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9 Jewelry Gift Boxes

jewelry gift box

Presenting a Jewelry gift box or as it usually called jewelry organizer or jewelry storage is one of the best gift ideas to present for wives, mothers, or close friends, and here is why…

One of the best gift ideas to present for your beloved ones is those that they want but don’t buy because they are considering them as nonessentials or luxuries; in addition, they may give priority to other things they prefer to spend money on. For this reason, giving such presents is the most pleasurable thing for them and has a greater impact than any traditional gift. This way, these kinds of gifts will be so special for the recipient. 

Jewelry gift boxes are one of those types of gifts that you can present if the recipient does not have one already, and for sure it will give her pleasure especially if she is addicted to collecting accessories.

This is the type of gift that is more proper to present to your close women, as it is a personal kind of gift, plus it will be better if your able to know if the recipient has already nice jewelry gift box or jewelry organizer so you can look for other types of gift or not, which is hard to know with the superficial friends.

There are different types and sizes of the jewelry boxes, some are small-sized to be stored in the closed or in drawers, and others are big to collect most of the accessories that the lady has.

It differs based on the material as well, and here some of the most common materials that you can buy…

1. Leather Jewelry Boxes

The leather jewelry boxes are the most common ones, as the leather grants a luxurious look for such items, and it is easy to buy in different girlish colors without losing the glamour of it compared to the wooden jewelry boxes that are usually limited in color. 

For those who are obsessed with leather, the leather jewelry gift box will be a perfect gift for them compared to the wooden gift boxes, and you can know that by looking at the outfits of the gifted girl or woman if she is a big fan of leather outfits, it is more likely to like the leather jewelry boxes.

2. Wooden Jewelry Boxes

The wooden material gives any accessory to a unique and luxurious look. Some people like the wooden material over any other materials if you gave them to choose. Especially those who like antiques and vintage items and accessories, and you can know those women or girls by their accessories materials, as those who are obsessed with the wooden material usually wear wooden accessories like bracelets or necklaces, which makes it easy for you to guess that they will like the wooden jewelry boxes over the leather ones.

Those two materials are the most common materials for jewelry gift boxes as they are grand the boxes the luxurious touch and appearance which is definitely needed for such a gift, they are not only to keep jewelry but also to keep souvenirs. 

Some of the jewelry boxes are padded with velvet to not scratch the jewelry. It is the recommended type of jewelry boxes to gift, so we strongly recommend avoiding the jewelry boxes that are not padded from inside with velvet or such material, because they are more likely souvenir boxes and not made especially for jewelry, as the receiving can put materials in those boxes that does not require paddings like cards or compass, or photos.

Jewelry gift boxes are available in the market in different colors and sizes that might fit a full jewelry set or only one type of jewelry such as chains, rings, earrings, and others. 

Leather and Wooden boxes have a special appearance and It’s a special accessory for women as the husband can give to his wife to organize her accessories inside even if she doesn’t have too many accessories. That’s because the luxurious look of the jewelry box is an accessory in itself. So when you think of giving women a leather or wooden jewelry box as a gift, this is a very good choice.

Jewelry box Gifts based on size…

3. Small Jewelry Boxes

These are the classic and simple wooden jewelry gift boxes that usually has only one section to put all pieces of jewelry mixed together, and they are usually small-sized where they can be saved anywhere in the room, as the lady can even hide it in any wardrobe or drawer or even a personal save to secure her jewelry.

Some ladies like that kind of leather or wooden jewelry boxes despite its small size that may not take much jewelry over the big ones especially for ladies who used to have many visitors to the house to be able to put it anywhere and lock on it, or even to carry in any bag while traveling.

If you want to add value to this kind of gift, you can choose a handmade one, especially if it is a wooden jewelry box that can contain some handmade Inscriptions and drawings that can be personalized to the gifted person, with some love quotes and words.

4. Big Jewelry Boxes

This type can be considered as the modern style of jewelry boxes and it can be used as a jewelry organizer, as it usually has different and separated sections for each type of jewelry piece. Where you can find a hunger for the necklaces, small sections for the rings, and others only for bracelets, earrings, brooches, and watches, or even Coins.

The big jewelry boxes are perfect for those ladies who have so many jewelry accessories and pieces, where they were gold silver of any other material, as it saves time for the lady to find the proper jewelry piece fast when she is about to go out and to be able to scan all of them to not forget some old pieces that she has.

Because of the big size of this type of jewelry boxes, it is a nice decor piece in the bedroom, as it is hard to keep inside the wardrobe because it will take much space. So the best way to use it is to place it on a table inside the dressing or the bedroom, and the leather or the wooden material will give a luxurious glamour for the room.

