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Compact Mirrors as Gifts

هدايا مرايا و مرايات و مرآة Mirrors Gifts


Mirrors are used every day by almost all of us and they become indispensable whether in houses, offices or waiting rooms. Yet, to be used as gifts, it is better to present mirrors as housewarming gifts or when refurnishing old houses. Mainly, there are several types of decorative mirrors that may suit different places in the house, but wall decorative ones are the best to be presented as gifts. However, it is worth noting that not only large wall mirrors or single-piece mirrors are used as decorations, but also there are other types that are of small pieces which can be grouped together on the wall for an aesthetic touch; for example, hollow rings or small squares mirrors that can form multiple drawings or forms, as if the pieces of small mirrors compose a large decorative mural. Notably, they are available online and the size of its box is relatively small when gifting; and they can function as housewarming gifts because they consist of small pieces that can be assembled together. Thus, mirror gifts are suitable for wall decoration, whether as a home decoration or an office one. In this article we will try to illustrate some types and some ideas of mirrors gifts that you can present to your friends and relatives, whether for personal use or to design the decor of their homes, offices and workplaces.

Decorative Mirrors as Gifts - Presenting a mirror as a gift

Decorative Mirrors for Living Rooms

If the mirrors are to be placed in one of the receptions or living rooms, it is better to choose a large size one in bronze or in antique color. Also, it is recommended to be surrounded by a wide frame of wood or to have geometrical shapes like squares or rhombuses to be fixed on one wall which is usually the main wall of the room.  a large-sized decorative group of mirrors. Moreover, the availability of several color mirrors may enhance flexibility to choose what fit the furniture in the target room; yet, if you are unsure of the suitability of multiple colors, then it will be better to choose mirrors in the default color, silver.

Decorative Mirrors for Hallway

If you would like to present a mirror for a narrow hallway, whether in the home or workplace, you can present either a large mirror, or a small one to give a decorative glimpse to the corridor; even a small group of mirrors is good to be a large horizontal extension mirror which gives a sense of space. Yet, you can present a mirror to the entrance of the house in the form of a flower-shape, for example, with branches of small mirrors which are grouped on the wall above one of the antique pieces. Notably, there are several different elegant and modern designs for this type of mirrors.

Decorative heat-screen mirrors

These mirrors are engraved with special ink for glass and they are suitable for lovers of paintings and creative drawings as these people would prefer their presence on their mirrors. This type of mirrors are characterized by its resistance to dirt and its ability to stay a pretty long time, more than twenty years, without fractures or cracks.

Bathroom Decorative Mirrors

It might not be appropriate to present mirrors as the main bathroom ones; but you can purchase an additional one that is dedicated for kids. Usually, kids cannot watch themselves in the mirror of the bathroom due to their short stature, especially if the mirror is hung higher than the tub. Thus, it would be appropriate to present the additional one with decorations or some bright stickers and cartoon characters.

Ground-Based Mirrors

Ground based mirrors are easy to move from one place to another so they can be used in different rooms or at the entrance of the house, whether they are needed or just to change the decoration. Sometimes it is preferable to put these mirrors in the bedrooms in order to view the whole body. However, when they are used at the entrance, they will show it higher and wider; also they enable people who are about leaving home to view themselves for the final look before leaving. Mainly, they are various in designs and models so that you can change their sizes and frames. Moreover, their frames differ too since there are the modern frames and the classic ones that are usually of wood and engraved just like an antique piece. Consequently, these mirrors are considered distinctive decorations although they are not pretty much prevalent.

Ceiling Decorative Mirrors

They are decorative mirrors for ceilings, especially low ceilings as they show the ceiling higher. They can be used in children’s rooms to increase their fun if the gifted person does not want to use them in the main rooms. In fact, they have special shapes and patterns to look like an additional decorative piece. Yet, if they are used in main rooms at home, they become as a base for ceiling light chandeliers, so it is preferable to be of the same size and circular in shape; however, they can replace the chandeliers if you use mirrors with back lamps for the ceiling.

Window Decorative Mirrors

If you are thinking of presenting people mirrors in the process of furnishing their house or renovating the decoration, you can present this type of mirrors. Mainly, they are reflective tiles of mirrors placed on the wall of the room right across the window to reflect the view outside which gives the room a stylish modern appearance. However, they are used in reception and living rooms or in offices as well.

Dining Room Mirrors

If you are going to present someone a decorative dining room mirror to add it to their home, it is better to have a large one to be hanged on the wall facing the dining table in order to reflect the lighting of the room and the accessories and vases of the dining table. So this gives a sense of depth, elegance and richness to the place. Yet, because dining room mirrors are more like a decoration than it is for daily use, you should be careful to get one that has engravings and attractive decorative shapes, because they serve as a painting on the wall in addition to being mirrors.

Portable Mirrors

This type of mirrors is specially designed for women who need to modify their appearance all the time. Mainly, it is a mirror with portable lamps to carry it in her bag and take it with her while traveling. In fact, this mirror helps in the issue of outdoor low lights when looking in the mirror. Likewise, there are different types and brands of these mirrors, including mirrors with internal nonvisible lamps, and those with external lamps installed around the mirror; and some of them need a permanent source of power while others can be charged. Generally, this type of mirrors is a wonderful gift for all women, especially for fashion fans.

Portable Mirrors for Men

This mirror is often suitable for men who travel and go on camping for long times as it can be considered one of the essential accessories of the suitcase. Mainly, they can be used with different shavers, either electric or with blades, so it is necessary for men to have a small mirror for use during camping or safari trips that last more than five days for shaving or for overall looking. Thus, portable mirrors are the best choice for travel and camping fans of men.

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