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Are towels a good gift?



Towel gifts are usually lady to lady gifts if it was a housewarming gift, but at the same time they can be a man to man gifts if they were sport or travel towels, and what makes them a unique gift for the sport and travel lovers that it is not a common gift to present to them.

Towels are good practical gifts, and even if the gifted person has it already, definitely one more will be always better, so you will not need to worry about this point at all, but for housewarming, to make your gift unique, you need to present a unique shape or type of the towels, so present ordinary hand towels will not make your gift exciting, so either you choose luxurious or unique shaped ones as a gift, or you look for other types of gifts to be more exciting.

And you do not need to pay much to get unique towel gifts, where you can choose between hundreds and thousands of kitchen and dish towels that have different attractive inscriptions or funny drawings or even unique quotes, which will be much better to present instead of plain hand towels for instance.

But on the other hand the sport and travel towels are already unique to gift, where you do not need to present ones that are uniquely shaped or have inscriptions on them.

So are towels a good gift?

Plus, it is a good choice to present sports towels to athletes and yoga lovers, or travel towels to traveling and adventure lovers. 

Now we can talk a little more in the details of each type of towel to show you have it is a good gift to present to some of your beloved ones or families…

Beach towels are a good gift to present in the summertime.

What makes the beach towel a good gift the most is that most people do not know even that there is a special towel for beaches, so when you present a beach towel for a beach lover who does not know about it, then you will really make him excited with your gift.

What distinguishes beach towel from the other kind of towels that it is sand resistant, we all faced this most annoying feeling on the beach when you try to dry up and find the normal towel full of sand, That makes gifting a beach towel is a good choice for beach lovers, or for campers where some camps be already on the beaches.

And the other feature that distinguishes this kind of towel as a gift that is smoother and thinner than cotton ones and quick-drying which makes it proper to use several times.

Kitchen and Dish towels are a good gift for housewarming occasions...

When it comes to housewarming gifts, we always thinking a lot about what could be proper to present, because the housewarming gifts are usually not personal gifts, and most of us used to gift only personal gifts on most of the occasions like birthdays and so on..

And the reason that makes kitchen and dish towel a good gift to present for housewarming, that the lady of the house usually doesn’t have many of them, especially the decent ones that can be used when inviting friends or family to dinner, which makes it a good gift to person from lady to lady, as it is a feminine use item, and might not be proper for a man to gift such gift as a housewarming gift.

The small size of the dishes towels makes them good to be placed on the dining tables while eating with the family or with visitors in case someone needs them if he spilled something on himself or the table, and it is not only for the kitchen use as many people think.

When you pick one or a set of the dishes towels as a gift, you will need to pick the printed ones that have attractive pictures or quotes or drawings, and definitely you should avoid the plain ones, otherwise, your gift might not be attractive enough for the gifted person.

And it would be even better if you picked the ones that are printed with jokes or funny prints, but you need to be careful if you are going to present a set of printed towels, where you need to make sure that all of them have a proper print on them because it will not be proper to present printed bacon on a towel if you are going to gift it to a Muslim family.

The luxurious looking hand towels are a good gift for housewarming too.

Ordinary hand towels are recommended as a gift because every family has their own sets of them already, which will not add any excitement to your gift if presented traditional ones, but you can gift luxurious looking ones that they can be used for visitors, where there are luxurious hand towels that has a very attractive looking Inscriptions and very soft feel that makes it a decent piece to hang on the bathroom.

The workout towel & Yoga towel is a good gift for gym lovers.

The towel is one of the main objects in the yoga bag for yoga lovers and for all trainees who like to have their own items in the gym. Where most of the gyms that provide towels to the trainees they provide only the traditional towels. And here you gift will be perfect for gym lovers, where the workout towels are super absorbent, quick-drying and they are lightweight as well, which makes it perfect to use instead of using a traditional towel during the workouts…

However, if the towel is perfect to give as a gift for yoga lovers, it’s preferable to give women a delightful towel with special inscriptions and colors. For men, you can give towels with neutral colors and fewer inscriptions. This type of gift is special because even if the trainee already has one he may need more to switch between. That’s why this present is always suitable regardless of the yoga lover or the workout lover has a similar one or not.

Travel Towels are good gifts for travelers and adventure and camping lovers.

Towels are one of the main objects in the traveler bag whether the traveler is going for an adventure, camping or even a business trips, and that needs to have a medium and lightweight towel that does not take much space to be easy to back, in addition, to dry quickly to not wet the other items in the bags.

What makes travel towels a good gift for travelers compared to the ordinary towels that they come in a special carrying bag which make it so easy to pack in the backpack or in the luggage of the traveler, in addition to that it is usually made of microfiber which disengages it from the ordinary towels.

All of that makes the travel towel a good gift to any traveling lover, where not every traveler has a special towel for travel, which will make him already excited and like your unique gift.

Kids’ hoody towels are a good gift to use on the beach, pool, and home.

towels-مناشفKids always like the cute and funny things that are made for them, and kids towels are one of those items that add little more fun for them while they are using on the beach, where the cartoon characters that usually those towels have, add more joy them, and the hoodies of those towels make them look like a costume where the hoody has the shape of an animal head, and you can choose the shape of the hoody based on the animal that the kid likes.

Kids usually get in and out from the water many times may be to get snakes or to drinks, which makes the towels that made especially for kids are necessary sometimes, where parents can use them as a rope for the kids to keep them warm while they eat until they get in the water again, and that is what makes them a good and practical gift to present for the family that has kids and like to go to beaches or pools a lot. 

And because not every family has such towels for the kids, your gift will be a good choice for summer times, and you can find different sizes to fit babies up to 10 years old kids.

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