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Gifts for juices Lovers



Lately, health awareness has spread to a large extent, so many people have adopted to healthy food and healthy drinks as a substitute for junk and ready-made foods filled with fats and carbohydrates. 

Many also replace soft drinks and caffeine drinks like tea and coffee with various types of natural juices, whether it is citrus juices such as lemon juice or orange juice, Or Juices from fruits such as avocado, pomegranate, mango, apple, and strawberry, or other types of juices such as carrot juice, or some cocktails of natural juices.

If you have friends and acquaintances who are obsessed with or interested in the healthy drinks, it would be a wonderful gift idea to present to them the proper tools for the preparation and drinking and saving the natural juices to increase their pleasure and joy.

In this article, we will try to present to you various gift ideas of tools for preparing and presenting natural juices, so that you can use it as a guide while choosing gifts of this kind, so follow the article with us.

Gifts for Juice Lovers…

1. Juice Cup with Straw

It is one of the best gifts for Juice lovers, Where the gifted person can drink in sip style, what makes it better of the most other types of juice cups or glasses that the gifted person and take sip by sip without the need to take up the cup which sometimes is not proper or suitable to do, and here we will give only two examples of so many they will make you seriously thing in this gift for all juice lovers.

Perfect gift For Coworkers: it is a perfect gift for coworkers especially for those who attend long meetings, and it is the right way to dring in the meeting with others to no move up the bottle of cup front of the face of the other people.

Great Gift TV Watchers: it is a perfect way as well to drink the favorite juice while watching the TV sip by sip without the need to move up the whole cup that will cover the screen before your eyes.

2. Fruit Juicer Cup with Batteries

It is a cup of stainless steel and acrylic that works with batteries as a small portable juice squeezer, it is easy to carry in a handbag or shoulder bag. It can make juice of approximately half a liter, which allow the gifted person to use it anywhere to get fresh natural juice at any time as long as the user carries some fruits with him, it can also be used to mix nutrients, eggs, milk, energy drinks and protein for athletes, making it a perfect and practical gift for on the go use.

3. Fruit Juicer Cup

It is a special Juice cup to gift to your beloved friends, as it works as a fruit juicer when placing fresh fruits in it, some types of it are chargeable and others need to be connected with electricity so it squeezes them together to produce fresh juice, then the cup is removable from the electrical part for drinking directly from it without the need to pour the juicer into another cup, which makes it so practical gift to present to all outdoor lovers.

Some types of the cup juicers have a special blade to crack the ice pieces, in order to add ice pieces to the fruit mixture if the user wants to make ice juice. This type of juicer is easy to clean and easy to be placed safely in the dishwasher, in addition to this the fruit juicer cup is characterized by its small size which makes it carriable in luggage and handbags while traveling.

so it is practical gifts for Juice lovers and outdoor lovers at the same time, Plus it is a good coworkers gift idea as well for making fresh juice when it is needed at the workplace.

4. Juice Fountain

When presenting natural juices inhouse parties and events, it is great to have a juices fountain that performs this task instead of pouring juice for each guest separately, as it is sufficient to put fresh juice in it and ensure that it is rotated in its roles of different sizes after being connected to electricity, which enables every guest from sipping fresh juice whenever he wants in a distinct and different way.

It is distinguished by the possibility of hanging cups on it with a stylish modern way, plus it is so easy to clean, and it is suitable for all types of fresh juices, whether avocado juice, carrots, pomegranate or citrus juices such as lemon, orange, mint lemon or even beet, apple juice or cocktail juice and many other types of fresh juices, 

That makes it a wonderful gift idea for those who are house partying a lot in their houses, and for the family or friends gatherings.

5. Fruits Cutting, Slicing, and Peeling Tools

There are some fruits that have unique tools for cutting them for easy and quick juice preparation or even for making a fruit salad or direct eating, such as pineapples or apples and mangos cutting tool, etc. 

You can find in the market a complete set of all these tools combined in one bag, which contains specialized tools and knives for each type of fruit, which we recommend to present as a gift instead of presenting one tool because it will be so useful and helpful for the gifted person to use with all types of fruits, especially if the gifted person is a frequent juice drinker or fresh juice lover.

6. Electric Citrus and Orange Juicer

Orange and citrus fruits in general, such as lemon, mandarin, and grapefruit, need a special fruit juicer different from the traditional fruit juicers, where the orange juice squeezes the citrus fruits and extracts the juices from it without mixing the crust with the juice.

