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Dining Room Equipment as Gifts

هدايا-مستلزمات-السفرة Dinning room equipment kit

dinning room-مستلزمات سفرة

Dining room is one of the main rooms at home as a lot of feasts are held in it for families or friends on several occasions. Thus, it is always a practical gift to present it to one of your friends or relatives when they furnish their own house or move to a new house. Yet, the equipment of dining rooms differ as we have the dinnerware like spoons and plates, the equipment to prepare and use the dining table, in addition to the decorations of the dining rooms to welcome guests. In this article, we will introduce different gift ideas of dining rooms’ equipment that could be presented to your friends and relatives on their occasion.

Dinnerware and Dining Room Table Tools as Gifts

Cutlery Set

This is a group of different sized spoons, forks, and knives that fit all kinds of food and plates. Mainly, they are gathered in one box, which is usually a precious one to fit such a gift; and it is proper as a housewarming gift to be used on the dining table.

Kids Cutlery Set

This set consists of an anti-break plastic plate that is divided into several parts with a spoon, a fork, and a cup; and they are usually decorated with cartoon characteristics and in bright colors to cheer kids when they eat. Also for kids’ safety, it is more suitable as the set is anti-break so it can be added to the dining table for kids who will eat their food with adults.

Food Slicer and Cutter

This is a specific kit to be used on the dining table and it has many big-sized food cutters and slicers to distribute food. Some of them are to carry food and put it in the plates, and there is also a big knife and fork to cut the meat from the main dish, in addition to a soup ladle to pour liquid dishes to other plates. Usually, they come in a luxurious box that is proper to be presented as a gift and to be stored or moved.

Sweet Stand

Desserts are preferable to be presented post the main dish in special plates; yet, the sweet stand is the best way to serve desserts as different types of desserts could be placed on each shelf. In fact, the sweet stand is multi-shelved in order to not occupy the dining table with many dessert dishes and so the shelves can accommodate plenty of desserts together. Moreover, it is an attractive way to be presented as a gift and to serve desserts with it.

Large Serving Dish With a Stand

Usually it is made of porcelain and it is deep with enough volume to pour the main meal inside in order to serve several people around the dining table. It is also attached with a holder to carry the cover to keep the heat of the food. Mainly, it has attractive designs as it is the main dish on the table and it can be used either on a daily basis or only when having guests; thus, it is an amazing gift to be considered when offering such a type of gifts.

Spoon and Fork Holder

You can present a decorative holder to carry additional spoons and forks on the table; for example, fruit forks or ice cream spoons which will be used post the main dish. Actually, this is a metallic holder with an attractive design to accommodate all the additional dinnerware in an elegant way to be used later while eating.

Wooden Table Protector

It is a wood thermal protector that protects the dining table from cracking or discoloration due to placing dinnerware or hot dishes on it when arranging the dining table. It is available in different designs and colors and it suits newly married couples or as a housewarming gift as few people pay attention to these additional accessories when they start their life as couples or when moving to a new house; so it would be a unique gift for these purposes.

Date Dish

Date is an indispensable dish on the dining table for some cultures so presenting a date dish to your friends or relatives would be a different action. Mainly, the date dish has classic and modern designs according to the materials that it is made of, and it is a proper gift to be exchanged in some gulf countries.

Spices Set

When arranging the table, it is preferable to put the spices dining set on the table in order to enable the guests to add spices as they need. Yet, spices sets differ according to the shape and the design as they could be made of porcelain, plastic, wood, metal and glass; and most of them are engraved with different drawings to satisfy all tastes and decorations and to deliver a variety to choose among.

Crystal Glasses

Crystal Glasses are used on many occasions to serve water, juices and soda for guests on the dining table. Also glasses have a wide variety in shapes and sizes and they are indispensable on the dining table which makes them always a proper gift; yet, usually, they are sold as a kit of several glasses.