5. Wooden Treasure Chest Box

This type of box specifically is so unique compared to the ordinary wooden boxes, as it looks like an authentic Pirate Treasure Box, which makes it not only a nice simple and small jewelry box but it is a perfect decorative masterpiece for any table of a shelf too, especially for those who like vintage antiques.

Some of the wooden treasure chest boxes have only a wooden body with metal clasp, and others have a decorative iron plating and buttons that add extra glamour to it and to give it a real treasure chest feel.

There are many sizes in the market for this type of wooden boxes which makes them fit to be a jewelry box to women who has a few jewelry pieces or many pieces, Plus that makes it proper to be gifted for the young girls and adults to store their own accessories if they do not have already much of golden jewelry.

It can be a secondary jewelry box for the gifted woman, where she can save her main jewelry pieces in whatever jewelry box she has, and store the precious and unique ones that she does not use very often in this treasure chest box.

6- Jewelry Gift Box with a Tree Stand Organizer

This kind of jewelry boxes can be a great way to reach the jewelry pieces especially the necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. As it is made of two parts, the first is the jewelry box which usually has different drawers to store the small pieces of jewelry, and the second part is the metal stand that can be set over or on the top of the jewelry box so the user can hang her necklaces on them to reach them easily and to avoid any tangles between the jewelry pieces.

7. Jewelry Gift Box for Men

For men who used to and like to wear accessories like rings or bracelets or even watches and cufflinks, the jewelry gift box for men is a good gift. The difference between the jewelry gift organizer for men and ones for women, is that the jewelry gift box for men has sections for some types of manly jewelry pieces that women may not have or not use much like cufflinks, tie clips and watches.

Despite the jewelry gift box for men is not a common gift, it is a perfect choice for the man if you know that he does not have one and he needs one. It is common for women to buy a jewelry box for herself, but you will not see many men buy jewelry or accessories boxes for themselves, which makes it a perfect gift choice for the close people to you.

8. Jewelry Gift Boxes for Mom

There are some small Jewelry boxes that have nice inscriptions, drawings, or sweet and nice greeting sentences on the top of them expressing the lover for, which makes this gift even a unique kind of gift from the daughters and sons to their mother on mother’s day or on her birthday.

It is easy to tell if the mom needs a nice jewelry box or not, as her children would already know that, which makes a very nice gift idea, and will be even better to present with it a piece of jewelry inside of it, or even a nice simple and affordable accessories that the children can afford, daughters and sons can present this gift together, where a person can buy the jewelry gift box and the other can buy a piece of jewelry and other can buy another piece of jewelry and all present it as one gift for mom.

9. Jewelry Gift Box for Young Girls

It will be a unique gift for young girls who do not have their own jewelry boxes. Jewelry gift boxes for gifts are distinguished from the ordinary ones for adults by their bright colors and the attractive drawings for kids, many of them are even a music box which adds amusement for the young girl while she is using her own and private jewelry box.

Presenting a girlish jewelry gift box that may have a locker with a key on a girl’s birthday will grant her a good feeling of privacy and will make her feel that she is grown up a little, as she can store and hide her own items and accessories in her secret box.

Occasions to present Jewelry gift box on…

Anniversary: It is so common to present a piece of jewelry in the anniversary days as anniversary gifts for women, and it will be even better if the husband presented the jewelry piece in a very nice jewelry box if his wife does not have a nice one already, Jewelry gift boxes can be secondary gifts and always will be a good gift choice for women or girls who likes it.

It is not only for women, but the wife can also present jewelry gift box for the husband in the anniversary, so if she decided to present a nice watch for him, it will be even better to put it in accessories or jewelry box for men as a second gift if he does not have a nice one already.

Valentines Day: Jewelry gift boxes can be a very unique way to present your valentines day gift, as you can fill the jewelry gift box with chocolates and candies that are super well wrapped, so when you wife opens the main gift which is jewelry box she finds all the types of chocolates and sweets that she likes.

Wedding Gift: It is a perfect time to have a very nice and luxurious jewelry box, so even if the gifted person has already a jewelry box, you can present to her a new unique and luxurious one to add her new jewelry collection and pieces, as usually many girls before marriage does not have a very fancy jewelry box, which makes the wedding occasion the perfect for such gift.

Birthdays: Jewelry gift boxes are not only a good birthday gift for women, but also a perfect gift for young girls who are not having a jewelry box already, and they can be a very simple jewelry box as the young girl does not need a big luxurious one, where a small treasure chest jewelry box can be a good choice, Plus, it is a unique gift between young girls in their birthdays.

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