Some types of electric citrus juicers are characterized by being able to squeeze up to three fruits together in one minute by pressing the electric button and storing fruit juices in a transparent special part that makes it easy to pour the juice in cups. It is also easy to remove and install, which facilitates the process of washing and cleaning. which makes it an excellent gift for citrus and orange juice Lovers, and you can present it as a housewarming gift as well.

7. Juice Thermos

It is a suitable gift for juice lovers, as it allows them to save the cold juice for drinking it later at any time, especially outdoor during hot summer times, so it is one of the main means of carrying juice outside the house while on the go or in the car.

It is available in the market in different shapes, sizes, and brands, and the capacity of each thermos varies according to its type and size, so you must choose the proper size according to the gifted person so that the size be suitable for placing inside the ladies’ bag if the gift is for a woman and to be proper to carry in men’s bag if the gifted person is a man.

8. Water Bottle with Fruit Pieces Container

It is a water bottle specially designed to add the various pieces of fruit in a special part inside of it. This allows the water inside the bottle to get the flavor of the fruit while maintaining its purity without mixing the fruit pieces with it.

Some people like to drink water this way to add vitamin C and important nutrients to water instead of having pure water during the day, and this bottle is characterized by the ability to take it anywhere which makes it a wonderful gift for juices lovers and for those who are keen to get the vitamin C constantly.

9. Electric Fruit Juicer

The electric fruit juicer is characterized by being able to prepare at least one and a half liters of fruit juice of any kind of fresh juice, and some types of them contain a container intended to preserve the pulp and shells, to avoid removing them from the lid and sides of the fruit juicer, and the body of the fruit juicer of many types is distinguished by its flask-like design, which allows fresh juices it to be easily poured from it into cups or juice bottles directly.

Also, some types of electric fruit juices contain a special faucet for pouring fresh juices into cups when needed, and you can choose a kind of electric fruit juicer that is easy to disassemble so that it becomes easy to clean, as some of them are suitable for disassembling and washing inside the dishwasher, and this will be a great advantage for mothers to save their effort of cleaning after finishing the juice, which makes it a wonderful gift for juice lovers and like preparing it themself at home, which makes it a special housewarming gift.

10. Fruit Juicer Mixer

This type of fruit juicers suitable for squeezing different types of fruit together to prepare a cocktail juice, as it is also suitable for preparing various vegetables and sauces, which makes it a practical gift for multiple uses inside the kitchen, and it is preferable to choose a type of fruit juices mixer that comes with a booklet of multiple recipes to prepare different types of fruit juices, vegetables, and sauces, to provide additional assistance to the housewife while using it and to give her new distinctive recipes to make different types of natural juice.

11. Wooden Juice Cups

They are usually made of bamboo wood and decorated with vivid colors or wooden colors and designs to enjoy drinking juice in a handmade piece of art, which makes it a valuable gift if you want to gift a special juice cup to a friend of yours or to present it as a coworker gift, and you can find it in sets if you prefer gifting a set instead of a single cup, that makes it a perfect gift for the handmade lovers.

12. Juice Pitchers

It is one of the best gifts to present for the dining room, especially if it has a unique and attractive shape, so if you decided to present a juice pitcher try to avoid the ordinary ones, and choose the ones that can be used to present and pour juice for visitors or for in-house diners, and it is one of the good housewarming gifts with a reasonable price.

13. Juice Glasses Sets

There are many different types of juice glasses sets in the market with different colors and decorations, and to make your gift distinctive you can pick a unique and funky shaped juice set, and you can find dozens of unique shapes that you can present as a gift on housewarming occasions or as a wedding gift.

14. Juice Dispenser

They preserve the juice for different kinds of juices for self-use by guests or family members, and can also be used on occasions and celebrations, and what distinguishes it from the juice fountain is the possibility of adding ice to the juice to keep its cold for a longer period unlike the fountain where the juice is running and flowing in the fountain which makes it not possible to add Ice for juice except after pouring it into a cup first and then adding ice pieces to it.

There are various types of juice dispensers, some have a single container that is filled with one type of juice, and others are divided longitudinally or transversally to several sections, which may have two or three containers or more, and each container is equipped with a small faucet to use for filling the cups with a different kind of juice, and some types of it come accompanied by specific juice cups to drink the juice.

Which makes it a good housewarming gift to be used for the family or in-house parties and friends gatherings.

15. Juice Cooler

It is a nice way to offer cold and frozen juice, especially in the summer, the gift of juice cooler is a wonderful gift, as some types of it contain a separated container to place ice in it to keep the juice cool, and it can accommodate enough liters for big gatherings, and it can be used for providing cool water as well instead of juice.

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