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Is AirPods a good gift?

Airpods-سماعات لاسلكية

AirPods-سماعات لاسلكية

One of the big features of the Airpods as a gift, that they will not force the gifted person to sit beside the mobile phone, or to move while holding them, or even being annoyed because of the headphone wires overlapping.

So if the gifted person does not have wireless headphones already and your gift budget matches the price of AirPods and you are wondering ..

Are AirPods a good gift?

Yes, they are a good gift choice, because they are so practical, nice looking, quick and easy to use, and it could provide up to five continuous hours of listening after a single full charging, despite they are a little expensive for some people, they worth the freedom feeling that comes while listing to something from a distance away from your mobile or laptop.

Despite all the features it has, it has only one downside, that after about 2 years of daily use, the performance of the Airpods goes down, where it does not last for listening so long as it was before, then gradually it will die completely, I am speaking from a personal use, and I was using it only at home every day, and it might not be the case with everybody, but if you are going to gift AirPods to your son, especially if it as a very expensive gift for you, then you need to consider that they may not last for years, but other than this i found the AirPods so great and practical ..

You may want to present AirPods to one of your family members or to a friend, and what differs here is that for the family use you will need to make sure that it will be perfect to use in all times and for long, but for a friend you may not be worried that much as.

So I will share some of the good sides and the downsides of the Airpods from my personal experience..

If you are going to give an airport to someone who does always use wired headphones, definitely he will like the AirPods so much, as they provide more comfort will using them.

Good Sides of the Airpods as a gift..

They are so practical gifts, where they are the kind of gifts that will be used on a daily bases everywhere.

It is so easy to carry, where the gifted person can put in his pocket easily without bothering him, so he will be able to carry it everywhere, and if you compare AirPods with many other types of wireless headphones, you can notice that the big sized ones usually need a bag to be put in or to be hanging on the neck of the user while is not using them, which not always the proper thing to do.

Brand, no doubt that Apple’s products have their own and unique glamour, which makes AirPods a very valuable gift to give to anyone.

Down Sides ..

As we mentioned earlier that it may not last for long or for years, I like to mention as well that I had the same experience with “Wireless Sport Beat” headphones, where they were very good to use for a couple of years, then the performance went down gradually they dead completely, while I didn’t use them daily, and that actually concerned me as I bought a wireless big headphones to many friends from not a famous brand that I don’t even remember it’s named, but they are working for over 5 years now with them .. which makes me consider the AirPods as a good choice for a couple of years use, but not if you willing to gift a gift that last for years…


Easy to lose, If you are buying it to one of your family members for the outdoor use, then you need to consider that it could fall down and hard to find, one time it fell from me in the car i do not know-how, and I found it under the care chair and tried to get it for over 10 minutes, and after that time was so careful to not used it outdoors unless it was for the urgent purposes or calls, and for sure this is not something related only to the Airpods, but all small wireless headphones share the same problem, but for me, I would not consider that a reason to not but it for myself or to buy it as a gift, unless it was so expensive to me.

I just wanted to mention that, so you do not get surprised when you gift AirPods to someone and they fall from them after a few days then lose them.

They are not cheap, if you count the probability of being lost outdoors or that it may not last more than two years, for many people in many countries, it will be considered as not proper to spend money on. No doubt that they are nice to have .. but if their cost is a high gift budget for you then you can consider other types of gifts that could be a better choice for the gifted person.

To Whom you can present the Airpods gifts..

Family Member: Airpods are great gift for the family members whether the gifted person was so brothers, sisters, parents, or wife .. the good thing about using the AirPods at home that mom or wife can listing to anything on the phone or even make calls while she is washing the dishes or arranging home, where the AirPods make her feel free while she is doing anything without the need to loud the voice to annoy the other family members to be able to hear a recipe in the kitchen.

Plus, it is great to use in the relaxing time for music or the audiobooks, or even watching a movie on the computer, or browsing the internet before sleep.

Gym Lover: One of the best uses of the Airpods is in the gym, where no one need some wires from the headphones hanging on him while he is weight lifting, and if you step into any gym you will find some people wearing wireless headphones while they are training to listen to their own music, which makes it a perfect gift for anyone used to go to gym and has not wireless headphones, but for sure it might not be prober in boxing training or such activities as they are going to slip easily  ..

Is Airpods good for treadmills and runners?

Yes, I personally used to wear them while running on the trad male even on high speed, but i have a medium side body, so I am not sure what about the fat or heavy bodies that may their body are not so staple while running or on other words, their moves are not smooth as the light-weighted people on the treadmills .. but generally I was worried about it falling from being before trying it on the treadmill but it seems good to use tas long as the user didn’t do sudden or fast movements.


Coworkers & sales men: Airpods are a good gift for those who make long phone calls at work, especially if they need to move around while they have their calls, as they are so practical and nice looking at the same time.

Students: Airpods are a good gift for students to be used in the library whether for music or to listen to their online classes or courses.

Transportation users: anyone spends much time in the traffic on the daily bases knows how important having a wireless headphones is, so choosing AirPods gifts for them will be different a good and practical choice for them, either for listening to music or audiobooks or even for mobile games .. or for browsing internet and listening to online youtube videos.

Bloggers & Vloggers: despite every blogger should have a professional microphones for recording, but the newbies usually can not afford them, especially if they are still teenagers, and here the wireless headphones or AirPods will be perfect to use for this purpose, to be able to record freely on the phone anywhere without any wires annoying the vlogger.

Occasion to present Airpods gifts on

Birthdays: It is one of the perfect and valuable gift ideas that are featured in their modern techniques, which makes it a nice choice to present as a birthday gift, especially for teenagers who can not afford them themself.

Graduation: Airpods is a nice graduation gift for your sibling or son, and what makes it perfect is that it is a daily use kind of gift.

But in all cases .. You need to make sure that the gifted person does not have one already, as AirPods are not a kind of gift that you will like to hear that it has been parked away.

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