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Do guys like getting gifts?



Definitely yes, Everybody likes to receive gifts, and men exactly like women like gifts, but there are some cases where the women feel or think that man didn’t like the gift, but that most likely related to this particular gift or for any other reason which doesn’t mean that guys don’t like getting gifts overall… So let us explain some thoughts about why guys may not like the gift ..

Receiving A gift

Receiving gifts is like receiving a piece of happiness, regardless of the value of the gift, who does not like having this moment of happiness, where the gift is a nice gesture of respect, love, warmth and affection and passion .. Once someone whether a man or a woman receives a gift from someone he knows or he loves, he will feel little of all of these feelings.

We will even feel those feelings on a lower level if we received this gift from an anonymous person, or from a superficial friend or coworker if you already know that who gave you the gift had to, where on some occasions the superficial people they feel that they are forced to buy a gift, and then the gift may not have much excitement.. but in all cases, you will feel good even a little amusement about receiving a gift…

We can say that this generally applies to any normal human being, but in some cases, women think that the man didn’t like the gift, and they do not get the point of why the man is not happy for receiving the gift, which could happen even if he thanks you and said that he liked it .. and we can think in some points could be a reason of feeling that…

Plus, usually, men do not like to look emotional or so happy to be a receiver, which gives the impression for women that they do not like the gift…

1- The Giver And the Receiver

Usually, men are the providers and women are the receivers, and it seems that it applies to everything in life like expenses, protection, advice .. and you can say even gifts..

For sure having someone providing to you is great, but if a woman provides for her man it does not look ok for most people.

Let’s say that a man presents a gift for a girl, then later he gave her another gift then another gift, it does not look abnormal, despite the fact that she should give him a gift back, it doesn’t seem so awkward to her…

On the other side, if she gifted him a gift, then she gifted him another gift while he didn’t give her a gift back, maybe he doesn’t have money or maybe he doesn’t want to move forward or whatever, in all cases it will seem awkward to him to receive the second gift, and here it is not about the gift but it is about the pride because he should be the one to provide not to receive.

So women should not give a second gift if the man didn’t give her back the first time, not because she should save her money, but because most likely he will not like the second time if he has already his reasons to not give her a gift, plus he supposed to be the one who starts giving the gift already.

Important question

Do men like the smell of the flowers? Yes.
Do they like how attractive the flowers look? Yes.
Do they like to see it around? Yes.
Do they like women to give them flowers? Definitely No.

It is something hard to explain but everyone knows that may be mainly because it is unmanly thing, so it has nothing to do with the type of the flower or the giver of the flower or does not mean even that they do not like receiving gifts .. but it is about what is proper to give, and when to give it, and how to give it..

And the same applies to many types of gifts .. where it does not mean that women like a certain gift that man will.. Where it is not proper to present a man a teddy bear or cautions printed with hearts, it is not a manly thing as well.

Giving cash from man to man as a gift for marriage or for the newborn baby it is acceptable, but it is not acceptable from woman to man, because it has nothing to do with the gift itself, but it is about the pride of the man,

guys gift-هدايا الرجال2- Women are usually over acting ..

We all know that most women are overacting when it comes to expressing their feelings, for instance, if a woman would like to say that she likes female friend, many of them will say “I like her so so so much”, but for men, if they will say the same thing about a friend, most of them will say “he is good” and that is it .. so when some women gift a man a gift they expect that men will overexpress their happiness and feelings like the girls do, but actually it is not how it goes with guys, and the girls who are not used to this type of reaction which is not saying thank you ten times in the row, they think that man did not like the gift..but the truth is that men express their feelings much quieter and simpler than women. 

3- The Value of the Gift – It is a gift, not help or aid

Those feelings that we have talked about should come to the normal person regardless the value of the gift because the Gift is not a help, you may want to help someone in his marriage so you give him an expensive gift that he can use in his house which is an indirect financial help, that is why some people gift monetary gifts for the new married couples or for the newborn baby, which is acceptable in these kinds of occasions, as already the giver and the receiver know already that it is a support and help in this stage of life.

But between friends, if you are gifting a birthday gift and you found that your friend wanted or expected more expensive gift, then you should realize that this is not normal, and he/she may be greedy, and unfortunately, life polluted many people by making them like to get more in everything weather by the good way or the bad way, whether they worth it or not.

Plus, Gifts are not a way to buy the other person, so some men give expensive gifts to the girl just to be with them, and then he can buy her attendance, and here it is not the normal purpose of giving gifts either.

So from our opinion, if the girl gifted a gift for a friend or the opposite, if the man gives a girl a gift and found that he wanted or expected an expensive one, then that means that he either a greedy person, or he wants you to buy his attendance, and in both cases, the girl either should accept and deal with it, or re-evaluate the relationship .. Unless he already used to give the girl expensive gifts, then he will have the right to be upset, as she should give him the same level of value unless she is not able to.

guys gift-هدايا الرجال4- Receiving Gifts in Public.

Most men do not like receiving gifts publicly, especially for gifts, most men do not like to be in the spotlight, which is completely the opposite of women, where so many women once they receive a gift, they would like to stand in the middle of the street and stop all the cars and tell them how much they have been appreciated and how wonderful the gifts they have received are, but men are the opposite of that completely, men could hide that they received a gift as if they do not know even what the meaning of the word “gift” is.

And you can notice that between friends, where the girl will keep the gift that she received in the middle of table so everyone come ask this gift belongs to who, then she say me and start telling stories, while men if you gift them a gift they will thank you and put it behind them or ask to place it somewhere away .. or at least most of them .. and that makes many girls think that they didn’t like the gift or didn’t like the one who gifted them the gift, but the fact is it has nothing to do with both, but mentally men feel like they should be the givers, not the receivers… 

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