine when you think of buying massage gifts. 

5. Massage Chair for the Car

It is a thermal massage chair that can be placed on the ordinary chair or on the chair of the car, and it is electrically operated in houses. Yet, in cars it is operated by connecting it with the lighter of the car. This chair is attached with five engines to do massage for the whole body, in addition to the shoulders and femurs. Furthermore, it has four different programs for massaging the body, and three levels of speed to guarantee having a great massage experience. Massage chairs are a special massage gifts for people who drive their cars for long durations as it helps them to revitalize their blood circulation constantly in order to avoid the inactivity of the body, plus the aches that occur because of sitting a lot.

6. Head Massage Helmet

It is a helmet that could be worn on the head and it does massage to the head as desired. In fact, it has different massage levels that differ from 1-8 so it is a great massage gifts to revitalize the permanent activity of the brain and the revitalization of the blood circulation as it can reduce headache and combating insomnia.

7. Eyes Massage Machine

Electric Eyes Massage Machines with Magnetic Therapy, They are eyeglasses that have heads for massaging the surrounding areas of the eyes. Mainly, they target the most important eleven areas around the eyes in order to cool them off, so that the gifted person can have some sleep. Also, this machine can be used for eyes relaxation after working on computers for a long time. Plus, this device helps to remove the fat bags from under the eyes and prevent the dark circles by activating the enzymes of the eyes muscles which help to achieve greater visibility. Moreover, massaging the eyes with a special device increases extracting the oxygen which activates the cells of the optical nerves. This device is one of the best of the massage gifts for people who work for long hours on computers since their eyes may have permanent exhaustion which makes the eyes massage machine the optimal gift for them.

8. Neck Massage Pillow

It is a device for massaging the neck and this type of massage gifts is a great gift for people who sit on their desks for long hours to perform office tasks or to work on the computer. It is good also for people who drive their cars for long hours, or for those who sit in the transportation and travel a lot since these people are always exposed to suffer from neck pains. This cushion is made of soft cotton materials that provide its users with the feeling of relaxation and recreation, and it works on batteries so the gifted person can turn it on from the power button on one of its sides. Mainly, this cushion can be used while driving, or while doing any other office work and in different transportation.

9. Nick Massage Belt

It is a pillow that does neck massage, in addition to back and legs massage, or belly massage. Yet, it can be placed to the car chair to do massage for the neck, or for using it at home. This belt does thermal massage that revitalizes the blood circulation, and it is one of the most simple massage tools that could be purchased as a massage gift.

10. Mattress Massager

It is a mattress that can be put on the bed or the couch and it is attached with a cover of thermal polyester and it stuffed with sponge from the inside. This mattress can work on 9 levels according to the desire of its user so it is useful to reduce backaches. However, what features it most is that it could be used anywhere as it can be easily carried, folded and then spread anywhere according to the user’s desires. Furthermore, it is one of the non-expensive massage gifts that you can buy as a gift if your gifts budget is limited.

11. Feet Bath Massager

It is a device that does massage by submersing the legs in water and then it works like a Jacuzzi for the legs and it massages with bubbles and vibrations. Furthermore, it heats the water inside it and the gifted person can control its temperature from 25-50 degrees. In fact, it works by IR radiation which is safe indirect heat that has therapeutic usefulness which is similar to the earth heat on the beaches. However, this device is totally different from other massage devices because it works by water like a Jacuzzi, which makes it a significant and valuable massage gift for the gifted person.

12. Massage Shoes

It is a shoe that has protrusions for massage in its base. These protrusions massage all the sensitive points in the soles and they work on revitalizing the blood circulation. This shoe also reduces exhaustion and improves the metabolism in addition to enhancing the sleep. Furthermore, it reduces the nervous tension so massage shoe is an unusual massage device that you should consider buying when thinking of massage gifts. 

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