Tea Set

A tea set consists of a jug, a tray, teaspoons, and several glasses that are different in count according to the brand of the set. Also, tea sets are available of porcelain, crystal, and Chinese; yet, usually, there is more than one tea set in the house so it will always be a practical gift for daily usage and on occasions.

Ice Cream Cups

These cups are intended to be for ice cream to be served as desserts for the guests or for the family. Some of these cups are conical in shape and made of plastic in different colors; and some are with a winding shape. However, they are different from the other drinks or food cups so they are suitable gifts for the dining table equipment.

Fruit Dishes or Baskets

These dishes or baskets are placed on the dining table in the dining room to give a decorative appearance to the table as they are usually made of crystal, porcelain, or wood. Sometimes, fruit dishes are sold alone or as a kit that consists of several different-sized dishes; so you choose what suits your budget and the needs of the gifted person. 

Crystal Dinnerware

It is indispensable on any dining table as you can serve soup, rice, meat or any other food with them. Also, they are available for desserts and fruits and they have a classic elegant appearance which makes them an amazing gift; yet, you can choose a full set of several pieces or one solo dish.

Porcelain Dinnerware

Porcelain tableware is usually used when inviting guests to a meal; and the set consists of several plates, soup bowls, dessert dishes, tea cups, tea jug, milk jug, and a sugary. Also, they are decorated with fine engravings in different designs and colors, which makes them a precious gift of dinnerware.

Bread Basket

It is one of the utensils catering on the dining tables where bread is added next to almost all meals, especially on breakfast, so it is a practical gift for all homes. Some of them can be closed completely to avoid stiff bread, and others are thermal to keep the bread warm. Thus, you can buy what fits the style of the dining room in which it is placed to be more appropriate.

French Fries Stand

It is a metal stand that contains a ceramic conical pallet to carry French fries with two or three small bowls to put different kinds of sauce, ketchup, and tahini to dip French fries in. Actually, it is important dining set on a dining table, especially if there are children sitting around the dining table as they like to eat French fries with different meals, whether it is a breakfast or a daily snack. It is available in different brands and prices to allow you to choose the gift that suits your budget.

Milk Jug

This is an amazing dining supply when offering milk with other beverages to the guests or the family, especially kids, or to be used on the breakfast for the kids of the family. Generally, you can choose the proper jug that could be washed in the dishwasher to be a practical gift for the housewife.

Dining Room Decorations as Gifts

Vases for the Dining Room

They are essential decorations on the dining table, and although it is a traditional piece, the outstanding development in its colors and designs makes it always a wonderful gift. Mainly, there are vases of ceramic, glass, crystal, metal, and wood and they are available in several colors and designs. So you have to choose the type that fits the decoration of the target dining table and the taste of the gifted person.

Mirror for Dining Room

When choosing a mirror as dining room furniture, it is better to have large mirrors that could be fixed to the wall facing the dining table in order to reflect the lighting of the room and to show the dining table accessories, which gives a sense of depth, elegance, and richness to the place.

Wall Watch for the Dining Room

There are special wall watches for dining rooms as they are designed in food-related shapes such as spoons, forks, coffee cups, or as a chef. Mainly, they are wooden or plastic watches in bright colors and you choose what suits the decoration of the room and the style of the dining table.

Dining Tables as Gifts

Couples Dining Table

This is one of the gifts that could be presented to newly married couples when they are furnishing their house. Mainly, it is a dining table for two people only and it is considered an additional table and not the major one at home as newly married couples usually have their food as a couple without a third party. Notably, most of these tables are made of wood or glass and they are attached by two seats only.

Foldable Aside Dining Table

This is an additional dining table that is fixed to the wall from one side and it is unfolded when it is used. Usually, the lower part of this table is decorated with a painting in order to perform like a portrait in the dining room when it is folded. Actually, it is useful when having many guests to serve as an aside table for beverages or desserts post the main meal, or as a small breakfast table. Moreover, this type of table is typical for small houses or small dining rooms which makes them a practical type of gift.

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