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19 Gifts for Fruit Lovers

هدايا لمحبي الفواكه والفاكهة Fruit

fruits lovers-محبي الفواكه

Fruits lovers often wait for summer to enjoy eating their favorite types of fruits and their natural juices; they might prefer the juice of natural fruit instead of eating the fruit itself directly, because it is easier and quicker to drink, and you can make a cocktail of various fruits to make a different and special taste. You can also make a big amount of juice that lasts for a whole day or two. We are also aware that besides the delicious taste of fruits and juice, they have countless benefits. Mainly, all fruits have many necessary nutrients and vitamins to the body, besides that most fruits maintain the glow and youth of the skin. Moreover, studies have shown that people who eat fruits regularly have a stronger immune system, and have resistance against many diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and obesity. And as for beauty seekers, it is a very beneficial thing to eat different shapes and types of fruit regularly as a routine, whereas most fruits have antioxidants that reduce cracks in the body and skin cells, which increases the glow of the skin and reduces wrinkles, and also it helps on anti-ageing. All this and more justify why people love fruits and do not give up on eating it. And even if the gifted person is not obsessed with them, they will probably serve various types of fruits to their guests and visitors. Also they might serve various fruits to their children, because fruits are good for their growth to strengthen them, so in this article we will serve different fruit gifts ideas for fruits lovers:

Buy from the following gift list as these are some of the recommend gift products that we find suitable for giving as a gift for your beloved ones, browse them and choose what suits your budget and your gift recipient.

Fruit Gifts for fruit lovers

1- Fruit Squeezer

It is one of the main equipment in modern kitchens
to make juice of various fruits for breakfast or after working out, also to serve juices and cocktails to children in order to have their portion of vitamins without the need to eat the fruit chunks itself. Also, you can make fruits as a soft paste and not juice to feed it to infants. Yet, it is recommended when choosing a fruit squeezer as a gift to buy a type that can be used for squeezing many types of fruits, because it would be more special than buying a squeezer for only one type of fruit. In other words, it is not recommended to serve an orange squeezer because of its limited use, unless that the gifted already has a fruit squeezer and needs a special squeezer for oranges, then they would be suitable fruit gifts.

2- Detox Bottle

It is a nice and suitable gift for athletes and bike riders because of their continuous need to water. It also suits university students and workers, where they can put it in their bags and enjoy the fresh taste of water in addition to the nutrients in it. However, there is a special place in the bottle to put small sliced fruits in it so that the water can mix with the fruits and take their flavor. Thus, while drinking you only drink refined water with the fruit flavor without getting the fruit pieces themselves out because they stay in their place inside the bottle to be eaten later. It is recommended when gifting a detox bottle to choose a plastic one and not a glass bottle to avoid easy breakage. These bottles are available in different shapes and colors so you can pick up the favorite color of the gifted person.

3- Fruit Bowls

Serving fruits in a beautiful and attractive bowl catches the eye and increases the desire in eating from it. Because fruits are of the special food for hospitality, you should take care of serving them in bowls and special fruits holders, whether for guests in parties and occasions, or even just for putting fruits on the dining table so that the family can eat some, and here are some examples of bowls as fruit gifts.

4- Bamboo Fruits Basket

bamboo-fruit-basket-سلة-فاكهة-الخيزرانServing fruits in a wooden bowl is something very special because it reflects Mother Nature as it is made of wood that comes from trees. Plus, wooden baskets that are made of bamboo are lightweight so the user can carry a large basket without worrying about its weight. Furthermore, wooden baskets are a long time ago strongly related to fruits due to its practical nature since it has openings to allow air to pass through it unlike metal bowls; so wooden baskets can keep fruits for a longer time and that is what features it from other bowls in serving hospitality. Thus, it is special fruit gifts for fruit lovers and people who love eating and serving them to guests.

5- Glass Fruit Bowls

Glass-bowl-وعاء-زجاجGlass is a practical and popular choice that suits all types of fruits with its flat design. Mainly, large bowl can contain a big amount of fruits. Yet, you can also serve sliced fruit to children or to guests instead of serving the whole fruit, so it would be much easier and quicker to eat them. However, its translucent glass allows seeing the attractive colors of fruit after cutting them into pieces, which forms a wonderful shape when serving sliced fruits with their bright colors in it.

6- Bowls Kit

It is a kit that includes a big bowl of the glass and small bowls for serving; it might be used to serve desserts that have small chunks of fruit in syrup. Yet, it is designed for serving such desserts in an appropriate way without being scared of spilling some of the liquid while eating. So this kit is considered a great fruit gift for new married couples if they have not already bought one; so it is a practical fruit gift for fruit lovers whether to use it by the family or for hospitality and for welcoming guests.

7- Spiral Fruit Basket

It is another great choice to be presented as a fruit gift. It has a cylindrical shape and it is made of strong stainless-steel wires. Also, it is suitable for round fruits such as apples and oranges as you can add the fruit in it from one side and then take it from the other side so one at a time. However, it is featured by its modern look that suits modern kitchens; it also holds fruit in a beautiful and attractive way. Yet, it is recommended when buying a metal basket for fruits to warn the gifted person from putting it in the dishwasher, because it might damage the basket. Although it is a beautiful and practical fruit gift, it is not recommended to present it as a gift for someone who doesn’t like fruits, or for someone who will probably never buy it. In other words, it will not be useful to them or they will leave the fruits in the basket for a long time without eating which will damage the fruits since most fruits get damaged when leaving it out of the fridge for long times. Moreover, its design suits a few types of fruits such as pomegranates, apples, and oranges.

8- Fruits Cutting, Slicing, and Peeling Tools

There are some fruits that have unique tools for cutting them for easy and quick juice preparation or even for making a fruit salad or direct eating, such as pineapples or apples and mangos cutting tools, etc. 

You can find in the market a complete set of all these tools combined in one bag, which contains specialized tools and knives for each type of fruit, which we recommend to present as a gift instead of presenting one tool because it will be so useful and helpful for the gifted person to use with all types of fruits, especially if the gifted person is a frequent fruit juice drinker or fresh juice lover.

9- Electric Fruit Juicer

The electric fruit juicer is characterized by being able to prepare at least one and a half liters of fruit juice of any kind of fresh juice, and some types of them contain a container intended to preserve the pulp and shells, to avoid removing them from the lid and sides of the fruit juicer, and the body of the fruit juicer of many types is distinguished by its flask-like design, which allows fresh juices it to be easily poured from it into cups or juice bottles directly.

Also, some types of electric fruit juices contain a special faucet for pouring fresh juices into cups when needed, and you can choose a kind of electric fruit juicer that is easy to disassemble so that it becomes easy to clean, as some of them are suitable for disassembling and washing inside the dishwasher, and this will be a great advantage for mothers to save their effort of cleaning after finishing the juice, which makes it a wonderful gift for juice lovers and like preparing it themself at home, which makes it a special housewarming gift.

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